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Art Resource Guide Group 3: Pages 47-77 Raul Lopez Wesley Nguyen Anthony Tran Tony Vu Ali Mesallem Erika Albinto

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  • 1.Art Resource GuideGroup 3: Pages 47-77
    Raul LopezWesley NguyenAnthony Tran
    Tony VuAli Mesallem Erika Albinto

2. Sapi-Portuguese in Sierra Leone Fifteenth-Sixteenth Century

  • Sapi = ancestors of contemporary cultural groups

3. Tempe, Kissi, and Boloum in Sierra Leone 4. Portuguese visitors collected ivory objects by Sapi carvers 5. Many Africancultural groups consider dogs to be attuned to the spiritual world 6. Ivory was a highly coveted material for Africans & Europeans 7. prestigious and wealthysign 8. William Fragg grouped all African ivory objects as Afro-Portuguese ivories in 1959
Lidded Salt Cellar

  • Portuguese found highly skilled artists in the Benin Kingdom

10. along the western coast of Africa, south of Sierra Leone 11. The Benin Kingdom was founded in present day Nigeria around 900 C.E. lead by series of leaders known as Ogiso (Rulers of the Sky) 12. Benin Kingdom grew through warfare 13. They made any types of artwork 14. Most prized were made of cast metal, ivory, and coralPlaque, Benin Kingdom Court Style, Edo Peoples, Nigeria, Mid-Sixteenth Century

  • Rear-Admiral Harry Rawson lead the attack on Benin City

16. British looted Obas palace, destroyed the city, took artworks, and exiled Oba 17. Many of the artworks are now in museums and some people of Benin want them back. 18. Even though better off in the western museumsBenin Invasion
19. Fante People

  • Cultural group in the costal area of Ghana

20. Referred as the Gold Coast by Europeans prior to independence 21. Part of the Akan language group 22. Power held in tribe by the chief 23. Each town in the Fante region has own Asafoorganization 24. Asafo: military associations imporant to Fante Society