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Greencard news of past and upcoming events.


  • the resort was showing the ef-fects of having changed hands twice during the year and is cur-

    rently lacking a little TLC.

    Jeannie started as she finished by leading her team of Peter Quinn, Lewis Mosse and Chris

    Hegarty to victory.

    But from then on the sun shone bright and warm all week. Anne Ferns 35 was good enough to take the lead in Round One and she had Alan Orritt and John Mac

    close behind.

    In Round Two she again led the field with 34 but this time she was joined by Jeannie and Alan. So at halfway she and Alan were four clear of John Mac and John


    But as so often happens on moving day the whole picture changed. Paul Kayes 37 moved him right up the leader board into 3rd place and although Lewis 36 was good he was too far behind to influence proceedings. But Jeannies 36 moved her right into contention from where she was able to launch her assault on the


    In that final round Len Peifer celebrated his birthday with an excellent 35 and Reuben Fielding had 34. But the week belonged to Jeannie and although we were a little disappointed with the condition of Vila Sol, the course certainly provided a test of golf to

    produce a very worthy champion.

    We have decided that it is time for a change of scene next year, and because we will no longer be paying for the winners flights, we will be able to put more of the budget into hotel and green fees. Whilst we were in Portugal we looked at several venuesour preferred choice would be Quinta do Lago and Laranjal. But you

    will have to wait and see.

    Jeannie OKeeffe, whose sobri-quet is Golfing Mum must now change it to Golfing Granny with the arrival of Liam, her first grandchild. Starting the final round two points off the lead, she birdied the first and played a flawless front 9 to take a 5

    point lead at the turn.

    Anne Fern who had led from Round One had finally been overhauled on the very tight Vila Sol course. As Jeannies near-est challengers were 7 point behind her, all she needed was

    a quiet back nine.

    But suddenly things began to unravel. Dropping shots at the 10th and 11th she then scram-bled through the next three holes before a disastrous finish with just 2 points in the last 4


    Meanwhile Neil Ratcliffe, last years winner handed in a 36 from the group ahead and sud-denly things became very cloudy. Both John Mac and Paul Kaye playing alongside the girls in the final group had also rallied on the back nine and things had become very tense. Poor Annie has found herself in

    this position 3 times now and has failed to convert. She was very disappointed with her 23 points but should take heart that if she keeps getting into this

    position she will surely win soon.

    But when the cards were all handed in no one could work out who had won. It was very clear that it was close but who was it

    going to be.

    When the printer finally splut-tered into life only 2 points sepa-rated the top 5. Jeannie was the winner, and Neil Ratcliffe was runner up with his fabulous final round. He beat both John Mac (3rd) and Paul Kaye (4th) on

    count back.

    Sitting out on the golf club ter-race, bathed in warm autumnal sunshine, it was a time to reflect on a great year with a fabulous


    But the week had started with a rather damp and chilly day for the Am Am. It was immediately clear that the Vila Sol courses were not in such good shape as last year. The greens were slow and a little uneven and the tees were a little scruffy. Generally

    Neil Ratcliffe, Jeannie OKeeffe and Paul Kay share a joke in Vila Sol


    C o n t e n t s

    Grand Finals

    Vila Sol (cont)


    El Rompido 3

    Arizona 4

    Agent Orange in

    North Vietnam


    Final Tour Points 8

    Grand Finals on

    the Move


    Putting Slow Play

    on the Clock


    Taking us for a



    Merry Christmas

    & Turkey Date


    G r e e n c a r d G o l f

    H o l i d a y s

    4 H i l l c r o f t , A n c h o r

    R o a d , C a l n e S N 1 1 8 H R

    T e l : 0 1 2 4 9 8 2 1 5 0 7

    F a x : 0 1 2 4 9 8 2 1 4 5 8

    W e b : w w w . g r e e n c a r d g o l f

    . c o . u k Golfer N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 0 V o l u m e 2 , I s s u e 4

    I n T h i s

    I s s u e

    Vila Sol Grand



    El Rompido

    Slow Play


    North Vietnam

    John Newark

    The Ryder Cup

    Finals Venue

    The The The The

  • P a g e 2

    As always at the Grand Finals we hold

    a separate competition for those that

    want to be there at the finish. It al-

    ways attracts a good field and this

    year was no exception. Although over-

    all numbers were down, this was

    more a reflection on the venue I think

    than the state of the economy or the

    popularity of the event. We hope to

    reverse that next year.

    Chris Clarkson used to be a regular

    competitor on Tour but an illness a

    few years back meant he had to lay

    off golf for a couple of years. At last

    years finals he made his reappear-

    ance and he showed that he had lost

    none of his skills. This year he went

    one better and won the Masters title

    by a convincing 7 shots.

