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  • 1.Good Work Attitude A presentation on: Good Work Attitude

2. Attitude

  • Attitudeis a state of Mind.
  • Attitudeis defined as "a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling or behaving."

3. Goal of this PPT.

  • See Opportunity
  • Avoid major consequences by avoiding major problems
  • Enjoy your work
  • Move as far up and as forward as you want

4. Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day.

  • How to Stay POSITIVE in Competitive Work Environment??

5. The Environment Beware of Arrows Other persons behavior Negative Work Environment Negative World View Changing Environment Past Experience OOOUCH 6. Bulldozers Gossips Patronizers Whiners Negatives complainers snipers backstabbers clams Walking wounded controllers exploders Other People's Behavior 7. Negative Work Environment

  • Everyone Fighting to get ahead
  • No one Appreciates your contribution
  • Too Much work. No much Help!!
  • Deadlines are unrealistic
  • Longer hours additional work
  • Budget Constraints
  • Competition is eating us alive
  • Poor management direction
  • Job Insecurities

8. Changing Environment The only person who always likes change is a wet Baby CHANGE

  • Challenges our Paradigms
  • Alters the way we think.
  • Makes Life more difficult for a while
  • Causes Stress
  • Is an ongoing fact of life.

9. Fired!! Sob! Sob! Where is the report? home office Noooo!! Past Experience Pressure Heart break enmity 10. Negative Worldview


Guard, 50-yr-old woman killed in BRT corridor accident . Arushi Murder Case. U.S. terrorism trials continue despite court ruling. TIMES OF INDIA NAVHIND TIMES BUSINESS TIMES BUSINESS TODAY ECONOMIC TIMES 11. Lifes little Question??? Are some people Just born positive thinkers? . Or is it their choice???? 12. Choose the Right Luggage! DODGEARROW BE ARROW PROOF 13. Problem with Dodging Arrows 14. Problem with Dodging Arrows 15. Problem with Dodging Arrows 16. Problem with Dodging Arrows 17. Problem with Dodging Arrows 18. Problem with Dodging Arrows

  • Youre going to get hit.

OOUCH! 19. Choice #2: WEAR ARROWPROOF ARMOR 20. ARROWPROOF ARMORCOMES FROM SELF CHANGE! 21. PUTTING ON ARROWPROOF ARMOR CHANGE 3 THINGS BEHAVIOUR THINKING FEELING ATTITUDE 22. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR FEELING? feeling CHANGES HAPPEN PERSONALLY FROM INSIDE OUT!! 23. So...Accept Responsibility!! feeling I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHO I M FOR WHAT I HAVE FOR WHAT I DO 24. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOUR? BEHAVIOUR Behavior Changes takestrue assessments, determinationand discipline 25. HOW TO CHANGE YOUR THINKING? THINKING THINKING Changes comes fromobservinglogicallyin every situation. 26. OBSERVE YOUR THINKING THINKING This is all very interesting Tomorrow it will look different How irritating.. He is lyk dat to me she is sayingdat to me 27. Manage your SELF- TALK THINKING Today is going tobeCRAPPY day Today is going to beaWONDERFULday If you think you can, or you cant you're rite.. - Henry Ford 28. THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN! If you think you are beaten, YOU ARE, If you think you dare not, you dont, If youd like to win, but you think YOU CANT, Its almost certain you wont. If you think you ll lose, youve lost, For out in the world youll find,success begins with a fellows will, Its all in the STATE OF MIND. If you think you are outclassed, YOU ARE, Youve got to think high to rise, Youve got to be sure of yourself beforeYou can ever win a prize. Lifes battle dont always goTo stronger of faster man, But soon or late the man who wins, Is the man who thinks HE CAN. 29. If you think you can, or you cant you're rite.. - Henry Ford 30. Influence your Environment Add Positive Behavior

  • Replace the bad Habits!
  • Spread a smile around.
  • Sprinkle some POSI+IVE on negative.
  • Focus on the good of each day.
  • Say please and Thank you .
  • Practice Empathy.
  • Evaluate your behavior.
  • Never miss an opportunity to compliment.

31. Remember to. Watch yourdefinition - they becomethoughts . Watch yourthoughts - they become yourwords . Watch yourwords - they become youractions . Watch youractions - they become yourbehavior . Watch yourbehavior - they become yourattitude . Watch yourAttitude - it becomes yourdestiny . 32. Choice is yours.

  • Withbad attitudeyou can never have apositive day .
  • With apositive attitudeyou can never have abad day .