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Guidebook for the Freshers joining IIT Madras


  • 1Freshman Guidebook, 2013


    ready to fly?iitian

    Freshman Guidebook

  • 2 Mitr: In need and indeed for you

    WelcomeThis a temple of learning aiding knowledges quest Where minds are pitted against the very best Where you strive to excel in every wayAs the merciless clock ticks away

    Of many a friendship its a fairy tale In the others company you oft regale The fun and musings shared in the dorm, They subtly make your self transform

    The two grand elephants at instis heart Of your memories theyd form a joyous part Whilst the tranquil nature all around, Is a unique experience of beauty profound

    With hope and courage march through the gate, learn to labour and to wait As you embark on lifes journey anew Heres a warm welcome from mitr

  • 3Freshman Guidebook, 2013



    IIT Madras


    Hostel Life


    NCC, NSS and NSO

    Training and Placement Cell

    Campus, Landmarks etc.

    Food for the Foodies

    Student Activities

    Student Clubs

    C-Tides and CFI

    IITM Research Park


    Institute Festivals

    Student Gymkhana

    Prizes and Recognition

    Words from Seniors

    Things to get

    Glimpses, Contacts & Credits

  • 4 Mitr: In need and indeed for you

    Firstly, congratulations on getting into one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world! It definitely would not be an exaggeration to say that you are now going to enter the most beautiful phase and place of your life, the memories of which will linger in your lives forever.

    Most of you, like any of us (your seniors), would be stepping into this esteemed institute without being quite sure as to how you would want to see yourself few years down the line. Be assured that IIT Madras is a place where you get exposed to multiple avenues, related to academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities thus giving a chance for each one of you to identify your true interests and passion and pursue the same. The various activities and occasions associated with the institute not only aim at bringing to the surface the dormant skills of the students but also impart training and experience in organizational and leadership attributes. And this, doubtlessly, is the reason behind the success of the IITians and the peaks of excellence they often scale in the field of specialization they enter and explore, be it academics, industry, sports, arts, literature or politics.

    Mitr (Mentoring for Individuals Transformation) is an initiative of IIT Madras to guide you through your days here. As the name suggests, it is a body of senior student pals and some friendly faculty who will always be willing to help you in ANY matter. mitr has a long cherished tradition of introducing you to a responsible senior student who will meet you soon after you arrive here at IIT Madras. He/She will be your first friend on campus and will clarify any doubts you may have regarding the various aspects of life in the institute. Besides, he/she will also advise you on how to balance academics and extracurricular activities. Moreover, mitr will organize regular sessions with the faculty, alumni and senior students which will help you to make the best of your years in the institute.

    Feel free to contact your mitr hostel coordinator (listed in the mitr Pocket Guide) or one of us if you have any query before/after reaching IIT Madras. We wish that you have the most wonderful and fruitful years of your life in the institute and hope that you scale great heights in your career. All the Best!

    4 Mitr: In need and indeed for you

    Greetings!Dear Freshie,

    Mitr Student Core GroupSaptarshi, Nandita & Dheeraj

  • 5Freshman Guidebook, 2013

    Welcome to Chennai, a fascinating blend of the old and the modern. Chennai is the third largest commercial and industrial centre in India, and is known for its cultural heritage and temple architecture. It is also a hub for south Indian classical music and dance performances. Chennai is also one of the rare cities to accommodate a national park, the Guindy National Park, within its city limits (in fact, next to IIT Madras!). This city has its old-world charm still intact.

    Right in the heart of this metropolis is the sylvan campus of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras. With 632 acres of wooded land, home to many endangered plants and animals and a beautiful lake, it is a welcome respite from the bustling city environment.

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras is one among the foremost institutes of national importance in higher technological education, basic and applied research. In 1956, the German Government offered technical assistance for establishing an institute of higher education in engineering in India and the Institute was formally inaugurated in 1959. It is an autonomous body under the administrative control of a Board of Governors appointed by the Government of India. IIT Madras is a residential institute with nearly 460 faculty, 5300 students and 1250 administrative & supporting staff and is a self-contained campus located in a beautiful wooded land. It has established itself as a premier centre for teaching, research and industrial consultancy in the country.

    Indian Institute of Technology Madras

    VisionTo be an academic institu-tion in dynamic equilibrium with its social, ecological, and economic environ-ment; striving continuously for excellence in the fields of education, research and technological service to the nation

    Welcome to IIT

  • 6 Mitr: In need and indeed for you

    The Institute has sixteen academic departments and a few advanced research centres in various disciplines of engineering and pure sciences, with nearly 100 laboratories organised in a unique pattern of functioning. A faculty of international repute, a brilliant student community, excellent technical & supporting staff and an effective administration have all contributed to the pre-eminent status of IIT Madras.

    IIT Madras offers B.Tech/Dual Degree in twelve disciplines, M.Tech and M.Sc in numerous disciplines; M.B.A and MA, apart from research degrees through the M.S. and Ph.D. programmes. Life at IIT Madras is a heady mix of academic, sporting and cultural activities. Our graduates have succeeded with brilliance all over the world, and leave a distinctive mark anywhere they go giving IIT Madras its global reputation.

    Quality Policy of IIT MadrasTo pursue global standards of excellence in all our endeavors, namely, teaching, research, consultancy, and continuing education and to remain accountable in our core and support functions, through processes of self- evaluation and continuous improvement.

    Core ValuesIn pursuit of its mission IITM will:

    1. Develop human resources to serve the nation

    2.Recognize teaching as a unifying activity

    3.Nurture integrity, creativity, and academic freedom

    4.Retain a willingness to experiment with new paradigms

    MissionTo create and sustain a community of learning in which students acquire knowledge and learn toapply it professionally with due consideration for ethical, ecological, and economic issuesTo pursue research and dis-seminate research findingsTo provide knowl-edge-based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industryTo help in building nation-al capabilities in science, technology, humanities, management, education and research

  • 7Freshman Guidebook, 2013

    In need and indeed for you

    Mitr is a body comprising faculty and senior students. The objective of mitr is to provide guidance to the students on various academic and extra-curricularactivities on campus, and to counsel students who are facing any curriculum-related, or personal problems.

    When a new student joins the institute, he/she needs a lot of information and orientation to adjust to the new place. mitr plays a key role in making the transition from a new student to an IITian viz. the process of instilling a sense of pride and confidence in oneself, an essential to do anything to the expected level at IIT.

    Mitr student volunteers will be your first friends on campus. For anything you may need, just contact mitr team and they will always be there to help you. Please meet your student mentor as early as possible. The responsibilities of mitr also includes helping out students who find it difficult to cope with the academic load with connecting to tutors who will do the needful. Look out for interesting talks and workshops by people from various parts of the institute, arranged by mitr, to facilitate acquaintance with them so that students can contact the right person(s) freely as and when necessary. Mitr is not just limited to first year students; mitr associates are also actively involved in counseling or offering any kind of help to the students even in the higher semesters. You can reach out to Mitr at any time for any kind of problems and they will be solved just the way your friend would.


    7Freshman Guidebook, 2013

  • 8 Mitr: In need and indeed for you

    The hostels are located sufficiently far from the departments. The hostels are named after the rivers. There are 17 hostels out of which two are ladies hostels. The number is likely to touch 20 in a couple of years.

    Though we have a vast campus with places spread out, the students are not allowed to drive powered vehicles in the campus. They can use bicycles only or walk. The institute operates buses and vans from the main gate to different parts of the campus and also around the Hostel and Institute Zone at frequent intervals for easy travel.

    Except Cauvery, Krishna, Sindhu, Pam