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MV Catalogue


  • GMA

    Medium-Voltage Distribution Catalogue | 2012

    up to 24 kV - 2500 A 31.5 kA Gas-insulated switchgear

    Make the most of your energy

    Vacuum circuit-breaker technology

  • GMA Schaltanlage:

    Effizient b Geringer Platzbedarf bei hoher Leistung

    Sicher b Hermetisch gekapselte Schottrume

    b Zuverlssiger Schutz gegen Fehlbedienung

    b Strlichtbogenqualifikation

    Einfach b bersichtliches, ergonomisches Design

    b Einfach zum Aufstellen und im Betrieb

    b Leichter Zugang zu allen Teilen

    Umweltorientiert b kologisch orientierte Produktion

    b Recycling gerechte Materialverwendung

    b Lange Lebensdauer der Produkte



    Efficient + Safe = Economically efficient! Less



    - m







    Environmentally friendly

    Your requirements ...

  • NRJED311328EN

    Introduction 1

    Main characteristics A-1

    Switchgear cubicle variants B-1

    Protection, control & monitoring C-1

    Integrated switchgear D-1

    Switchgear room design E-1

    System configuration F-1

    Accessories G-1

    GMA up to 24 kV

    General Contents

  • Energy for enhanced experience

  • NRJED311328EN

    Left: One of the many fields of application for the GMA: Dubai Airport



    067 Fields of application

    GMA is the optimum solution for switching substations and transformer substations up to 24 kVGMA gas-insulated switchgear and controlgear with vacuum circuit-breaker has been designed for the various operating requirements in public and industrial medium-voltage distribution systems.

    Fields of application

    Power supply companies b Transformer substations b Switching substations b Consumer substations b Distributed power generation

    Industry b Oil and gas industry b Chemical industry b Automotive industry b Metallurgy b Process engineering

    Infrastructure b Airports b Railway stations and traction power supply systems b Tower blocks b Open-cast mining and deep mining

    Wind power and photovoltaics b Wind turbines b Solar power stations b Network supply substations b Power transformer substations





  • NRJED311328EN

    Our solution



    068 Tradition and innovation: Schneider Electric has been working

    for over 30 years in the development and production of gas-insulated switchgear and controlgear. Based on this experi-ence, the new GMA provides even better optimized, economic-ally efficient and precisely customized solutions. Thanks to low capital and operating costs, long service lives and custo-mer service available worldwide, it satisfies customers requirements, last but not least due to its extremely high availability within the distribution network. GMA also scores with its Smart-Grid capabilities, as it can be integrated easily in intelligent systems and adapts to these in a flexible manner.

    EfficientRequiring 25% less floor space and 30% less air space than existing gas-insulated switchgear in the same performance class, GMA provides maximum efficiency.

    SafeWe are committed to maximum safety: the GMAs design features help us achieve optimum operator safety and operating reliability.

    StraightforwardClear and ergonomic design ensures extremely straightforward handling during installation and operation.

    Environmentally friendlyDuring its entire service life, the GMA satisfies environmental requirements to the fullest extent. Electrical power loss, material consumption and weight have been reduced significantly; all materials are recyclable.

    GMA within the medium-voltage distribution system

    GMA is based on our more than 30 years of experience in design and production of gas-insulated switchgear and controlgear. Over

    50,000first-generation GMA switchgear cubicles have been installed since 1995 world-wide.

  • NRJED311328EN 1


    GMA a comprehensive solutionEfficientSafe and reliableHigh degree of operator safetyStraightforward and ergonomicEnvironmentally-orientedDesigned for a long service lifeVerified safetyCertified qualityEnvironmental protectionOccupational Health and Safety




  • NRJED311328EN2

    Introduction GMA a comprehensive solution Efficient, compact and powerful

    450 600 800875






    100% air space - former GIS

    GMA: only 70% air space




    up to 800 A

    > 800 A to 1250 A

    1600 A to 2500 A

    GMA is a ground-breaking switchgear and controlgear concept with high operating reliability, economic efficiency and versatility. The switchgear and controlgear ensures a high degree of reliability and safety of your medium-voltage distribution network system.

