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Grafana Introduction RiCo Chen

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  1. 1. Grafana Introduction RiCo Chen
  2. 2. Agenda What is grafana AFT Architecture Write Protocol of influxdb AFT Scenario
  3. 3. What is grafana Open source software for time series analytics Popular project and more company use it (intel,paypal,netapp) Advanced , visualize and rich metrics dashboard Reporting and monitor server once 24 hours Alert Notification feature
  4. 4. AFT Architecture Telegraf http (every 10 sec) Influxdb 2.Result Grafana Load Time Data from QAs whitelist VM 1.QL
  5. 5. Write Protocol of influxdb Line Protocol (text based format) Write data with http/https API Measurement means table Point means record of table Point include tag , field(Required) and timestamp(Unix nanosecond)
  6. 6. AFT Scenario Application metrics for Load Time of UGS
  7. 7. Business metric
  8. 8. Server metrics
  9. 9. Alert Notification
  10. 10. Q & A
  11. 11. Reference Grafana Influxdb