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The goal of this presentation is to help Great-West Life Gold Key advisors and financial planners maximize their financial website, get the most out of online marketing tools available to them, explore social media and increase their ROI.


  • 1. Learn to Maximize your Advisor Website
    Live Gold-Key Website Tour
    April 21, 2010

2. Quick Tour of sample website
Website layout allows for a professional and trustworthy look and feel
Products page list all the products you can sell
Prominent buttons generate call-to-action
Tell a friend page generate leads and referrals
Contact page map your office and provide contact information
Site stats displays quarterly statistics
3. Research Shows Websites Influence 97% of Clients Purchasing Decisions
4. Tell a friend
Hi Michael,
I thought you might appreciate Johns help.He provided some great financial advice and I thought you might find his services useful.
You should check out his web site at or you can email him at
You received a web site referral
Date: Friday, April 16, 2010
Your client: Loic Jeanjean(
Has referred you to: Michael
Email address:
Phone: 604-761-6053
Here are the comments that were sent from your website:
I thought you might appreciate John's help. He provided some great financial security advice and I thought you might find his services useful.
5. Site statistics
6. Customize your website
Adding content relation with compliance departments
Adding photos
Adding links and resources
Adding Google Analytics and Google Sitemaps
7. Adding Content

  • Having fresh, engaging content is key for the success of your website

8. We can add text, pictures, pdfs, videos and many other type of documents on your site 9. Send your content to and we will submit to compliance on your behalf 10. Once approved, we will add your content on your site


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