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  • Integrated Marketing Campaign

  • What We Do

    Start in 2004

    Our focus: enable engaging self-capture during virtually any activity

    Our business: mountable and wearable cameras and accessories

  • 2011 2012 2013 1Q 2014

    Business Overview





    1Q 2014

    Revenue Cost of Revenue Net Income


















    Units Shipped

  • Market Analysis

    Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

    GoPro &!Action Cameras

    Traditional consumer!video cameras


    Pressure on prices

    4 direct same action cameras category

    Traditional camera manufacturers

    Numerous consumerelectronics companies

    Any other productthat has a camera

    #1by sales

  • Threats! Established and well-known

    worldwide brands Competitors prices Mobile devices

    SWOT Analysis

    Opportunities! Creating a crowd sourced media pool

    and earn money by converting them into company's IP

    Brand enthusiasts on multiple social platforms

    Creating POV content from daily life without having a sketch

    Weakness! High device costs

    (new tech. acquisition) High marketing costs

    (events, sponsorships) Poor product line

    (focus on extreme sports)

    Strengths! Charismatic brand Wide range of accessories High brand recall High quality perception

  • Opportunity


    2000+Videos 14+Million


  • Recommendation

    Media Company

  • GoPro Market Place

  • POOR Analysis


    Action cameras will be a commodity

    Transition to a media company

    Making more money

    Create a media platform (user generated content)

  • Situation Analysis

    Controllable and uncontrollable elements:! Hard to guarantee the quality of the content produced by

    consumers/camera buyers

    Barriers for business:! The complexity of video editing processes GoPro is not a media company and the market doesn't have

    the perception of us as a media company

  • Market Place Objectives

    By the end of 2014, launch the Market Place and increase the numberof users uploading content from current 5% to 65%.

    By May 2015, gain $5M in content sales.

  • STP

    Segmentation: Content Creators Segmentation 2: Content Buyers

    Target: GoPro users and potential new GoPro buyers

    Target 2: Photo and Video Buyers (agencies, TV networks, etc)

    Positioning: Online market place to share, sell and buy content with a unique perspective

  • Steak & Sizzle

    Market Definition: Make money by sharing experiences in an easy way

    Market Definition 2: Acquire quality content with an unique perspective

    Product Definition: Video & Photo Stock

  • IMC Plan Objectives

    Informative:! Let current and new GoPro users know that they have a online market

    place a platform to share and sell the content created by them using GoPro

    Persuasive:! Stimulate people to make and share their content in a more meaningful

    and quality way Stimulate content buyers to use our platform

  • IMC Plan

    LaunchingPre-launching Post-launching

    Closed Beta Open Beta Open

  • Pre-launching

    Objective: Generate content for the Market Place

    Teaser:!Send a teaser using current users database and invite them to register (landing page): !

    Soon it will be an online space for all GoPro users to make money using your amazing content. Register now and we will keep you updated"

    Closed Beta Invitation:!Select great GoPro content producers and send them an invitation to upload the content to the Market Place

  • Launching

    MarketPlaceMarketing PR

    GoPro Channels




    Objectives: ! Keep stimulating users uploading content Let content buyers know about the new platform Spread out the news about our MarketPlace

  • PR plan

    Media (journalists and bloggers)! Press conference Press-release

    Influencers Outreach! Kit #GoProMarketPlace to 20 influencers

    (Camera, Name badge GoPro Producer, Guideline to use the Market Place)

    Ambassadors! Pre-launching event to 20 ambassadors in 3 different cities

    in US to present them the MarketPlace

  • GoPro channels

    Social Media! Seeding (direct message) Posts on Facebook and Twitter #GoProMarketPlace Promotional video on YouTube

    GoPro Product Box! Information about the Market Place


    Database Marketing! Newsletter to our subscribers

  • Advertising

    TV! Sports (i.e.: Fox Sports, ESPN) Adventure (i.e.: Discovery Channel) Life Style (i.e.: FoodNetwork)

    Magazines! Tech (i.e.: Wired) Business, Trade, etc (i.e.: Inc.) Specialized (i.e.: Videomaker) Sports (i.e.: Surfer)

    Websites/Blogs/Portals! Tech (i.e.:, Mommy blogs

    Google AdWords

  • Experimental

    Workshops! Main store sellers (Retail partners) Current events that GoPro already

    participates in and host (i.e.: X Games)

    Potential Client: J&J, P&G! Challenging: give cameras to 10

    mommy bloggers to produce content Result: video Ad We love be mommy

    with #GoPro

    Trade Shows! I.e.: MipCom (Oct 2014) !!

  • Share your best content on #GoProMarketPlace and get a chance to have your material used by global brands/companies


    A scalable way to help incentive the audience is to createquality content with a purpose.

    Examples: Expedia Travel Agency: Share your #BestTravelMoment on #GoProMarketPlace National Geographic Magazine: Share your best #AdventureShoot on

    #GoProMarketPlace Mini Cooper: Share your best moment #OnTheRoad on #GoProMarketPlace

  • Social Media

  • Online banner

  • Magazine Ad

  • Billboard

  • Video

  • Post-launching

    Objectives: ! Keep stimulating users to upload content Stimulate content buyers to acquire content from the MarketPlace Keep spread out the news about the MarketPlace

    Campaign: ! Social Media/Webinars PR (Press-release, influencers) Ad (Online, TV, Magazines, Google Adwords) Trade shows (i.e.:. Mipcom, MIPTV, NABShow) Promotion (Discount for the content buyers) Co-contest, Co-productions, etc

  • Camcorder!industry

    Whats next

    Market Place


    Digital photo!industry

    Mobile phone!industry