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  • Green DolphinAperitifs and pre dinner drinks

    To start with


    Mazurans Dry Sherry 9.5

    A Internationally awarded New Zealand producer. Enjoy at room temperature or slightly chilled.

    Dubonnet 9.5

    Wine based aperitif, blend of fortified wine, flavoured with spiced orange and coffee. Try on its own over ice or lemonade.

    Pimms No 1 Cup 10.5

    Gin based spice and citrus, ideal as a long drink with lemonade or orange juice.

    Pernod 10.5

    Unique French anise based liqueur. Try with water and ice.

    Campari 10.5 Premium aperitif spirit, dry with full bitter citrus and herb flavours.

    Torlesse Cassis Liqueur 9.5

    Blackcurrant ribena with attitude.

    Dry Martini Cocktail 15

    Dry vermouth, Gin or 42 Below Vodka

    Mimosa 15.5

    Bubbly wine and orange juice.

    Kir Royale 15.5

    Torlesse Cassis liqueur with white wine or bubbles.

    42 Below Vodka or Broken Shed Premium NZ Vodka 15.5

    With your choice of San Pellegrino sparkling range Limonata, Manderino, Rossa, Pompelmo.

    House Spirits Smirnoff Vodka 10 Bombay Sapphire Gin 10 Haymans Old Tom Gin 10 Jim Beam Bourbon 10 Bacardi White Rum 10 Jose Cuervo Tequila 10 Mount Gay Rum 10 Jameson Irish Whisky 10 Chatelle Brandy 10 Jack Daniels Whisky 10

    (Served as Doubles)

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Premium Spirits Glass

    42 Below Vodka 15.5 Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky 18 Glenfiddich Whisky 18 Remy Martin V.S.O.P Cognac 18Broken Shed Premium NZ Vodka 15.5

    Hints of sweetness are generated from the water source as there are no additives.

    Liqueurs All served as doubles - 11 dollars a glass

    Frangelico Hazelnut liqueur from Italy.

    Malibu Caribbean white rum with coconut.

    Tia Maria Jamaican coffee liqueur.

    Kahlua Mexican coffee flavoured liqueur.

    Baileys Irish Cream Finest Irish spirits with cream and chocolate.

    Cointreau Made from mixed orange peels.

    Grand Marnier Blend of true cognacs and bitter orange essence.

    Southern Comfort Fruit spice and whisky flavoured.

    Limoncello Italian lemon liqueur.

    Midori Melon based liqueur.

    Drambuie Premium Scotch whisky based liqueur.

    Glayva Scotch whisky, spice and citrus liqueur.

    Benedictine Herb liqueur with subtle spice flavours.

    Jagemeister German liqueur with complex blend of 56 herbs and fruits.

    Galliano Amaretto Almond flavoured liqueur.

    Galliano Black Sambuca Aniseed flavoured liqueur.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666 www.greendolphinkaikoura

  • Tap Beer Glass

    Monteiths Original 6.5 Its the hops that dominate aroma and taste. However on closer inspection, theres a subtle blackberry aroma which originates from the female flowers of the Pacific Gem Hops.

    Monteiths Golden 6.5 Enjoy the smooth rounded cashew nut flavour that is coaxed from premium Munich Malts.

    Bottle Beer

    Monteiths Pilsner 7.5

    Bursts forth with a brisk noble hop aroma. Its a beer with immense flavour and enormous hop character.

    Monteiths Black 7.5

    Is crisper than sweet darks and smoother than harsh stouts.

    Monteiths Radler Bier 7.5

    Monteith's Radler faithfully recreates the experience, brewed to full strength with distinctive hoppy notes, a hint of natural lemon juice and a zesty citrus finish.

    Heineken 10

    100% pilsner malts are carefully blended with finest European hops giving its truly distinctive yet mild flavour.

    Sol 7

    This authentic Mexican beer is slightly malty with sweet aroma and refreshing taste.

    Tui 7

    Great tasting beer with a strong yet smooth taste.

    Export Gold 7

    Crisp clean, pleasant slightly fruity flavour golden lager.

    Amstel Lite 7

    Fresh smooth malty flavour lager style beer.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • New Zealand Craft Beer


    Emersons Pilsner 500ml 14

    A Kiwi Classic, Its overt fruitiness begs comparison with Marlboroughs world-beating Sauvignon Blanc.

    Emersons Bookbinder 500ml 14

    A wonderfully drinkable interpretation of classic English Ale.

    Emersons 1812 Hoppy Pale Ale 500ml 14

    Emersons 1812 is all about balance. The aroma hints at caramel and dark toffee, balanced with a light citrusy fruitiness.

    Emersons London Porter 500ml 14

    Dark, dry and mellow with some hop characters.

    Renaissance Discovery APA 500ml 15

    A refreshing crisp, golden hoppy ale from New Zealands and Australian Champion Brewery (2013)

    Renaissance Stonecutter Scotch Ale 500ml 15

    Malty, rich, and full bodied from New Zealand and Australian Champion Brewery (2013)


    Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider 7

    Fresh sun ripened New Zealand apples have been crushed to retain the natural apple flavours, and patiently fermented to deliver a premium cider.

