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Go Over Scavenger Hunt. Where can you find the classroom set of markers and colored pencils ? Cabinets by Door What time does this class period begin and end ? What do you do when you come into the classroom? Pick Up Papers, Sit Down with materials, Read board - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Go Over Scavenger HuntWhere can you find the classroom set of markers and colored pencils?Cabinets by DoorWhat time does this class period begin and end?What do you do when you come into the classroom? Pick Up Papers, Sit Down with materials, Read boardWhere do we go in case of a tornado?Behind 8th Grade Student ServicesGo Over Scavenger HuntWhen are you considered tardy?If you are not in your seat ready to learn when the bell ringsAre you allowed in the Science prep room?NoWhere do you go in case of a code red?Corner of the room by the showerWhere do you sharpen your pencil?Corner by the Safety GogglesGo Over Scavenger HuntIs gum, candy, food or drinks allowed in this class?NoWhat do you bring to class daily?Binder, Packet, Writing UtensilAre items or materials on the teachers desk available for your use?NoWhat do you do if you have a question?Ask 3 Before MeGo Over Scavenger HuntWhere do you turn in homework?Front TableHow long is this class period?42 MinutesWhere is the recycle bin?Front by the doorAre you allowed to touch the emergency shower?Only in emergenciesGo Over Scavenger HuntHow are you released from class every day?By meHow do you leave the room in case of a fire?Quietly / Calmly without any of your thingsWhere do you locate absent work?On Homework Hotline / Science WebsiteWhere are the safety glasses located?Corner of the room in cabinetGo Over Scavenger HuntAre devices allowed in this room?Only with my permissionWhere do you pick up graded papers?Front TableWhat do you do if you dont know the homework assignment?Homework Hotline, Ask Teacher, Ask FriendWhat do you do if you know you are going on a field trip?Let me know BEFORE you go.See me at the beginning of class when you get backTopics for the YearChemistryNatural Selection / Artificial SelectionRenewable / Non-renewable ResourcesWavesWeather

GradesHomework 10 %Quizzes 15 %Labs / Projects 25 %Tests 50 %

Homework3-4 Nights a WeekStarted in class, finished at homeExpectationsCompleted in FullOn TimeDone for Practice/UnderstandingWorking together / Copying

Homework PolicyLate Work1st OffenseTeacher conference with student2nd OffensePhone Contact3rd Offense Team Detention4th Offense Deans referralLate work can still be turned in for points until the end of the unit

Quizzes2-4 Quizzes a month5-25 PointsCheck for Understanding

Tests50-100 Points1-2 Per UnitQuia / WrittenVariety of FormatsMultiple ChoiceMatchingShort Answer

Studying for TestsStudy GuideGuide!Doesnt include all of the informationPrevious QuizzesLabs / Activities / Homework AssignmentsBefore or After School Help / Email

14Tardy PolicyWhen the bell rings, you must be in your seat!1st offense Verbal Warning2nd offense Verbal Warning and Student Conference3rd & 4th offenses Team detention and parent contact5th offense - Referral

What to Bring to ClassBinder with PacketWriting UtensilQuestionsOpen MindPositive Attitude

Cell Phone PolicyAll electronics including cellphones and ipods, headphones and earbuds, must be off and out of sight during the day. Unless given permission by the teacher (YOU CANNOT ASK)No social mediaNo games1st offense Verbal Warning2nd offense Teacher keeps phone and contacts parents3rd offense Teacher keeps phone, contacts parents, and assigns a detentionHow To Get InformationHomework HotlineScience WebsitePDFs of WorksheetsReviewsVideosRemind101Text Reminders for Homework and AssessmentsEmailJatkins@y115.orgWhat to do when absent?Let me know BEFORE you miss a day if possibleCheck Homework HotlineEmail me with questionsSee me before class starts the day you return

Advanced versus RegularFaster PaceMore In-Depth Genius HourIndependent Research ProjectTestsShort Answer / Essay Based / Application


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