golden grand club house, near yeshwantpur metro station, bangalore, call @ 080-67915625

Download Golden Grand Club House, Near Yeshwantpur Metro Station, Bangalore, Call @ 080-67915625

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  1. 1. E GRAND CLUBGrand side of life
  2. 2. GR/CLUBWelcome to 0 world where indulgence is a way or life Where we leye o iespensibiliiy And ll is to spoil you Where you liye the life of richness that you always aspired to A leslcirnenl lo line lasle arid liner lernpercrneril Welcome to Grand ClubA plrtrlctcle el resplenclence Pleservecl lei o seleei few
  3. 3. ll-F/ / (J GDB There IS a unique breed ol peoplelorwhom the good IS not good enough. They are e cut above the rest.And out el the eieineiy.They revel in Superlatives And usplrelorrlolhlng lessthnnlhe oulslcmdlng oiena Clubl$ u vlhrantlribule In this rerllled few.60,000 sq.ft.of opulence and ltlxly Astoternerltolsupremocy Acolllngforfhesoverelgnl lTilllll ls _.-. ::llll l ,_, i ,1,
  4. 4. Every nine you need to be reniinaea of your lmporlnnce to ine soclety lhotyou prevail eyer,lust walk in to the Grand ClubReverberottng blushes oI splendor,and er contemporary ereliiieeturel sensibilities,the grand lounge wlll Immediately liereld you to e helghtenedsenseulllvlng
  5. 5. yxttilie ii ire to lieetiiiy style.Whi| e- eye'_ielre upcrr eursetues ie spoil you;we siill regard yeurinealiti e goValtead, IlexlItos:niiiseles arldgl 'tie'= eeitea sien ie yeur, aey er en llllll'l'l'. "lt, (llNMA RETREAT FOR YOUR SOUL. ll working up a sweat at the gym ls not your prelererlce,then may we Suggest e calming Session el Yoga ei eur iieeliii club A luxurlous settlrlg that is bound ie niseire yeurseul and a spa rieiiee ie spoil yeu,nereyeu ere bound tomoke e habttout eleeine neelinyPAMPER YOURSELF,EVERY DAY. veniiy isn't such e bud iliine when yeu have yeur own posse et eeauiy prolesslorlols on call Whether It ls a make over on U lmy weekend or relaxing massage etiere long day ei weir,iusi poplrl to our luxurlous salon and we'll make sure yeu getthe eenieerine yeu deserve
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  7. 7. A PLACE FOR YOUR MIND. In cu Me as busy as me one:we Ieod,T I:Tndeed o Iuxuvy To be obTe To (MI up WIIH o book and when you do geT The tune,we have me peded plate Iov you To do exa(IIy mm A cozy ITbrary MW o vasr coIIe
  8. 8. Ilia:.1px= ld'[o, II nmmmiia IIlC. li, L=T uulaulxcllqlhiaA we wonn : eIebraITrTg needs o pIu: eworIIvy DI(e| eI: mITarT wnon IS wnywe T. oye buTII Two eT. Te Tnduuv muIITpurpue ha:and o oony ITuII ooen To me sky oT TT. e Iervuce so be T ooTnT. ooy or on unrTTT/ ersury or o oomenno To : eIebruIe your IrTurrTp| *T,(House o spate TnoT besisuwsyaurneeds ono make every nnomenywonn reIT/ mg., ~" '9REMAIN RADIANT,EVERY MOMENTDem you body,Q31 IvT: :I : )(I'L noonoTnne II Im you ak n (Ewe vow , eTT u make user Ger The em 3ITT'Te u'T:LuTTTdeTTz:I:remuvvLITeevIuIIITrm. gITIITe


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