    Rekordelig Apple & Blackcurrant Cider 14.5

    Made from the purest Swedish spring water, finest apples and blackcurrants.

    Peckhams Kir Cider 500ml 14.5

    A traditionally made Nelson cider packed with flavor. Intense black currant juice pressed in the cidery before blending.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Champagne Fine champagne sets the tone for any special occasion. Champagne is

    called champagne if it is from the Champagne region in Northern France.

    Bottle Glass

    Moet NV 120

    Distinguished by its exotic fruitiness, a generous palate that continually seduces and delights.

    Methode Traditionelle New Zealand made sparkling wine made using traditional methods.

    Georges Michel NV 50

    This Blanc de blanc is crisp delicate and fruity, made from semillon and sauvignon blanc grapes.

    Highfield Elstree Cuvee Brut 2007 63

    Made in Highfields celebrated Elstree style. Light biscuit aromas, that complement the citrus fruit flavours.

    Lindauer Brut 200ml 10

    Delicately fruity sparkler.

    Sauvignon Blanc Fresh, zesty wine with an aroma that hits you at 40 paces,

    the worlds leading Sauvignon Blanc style is from Marlborough.

    Brightwater Lord Rutherford, Nelson 45

    Award winning full bodied Sauvignon featuring capsicum & passion fruit.

    Passage Rock, Waiheke Island 41

    Lush fruitiness with the perfect amount of zing.

    Locharburn, Central Otago 38

    Attractive lifted fruit aromas of gooseberry, citrus and tropical fruit with a hint of herbaceousness.

    Bladen Estate, Marlborough 36

    Medium bodied with fresh citrus and stonefruit aromatics that coat the palate.

    Omaka Springs, Marlborough 34

    A burst of tropical fruits guava, passionfruit, and a hint of ripe melon.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Aromatics


    In New Zealand Riesling flourishes in the South Island producing delicate off dry wine, medium style wines with floral notes and 'late harvest' as well as botrytis styles.

    Bottle Glass

    Leaning Rock, Central Otago 42

    Lemon, lime and apple characters makes this a classic Riesling to enjoy with seafood.

    Geoges Road, Waipara Valley 40

    Strong apple, peach and quince flavours all in perfect balance.

    Bladen Estate, Marlborough 35 Lighter bodied with delicate texture and subtle citrus and floral flavours.

    Pinot Gris Also known as Pinot Grigio, this grape variety is a real crowd pleaser.

    Passage Rock, Waiheke Island 45 Pear, apple and lychee aromas with a hint of butterscotch on the palate.

    Lamont, Central Otago 45

    Harmonious balanced dryish pinot gris with stonefruit and floral flavours.

    Bladen Estate, Marlborough 42

    A medium bodied pinot gris, with delicate pear and quince fruit flavours, nougat and spice notes.

    Omaka Springs, Marlborough 34

    A rich aromatic wine that shows off pretty notes of golden delicious apples and honey laced pears.

    Other Aromatics

    Te Awanga Gewrztraminer, Hawkes Bay 50

    Ginger, lychee, musk and pear aromas delight with intensity and purity.

    Bladen Estate Gewurztraminer, Marlborough 43

    An opulent wine with a rich oily texture, lychee, spice and Turkish delight flavours coat the palate.

    Bannock Brae Gruner Veltliner, Bannockburn 42

    Gentle upfront fruit flavours of white stonefruit, florals, herbs and white pepper.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Chardonnay The white wine for red wine drinkers Chardonnay is usually fuller-bodied than other white wines and has usually been made with some oak influence

    (unless the wine label states 'unoaked').

    Bottle Glass

    Passage Rock, Waiheke Island 48

    Peaches and cream, cashew and a hint of citrus.

    Brightwater, Nelson 46

    Elegant smooth chardonnay, with a creamy palate and well integrated French 0ak.

    Locharburn, Central Otago 42

    Flavours of fresh ripe lemons peaches and hazelnuts make a rich yet fresh wine.

    Pinot Noir Although a challenging grape to grow, Pinot Noir has had a rapid surge in

    popularity and quality to becomeNew Zealand's top red wine style. A premium red to stand alongside Sauvignon Blanc on the International stage.

    Prophet Rock, Central Otago 65

    Big dark fruit, slightly smokey, chocolate, white pepper and cinnamon.

    Bannock Brae, Bannockburn 60

    Highlights the classic savoury characters of this magnificent grape variety. All becomes clear with the first mouthful.

    Locharburn, Central Otago 55

    Richly flavoured sweet red cherry and raspberry characters are complemented by hints of wild thyme, herbs and subtle French oak.

    Bladen Estate, Marlborough 55

    Dark red fruits are supported by the cherry savoury oak.

    Georges Road, Waipara 52

    Beautiful fruit, traditionally made and aged in 25% new French oak for 12 months.

    Brightwater, Nelson 50

    A smooth palate with wonderful persistence of flavour in this multi gold medal awarded wine.

    Rose Locharburn, Central Otago 38

    Enticing strawberry and white stonefruit, dried lavender and thyme aromas a very harmonious wine, capturing the essence of Central Otago in a glass.

