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<ul><li> 1. Tuesday, June 5, 12</li></ul> <p> 2. ABOUT US Groopanda is a daily deal site profiling local businesses that offer discounts and deals in products and services. We are also a full business directory showcasing local businesses. At ZERO cost and ZERO risk, consumers can learn and connect with new and existing businesses of all industries such as restaurants, salons, tours, hotels, boutiques, events, entertainment venues and more. OUR MISSION Groopandas mission is to serve as an essential marketing tool for businesses that increases their bottom line by: maximing sales, business exposure online and offline and build long-term loyalty.Tuesday, June 5, 12 3. WHAT WE OFFER?Groopanda offers a clever and effective marketingsolution to traditional media, both online and offline.We have over 40 years of business experience in severalindustries and understand the needs, mechanics andstrategies that make or break businesses. Through ourplatform and extensive email database and facebook fans,we offer businesses the luxury of new clients, increasedsales, long-term customer loyalty and maximumadvertising exposure at ZERO cost and ZERO risk.Tuesday, June 5, 12 4. MARKETINGWE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT HAVING EVERYONE KNOWWHO WE ARE...FIND US IN: MOVIE THEATERS,MAGAZINES, TV, CABLE, RADIO,FLYERS, SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL AND MORE.WEEKLY REACH TO OVER 300,000 PEOPLETuesday, June 5, 12 5. WHY DO BUSINESS WITH US? 1.WE ARE the ONLY DAILY DEAL SITE with strong and wide media presence in Puerto Rico. Your business benefits directly at no cost as being part of our Grooper Community. 2.YOU DONT have to PAY us a nickel. This means no risk! We make our profit when you make money. And we pay fast! You always WIN! 3.WE LAUNCHED IN FEBRUARY 2012 and have quickly managed to have competitors watching us closely and imitating what we are doing. Flattering, yes indeed. 4.WE ARE TRULY devoted and focused to growing businesses and customer loyalty by offering several unique and new tools to the daily deal industry. 5.You can limit the quantity of deals you want to sell to manage the demands without sacrificing quality and service.Tuesday, June 5, 12 6. WHATS INCLUDED (FREE)Coaching and consulting by our trained andexperienced Account Executives.Creative art design for deals and profile.Copywriting services for deal description andGrooper Community profile.Full Profile in our Grooper Community Directory.Email blast to over 75,000 subscribers (as of June2012) and 4-6 mentions to our Facebook Fans (65Kas of June 2012) and Twitter followers.Tuesday, June 5, 12 7. HOW IT WORKS? 1. The merchant discusses business needs, costs, strategies and goals with our Account Executives to create a perfect and beneficial deal. 2. Merchant signs Groopandas business agreement and provides all necessary materials for publishing: photos and logos for creative as well as brochures and text for copy including terms and conditions. 3. Groopandas production department works on the deal and sends it to the merchant for approval. 4. Once the creative is approved and the publishing date confirmed, Groopanda publishes the deal on the website, sends it via email and posts it on facebook and twitter for all subscribers to see. The customer visits the site to learn more about the deal and the business and make the purchase. 5. All deals are currently published for a duration of 2-7 days. 6. The merchant has access to an administrative panel to see all purchases in real-time to redeem all vouchers sold and keep track of inventory. 8. Groopanda pays for all vouchers sold. Six business days after the deal closes online, the merchant receives the first payment for the total of all deals sold.Tuesday, June 5, 12 8. SUCCESS FORMULA ZERO investment &amp; ZERO risk + ZERO Production and Advertising Costs+ Profile on Grooper Directory.+ Prepaid Clients =Where do I need to sign to get started today?Tuesday, June 5, 12 9. CONTCTENOS G787.781.3933 &amp;, June 5, 12 </p>