    After round one his 32 led John

    OKeeffe, Tony Brook and Kevin

    Shearan by 1 shot.

    In Round Two it was Margaret Brook

    with 35 who headed the field but

    John OKeeffe, Kiki Bach and Chris

    were just a point behind. That put

    Chris and John 5 points clear of the

    field and his 33 in the third round was

    enough to take him 6 points clear of

    John who was himself 5 points ahead

    of Kevin Shearan and the chasing


    So in the final round it was more a

    question of who would be 2nd. James

    Fielding and Kevin joined John and

    Chris in the final group but the race for

    the places was by no means confined

    to them.

    In the event Lodewijk Schlingemann,

    whose latest Russian girlfriend wowed

    the crowd, won the day with 33,

    matched by Richard Phillips and Kevin

    Shearan. Tony Wells and Gerry Gentle

    finally showed some form and Kiki

    sealed her leading lady spot with 31.

    But even though Chris stumbled with

    28 he was still 6 points ahead of Kevin

    who was delighted with his perform-

    ance. Richard Phillips was third and

    Gerry Gentle fourth. Kiki was the lead-

    ing lady in 8th place.

    The great thing about the Masters is

    the camaraderie. No Tour Points to be

    won, no qualifying, just a good old

    fashioned golf tournament. If you

    winGreat. If you dont get back to

    Oscars and do some Karaoke.


    1 CLARKSON CHRIS 32 34 33 28 127

    2 SHEARAN KEVIN 31 29 28 33 121

    3 PHILLIPS RICHARD 30 30 26 33 119

    4 GENTLE GERRY 28 28 30 32 118

    5 O'KEEFFE JOHN 31 34 28 25 118

    6 KERR ROBERT 28 26 32 31 117

    7 CROSSLAND PHIL 29 31 27 30 117

    8 BACH KIKI 22 34 27 31 114

    9 BROOK TONY 31 28 25 30 114

    10 BROOK MARGARET 24 35 27 28 114

    11 FIELDING JAMES 28 28 31 27 114

    12 SCHLINGEMANN L 25 28 26 33 112

    13 BROWN NEIL 26 26 33 26 111

    14 WELLS TONY 21 30 22 32 105

    15 FELL SHARON 23 28 23 29 103

    16 FERN MELVYN 19 31 25 28 103

    17 CARTER JACKIE 25 22 25 27 99

    18 MARTIN MARIAN 23 27 27 17 94

    19 HEGARTY GAIL 24 23 27 18 92

    20 LASCELLES ROGER 15 22 22 28 87

    Vila Sol MastersVila Sol MastersVila Sol MastersVila Sol MastersFinal ResultsFinal ResultsFinal ResultsFinal Results

    1 O'KEEFFE JEANNIE 29 34 36 27 126

    2 RATCLIFFE NEIL 27 33 29 36 125

    3 MAC JOHN 33 31 29 32 125

    4 KAYE PAUL 29 28 37 31 125

    5 FERN ANNE 35 34 32 23 124

    6 BAXTER ALAN 23 33 32 32 120

    7 FIELDING REUBEN 28 31 26 34 119

    8 HARRIS IAN 27 29 29 33 118

    9 PEIFER LEN 30 24 28 35 117

    10 HUNT ROGER 28 30 27 32 117

    11 ROBINSON COLIN 25 32 30 30 117

    12 TRAFFORD ANTHONY 25 32 32 28 117

    13 ORRITT ALAN 34 34 23 26 117

    14 SHEARAN JOHN 31 33 23 29 116

    15 HAYNES BRIAN 29 33 26 27 115

    16 ROBINSON IAN 29 27 32 26 114

    17 MUNROE RICHARD 27 29 32 25 113

    18 QUINN PETER 31 28 25 28 112

    19 HARRIS JULIE 27 25 34 26 112

    20 MOSSE LEWIS 21 30 36 23 110

    Vila Sol TourVila Sol TourVila Sol TourVila Sol TourGrand Finals ResultsGrand Finals ResultsGrand Finals ResultsGrand Finals Results

    Kevin, Kiki, Chris and RichardKevin, Kiki, Chris and RichardKevin, Kiki, Chris and RichardKevin, Kiki, Chris and Richard

  • THE LAST OF THE EUROBUSTERS solid 36 points. Geoff's 32 was enough to move him into the lead by one point as Peter had, by his standards, a poor day at

    the office finishing with 26.

    We returned to the South course for the final round. Although strange events had occurred on many a last day of events it was likely to be a straight shoot out be-tween Geoff and Peter as the chasing pack started the day 10 points behind second place. By the half way stage Geoff was looking very good whils