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February 2013 - eng


  • Philatelic News February 2013 Vol. 9 No. 8

    Alderney Beetles

    Endangered Species: Giant Panda

    Guernsey Marine Life

  • to our first Philatelic News of 2013 and happy New Year to you all from the Guernsey Philatelic Bureau.

    2012 had many topics to celebrate, The Queens Diamond Jubilee, the centenary of the Titanic and our joint issue with Canada Post commemorating the War of 1812 with Guernseyman Sir Isaac Brock, leader of the British forces, to name but a few.

    The 2013 programme opens with a very exciting augmented reality (AR) feature in the Guernsey Marine Life issue. This issue showcases the wonderful fish community we have in local Channel Island waters. The use of image-recognition technology brings the miniature sheet stamp to life by providing an interesting and colourful mini-documentary of these fish in their natural habit.

    We also have the next in our Endangered Species series: The Giant Panda, once again Joel Kirk has beautifully illustrated this very rare and popular animal.

    Completing our February releases is the Alderney invertebrates Alderney Beetles. The finely illustrated stamps are again the work of Petula Stone, who provides us with excellent images of what these creatures actually look like close up.

    A big thank you to everyone that voted for their favourite Guernsey or Alderney stamps of 2012 you can see the prize draw winners overleaf.

    Finally, we would also like to say a BIG thank you to all our account customers who continue to collect both Alderney and Guernsey stamps. A Miniature Sheet which depicts the gold postbox outside Sarks Post Office has been produced and will be sent FREE of charge to all of you.

    Order current stamp issues online for same day despatch.

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    The complete 2012 stamp collectionDont miss out on this fantastic collection of Guernsey and Alderney stamps.

    Featuring all issues of 2012, this Guernsey Post year book makes a beautiful addition to any collection.

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    Once in a while something very special happens locally which needs to be celebrated.In 2012 Sarks Carl Hesters outstanding achievements in the Equestrian world is something we are extremely proud of.This is the first time that Guernsey Post has changed the colour of Sarks Postbox since it was painted blue in 1980, 11 years after the company became independent from the British Post Office in 1969.The Miniature Sheet will be available online for 1, however a sheet will be sent to all Guernsey Stamps account customers FREE of charge as a special thank you for your continued support.


  • And your favourite stamp issue of 2012 is....Endangered Species: The Bengal Tiger Thank you to the many who entered our competition. The winner of the 2013 Islands of Guernsey Calendar is Miss A. Siddiqui from Switzerland. Congratulations!

    2013 Stamp ProgrammeGuernsey20 February 2013Endangered Species: Giant Panda Miniature Sheet , Miniature Sheet FDC, Miniature Sheet Presentation Pack

    Guernsey Marine Life Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Sheets of 10, Miniature Sheet , Miniature Sheet FDC,Miniature Sheet Presentation Pack

    May 2013Europa: The Postman Van Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Souvenir Sheet , Souvenir Sheet FDC, Sheets of 10

    29 May 2013Herm IslandSet of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Sheets of 10

    31 July 2013The Beatles in Guernsey 1963 Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Sheets of 10, Prestige Booklet

    200th Anniversary of Guernsey Press & StarSet of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Sheets of 10

    September 2013SEPAC: Centenary of the West Show Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack, Sheets of 10

    30 October 2013Guernsey Christmas Stamps - When Santa Got Stuck Up the ChimneySet of 7 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack

    Alderney20 February 2013Alderney Beetles Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Souvenir Sheet , Souvenir Sheet FDC, Sheets of 10,

    29 May 201360th Anniversery of the Queens Coronation Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack, Sheets of 10, Prestige booklet

    31 July 2013

    70 Years since the Death of Beatrix Potter Set of 6 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack,Sheets of 10, Souvenir Sheet , Souvenir Sheet FDC

    30 October 2013

    Alderney Christmas Stamps - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Set of 7 stamps, First Day Cover, Presentation Pack

    Tariffs, programme details and issue dates are subject to change without prior notice.

    Bringing your stamps to life!Our Marine Life stamp series not only features stunning aquatic photography but in this innovative issue we truly bring the images captured on the stamps to life, using the technology of augmented reality, or AR.