    Bladen Estate, Marlborough 36

    Irresistible bouquet of fresh strawberries, and ripe watermelon make this very refreshing rose.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Dry Reds Robust richly flavoured reds warm your soul.

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc often blended to enhance the wines structure.

    Bottle Glass

    Haselgrove First Cut Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia 65

    Lifted dark fruits of mulberry, blackcurrant and with hints of wild mint, supported by subtle, spicy oak with dusty tannins and great length.

    Main Divide Merlot Cabernet, Marlborough 47

    The Merlot has a sweet raspberry and purple plum fruit flavours while Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc add cassis and spice.

    Passage Rock Sisters, Waiheke Island 46

    Violets, berry fruits, cassis, liquorice, vanilla and oak are the typical flavours in this Bordeaux blend.

    Omaka Springs Merlot, Marlborough 34

    Aromas of mocha and coffee that lead to a ripe rich blackberry and plum flavours with a spicy cedar edge.

    Spicy Reds Known as Syrah in its country of origin France, the name Shiraz became

    popular for this grape variety in Australia. Wines made from Syrah / Shiraz grape are powerfully flavoured and full bodied.

    Passage Rock Syrah, Waiheke Island 60

    Aromas of ripe blackberry plum and spice, full-bodied with beautiful balanced tannins. Passage Rock is one of NZs top Syrah producers.

    Georges Road Syrah, Waipara 48

    A core of bright lively red and black fruits entwined with flavours of fresh herbs, white pepper and spices.

    H by Haselgrove Shiraz, McLaren Vale, Australia 42

    A lively palate with luscious fresh blackberry and raspberry fruit.

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Dessert Wines A luscious wine. This sweet tipple is best saved till last, to accompany dessert or replace.

    Bottle Glass

    Charles Wiffen Late Harvest Riesling 56

    Succulent wine has aromas of honeyed apricots, marmalade and citrus cheesecake. The palate is defined by similar flavours.

    Georges Road Noble Riesling, Waipara 54

    Fully botrytised Riesling grapes and delicate winemaking have yielded a superbly balanced wine with moderate sweetness and apricot and caramel notes.

    Brightwater Ice Wine 375ml, Nelson 38

    Tony Southgate winemaker of the year Royal Easter show Wine Awards 2012 Stunning medium sweet wine, very clean and refreshing with concentrated citrus fruit flavours . A perfect aperitif wine.


    Brown Brothers Port (Australian) 10.5

    Luscious and intense with caramel and aged rancio flavours, a direct result of blending mature and younger vines.

    Mazurans House Port (NZ) 10.5 Rich and complex fortified wine with sweet fruit flavours and a velvety texture.

    Mazurans Special Reserve Port (NZ) 14

    15 year blended port, aged in French oak it is mellow rich berry fruit flavours.

    Mazurans Directors Port (NZ) 17

    50/50 blend of 1975 and younger wines. Rich and liqueur-like on the palate - sweet, raisiny, smooth and mellow. Double gold winner in the port category at the 2005 San Francisco International Wine Competition.

    Digestifs to finish with

    Johanneshof Edelbrand Brandy 17

    Martelletti Grappa, Moscato Italty 17

    Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky 18

    Glenfiddich Whisky 18

    Jameson Irish Whisky 10

    Remy Martin V.S.O.P Cognac 18

    Jagemeister 11

    Amaretto 11

    Limoncello 11

    Frangelico 11

    Baileys Irish Cream 11

    Traditional Irish Coffee 15.5

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666

  • Hot Beverages Coffees

    Traditional Irish Coffee 15.5

    Lyttelton Coffee Company Beans Espresso 4

    Long black 4

    Flat white 4

    Cappuccino / Latte 4.5

    Mochaccino 4.5

    Chai Latte 4.5

    Decaf available

    Hot Chocolate 5

    Tea Selection

    English Breakfast 5

    Earl Grey 5

    Lady Grey 5

    Peppermint 5

    Rose Chamomile 5

    Lemon & Ginger 5

    Blackcurrant & Apple 5

    Green Tea 5

    Ask staff for other herbal tea options

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666 www.greendolphinkaikoura .com

  • Other Beverages

    Glass Bottle

    Waiwera Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml 7 Waiwera Sparkling Mineral Water 1 Litre 10

    San Pellegrino sparkling soft drinks 200ml 5 Limonata (Lemon) Manderino Manderine Rossa (Blood Orange) Pompelmo (Grapefruit)

    Allganics Organic Juices 275ml 5.5 Mango/Orange/Apple Feijoa/Apple Apple & Blueberry & Ginger

    Sparkling Apple & Blackcurrant Sparkling Apple Pineapple & Passion fruit

    Bunderberg Ginger Beer 5.5

    Freshup Apple juice 5 Charlies Fresh Orange juice 5 Pineapple juice 5

    Tomato Juice 5.5

    Lemonade 4.5 Coke Cola 4.5 Diet Coke 4.5 Lemon & Paeroa 4.5

    12 Avoca Street | Kaikoura | 03 319 6666 www.greendolphinkaikoura .com