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<ul><li> 1. Great Birthday Party Ideas </li> <li> 2. Planning a childs birthday party can be timeconsuming with all of the details and things that needto be discussed before setting your plans in stone. From deciding who to invite and sending outinvitations, to choosing where to host the birthdayparty and the exact time frame of the event, there is alot that goes into planning a party.Introduction </li> <li> 3. By opting to rent a jumping castle for your childs nextbirthday, not only are you providing them with a fun-filled day for them and all of their friends, but yourealso making the planning process a little bit easier.Introduction </li> <li> 4. Weve all seen them at county fairs, carnivals and atother childrens houses, but you may have neverconsidered renting or purchasing a bounce house foryour childs birthday. Bounce houses and jumping castle inflatablestructures provide kids of all ages with an experiencethat they will never forget.Bounce House Birthday Parties </li> <li> 5. These inflatables can easily be set up in your backyardor at a park where there is enough land and space forit to fit comfortably.Bounce House Birthday Parties </li> <li> 6. The great thing about planning this type of birthdaycelebration is that it can be held to fit around yourbudget and schedule. Unlike hosting birthdays at party facilities, you areable to invite as many guests as youd like to yourhome for no extra fee with the ability for all to enjoythe jumping castle.Bounce House Birthday Parties </li> <li> 7. There is no set time limit for these types of parties, sochildren and their families can spend hours enjoyingthe activities with friends and loved ones. Plan the event the exact way that you would like tohave it, all at an affordable rateBounce House Birthday Parties </li> <li> 8. There are two different ways to plan for your nextjumping castle birthday party event. You may either opt to rent a bounce house orpurchase your very own to have whenever youd liketo use it.Bounce House Rentals vs. Buying anInflatable </li> <li> 9. There are several positives about each option. Bychoosing to rent an inflatable structure for thebirthday party, there is very little that you have toworry about.Bounce House Rentals vs. Buying anInflatable </li> <li> 10. Companies that specialize in bounce house and partyrentals will come out to your home or party site to setup the entire structure in no time at all. Rentals are available for as little as a few hours to aslong as a few days at a time.Bounce House Rentals vs. Buying anInflatable </li> <li> 11. When your rental period is up, the company will comeback to deflate and remove the bounce house,leaving you with nothing left to clean up.Bounce House Rentals vs. Buying anInflatable </li> <li> 12. Purchasing your very own inflatable bounce house orcastle gives you the chance to select from a widevariety of styles and choices that can be used yearafter year or even on a daily basis.Conclusion </li> <li> 13. Jump castles that include water features, slides andbasketball hoops are just a few different options thatare available for purchase. If this is something that you can see yourself using formultiple birthday parties, a purchase is the mostbudget-friendly option.Conclusion </li> </ul>