    So what is AR? AR is described as the art of super-imposing computer generated content over a physical image, quite literally enhancing what is already around us. It is the interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that is displayed in real-time.

    Using the wizardry of AR via an app developed by Lowe-Martin, the miniature sheet in our Marine Life issue reveals the Black-face Blenny (Tripterygion delaisi) in a whole new dimension, simply download the FREE Lowe-Martin app from the App Store and hold your device over the miniature sheet to see the Black-face Blenny in its natural habitat.

    The app is availably for both Apple and Android devices.

  • We caught up with Sue and asked her about her underwater adventures:

    GP: What do you particularly enjoy about diving around the Channel Islands?

    SD: I love exploring beneath the waves and particularly around my home island of Sark. Ive been diving in the Islands for over 24 years and am still just as fascinated by the sheer variety of wonderful marine life we have on our doorstep and I always surface wanting to see more.

    GP: Do you have a favourite area and what makes it so special to you?

    SD: The Gouliot Caves are one of my favourite areas, just four metres deep but lined with thousands of anemones. I also enjoy the deeper

    walls and reefs off the south east of Sark such as LEtac and the Vingt Clos their sheer walls are covered in corals, sponges and all sorts of other marine animals.

    GP: Do you have a favourite fish species and if so why?

    SD: My favourite fish, without a doubt, is the Cuckoo Wrasse, which features in the Marine Life issue. Living in groups of females with just a single male, if anything happens to the male the oldest female changes sex and colour to take his place, such fascinating behaviour. They are also very inquisitive so actively swim up to divers, its strange and rather humbling being looked straight in the eye by a fish!

    GP: What do you find most challenging about your work in Channel Island waters?

    SD: The water temperature can be a bit of a challenge so diving here for me definitely requires a dry suit and several layers of thermals underneath, but the greatest challenge are the tides. Almost all dives around the Bailwick need to be carefully planned and thats even more critical on the spring tides. The plus side is that all this water surging around contributes to the richness of our marine life, as it carries masses of plankton with it, the basis of all life in the sea.


    Sue Daly is a wildlife film-maker, photographer and writer based in the tiny Channel Island of Sark. Sues wonderful underwater images feature on our Marine Life issue which also includes a very special miniature sheet which, using the wizardry of Augmented Reality transports you under the ocean with Sue to watch just what goes on beneath the waves.

    Miniature Sheet 5.00

    with Augmented Reality stamp

  • Set of Stamps 3.80

    Presentation Pack 4.70

    34p The Annunciation39p Inn keeper shows Mary and Joseph to the stable 52p Jesus is born in the stable53p Angels come down amongst the shepherds59p The three Kings 69p Mary and baby Jesus74p The flight to Egypt

    First Day Cover 5.00


    39p Tompot Blenny52p Leopard-Spotted Goby53p Red Gurnard59p Female Cuckoo Wrasse69p Male Cuckoo Wrasse74p John Dory

    Date of issue 20 February 2013

    Designer Bridget Yabsley

    Photographer Sue Daly

    Printer Lowe-Martin

    Values 39p, 52p, 53p, 59p, 69p, 74p

    Miniature Sheet Value 5.00

    Process Offset Lithography

    Stamp size 40mm deep x 32mm wide

    Miniature Sheet Stamp size 66mm deep x 48mm wide

    Miniature Sheet size 100mm deep x 140mm wide

    Paper 110gsm unwatermarked / PVA adhesive

    Perforation 13 x 13.5

    Cylinder A


    t Day












    re S



    C 4


    with Augmented Reality stamp

    Set of Stamps 3.46

    Sheets of 10 34.60

  • Set of Stamps 3.46

    As part of our invertebrates series we are delighted to feature some of the beetles which can be found in Alderney, which have been wonderfully illustrated by renowned international artist Petula Stone.

    Alderney boasts a great number of beetles thanks to the Islands incredible range of habitats in a very concentrated area.

    Here we look in more detail at two of the six beetles depicted on the stamps: the oil (Meloe genus) and burying (Nicrophorus genus) varieties.

    In the last hundred years, half


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