    Efficient, compact and powerful b GMA switchgear and controlgear requires 25% less floor space and 30% less air space than existing gas-insulated switchgear and controlgear in the same performance class

    b Outgoing switchgear cubicles with currents up to 800 A can be designed with a module width of just 450 mm

    b Incoming switchgear cubicles with currents 1600 A up to 2500 A are only 800 mm wide

    b The bus sectionalizer with vacuum circuit-breakers of 1600 A to 2500 A and integrated busbar have a module width of only 1000 mm, and corresponding bus sectionalizer up to 1250 A of only 800 mm

    b Switchgear cubicles with outgoing feeder rated currents of 2500 A are designed without artificial forced ventilation

    b Switchgear cubicles with output currents of 1250 A with/without voltage transformers are only 600 mm wide

    b Busbar currents up to 2500 A are possible for all cubicle widths and outgoing rated currents

    b Existing switching rooms with old air-insulated switchgear and controlgear can be utilized efficiently via GMA

    v These rooms can normally accommodate twice the former number of GMA cubicles

    v Thus, double the former power can be transmitted, for example, in an existing building

    b Minimization of the switchgear room volume thanks to cable basements with low ceilings

    v All cable end boxes are integrated in the GMA cubicle also for rated currents of 1600 A to 2500 A

    v Only the bending radius of the power cables determines the height of the cable basement

    b The depth of the switching room can be optimized thanks to GMA: v GMA switchgear and controlgear with output currents up to 1250 A (medium transmission performance) have been designed with 20% to 30% reduced depth compared to models with output currents of 1600 to 2500 A (IAC AFL design)

    b All GMA switchgear cubicles are accessible from the front

    Main dimensions of an outgoing switchgear cubicle







  • NRJED311328EN 3


    b Universal fitting options and modular design enable an optimum and switchgear and controlgear configuration

    b Even more efficient thanks to GemControl v GemControl is a digital management system designed for medium-voltage switchgear and controlgear

    v GemControl provides each GMA switchgear cubicle with a central digital unit for control, monitoring and communication without integration of the grid protection functions

    v High flexibility and straightforward integration in existing grid management and switchgear management systems

    v Very clearly arranged operating features and straightforward configuration. b Short times required for on-site assembly

    v Routine-tested and ready for connection v Extremely straightforward assembly and quick mounting

    b Extra economic efficiency: v Minimized capital costs due to straightforward planning tools, reduced air space, simple extension and step-by-step expansion options, short assembly and commissioning times

    v Low operating expense thanks to maintenance-free gas-filled compartments, vacuum circuit-breakers with a high number of electrical and mechanical operating cycles and low-maintenance drives

    SafetyThe gas-insulated switchgear GMA with vacuum circuit-breaker is characterized by its

    b High operating safety b Maximum operator safety b High reliability

    Maximum operator safety b Maximum protection against accidental contact due to complete metal enclosure of all switchgear components

    b The highest available operator safety is achieved by remote switchgear operation b GMA, equipped with the digital bay controller GemControl, provides maximum operator safety for control, monitoring and complete automation of the switchgear from a remote control room and/or a central control station. The staff need not access the switchgear room, for example, for switching and monitoring processes during normal operation.

    b For system-related reasons, the switchgear cubicle can only be operated with the enclosure closed and the operator facing the front

    b As protection against operating errors, the GMA features a logically designed, continuous mechanical and electrical interlock system

    b Capacitive voltage testing system for zero voltage verification b Voltage test of the high-voltage cables via the switchgear front b GMA has been tested for the internal arc classification IAC in accordance with IEC/EN 62271-200, taking the actual short-circuit currents into account, both with earthed neutral and in isolated medium-voltage distribution systems

    GMA a comprehensive solution Safe and reliable High degree of operator safety