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  1. 1. P O R T F O L I O Giacomo Calisti (MA Architecture)
  2. 2. Giacomo Calisti a: 41, Tinsley Road - London E1 3DA e: p: +44 7473 50 46 27 EDUCATION LANGUAGES AWARDS WORK EXPERIENCE SOFTWARE SKILLS 2007-2013 2012 2008 2012-2013 Autocad 2d Autocad 3d Illustrator Photoshop Indesign Microsoft Ofce iWork Maxon Cinema 4d Allplan BIM Nemetschek Sketch up Rhino Premiere Flash 2014 2014-now 2010-2011 2002-2007 Universit degli Studi di Ferrara, Italy Italian - Native English - Professional working proficiency French - Professional working proficiency Spanish - Professional working proficiency Universit Gaston Berger de Saint Louis, Africa Esquela Tcnica Superior de Arquitectura,Corua, Spain Scientic High School Giordano Bruno, Perugia, Italy AHEC Wooden Building Competition - 1st Prize Echelle Inconnue CHORA London IS Arch Awards - Honourable mention MA Architecture international workshop and research, Geographic erasmus program, Architecture diploma Student Competition Collaboration - urban studies, graphic design, research Volunteer - arquitecture, masterplanning, research Proficiency Familiarity Student Competition CV CONTENTS 1 2 3 6 5 4 THE UNCONVENTIONAL CITY Masters thesis project WATER AS HERITAGE LSF Urbanism PLAN ARISES LAP 3 BAPTISTERY OF THE ARIANS LAR T(H)REES CONNECTION LAP 2 CLIFF HOSTEL LCA Renewall/regeneration - Bologna, Italy November 2013 tutor : Nicola Marzot, Giuseppe Saponaro City planning, urbanism - St. Louis, Senegal June 2012 tutor : Romeo Farinella Ofces, services, park - Rovigo, Italy June 2010 tutor : Sergio Zanichelli Restoration - Ravenna, Italy June 2011 tutor : S. Ciliani Composition - Venaria Reale, Italy November 2009 tutor : A. Femia (5+1AA) Hostel(construction) - Puglia, Italy Jenuary 2009 tutor : Pietromaria Davoli
  3. 3. _THE UNCONVENTIONAL CITY Degree Thesis Supervisors prof. N. Marzot prof. G. Saponaro November 2013 Re-use project of the dismissed area Corsozio Agrario Provinciale (BO - Emilia Romagna) Honourbale Mention @ IS Arch Awards 2014 The Unconventional City is a re-use project of a former industrial complex located at periphe- ral area of the city of Bologna, in the north-e- ast of Italy. The area will be transformed in an independent cultural centre through a process which aims to exploit the energy of spontaneous and informal uses, assuming an extremely low - nancial budget available. The project has been inspired by the research Urban Catalyst and takes its basis on a deep analysis of the specic cul- tural context emerging in the city of Bologna. This project means to be an attempt to face the state of depression,crisis and lack of resources for which our cities are suffering and is com- posed by two parts: a research that identies various tools that permit the factual starting of the project (nancial, cultural and legal to- ols) and denes three different phases of deve- lopment set thanks to an accurate study of costs and incomes. The second part is the architectural project that focuses on 4 buildings which are more representative of the spirit of the centre.
  4. 4. _ W A T E R A S H E R I T A G E Urbanism Supervisors prof. R. Farinella June 2012 Urban study and redevelopment of the Langue de Barbarie and the Ile Ndar (Saint Louis - Senegal) European Project CULTURA - Water as Heritage Saint Louis is ghting a relentless downfall since the economic and political activities have moved towards the new capital, Dakar. The typical French colonial settlements is more and more abandoned to itself, loosing its ori- ginal functions as seat of political power now lacks of a dened identity. The slum sprawl has perturbed natures stable balance altering the ecosystem of the river waterscape, Saint Louis and its surrounding are constantly redrawn by the ooding and shifting of the river and ocean waters. The river banks have been turned into city limits, separating one side from the other. The result has been the segregation between the inhabitants of the colonial island and those of the Langue de Barbarie, the shermens island. The unregulated use of the space and the lack of infrastructure makes more difcult the lives of those living in the slums and the preserva- tion of the natural and historical heritage.
  5. 5. _ P L A N A R I S E S Composition Supervisors prof. S. Zanichelli prof. E. Poli June 2010 New directional district and park at the pheripery (RO - Emilia Romagna) The aim of the project was to recreate a landscape valuing the natural pre-existence and integrating the surrounding. The presen- ce of tall buildings was a precise require- ment and it becomes a distinctive land mark of the new district. The program preview some directional ofces, retail and space for rent.
  6. 6. _ C L I F F H O S T E L Construction Supervisors prof. P. Davoli June 2009 Hostel in the coast of Puglia, South Italy 1St Prize AHEC Wooden Building Competition The project consists in a little seafront hostel in the coast of Puglia built with cross-laminated timber technologies. The concept is the result of a process of subtraction from the maximum volume that could be built on the lot. The shapes of the blocks and the cuts on the volume are optimised to take advantage of the breeze from the sea to control the climate of the building and to pre- vent direct sunlight during the warmest hours. The project is mainly focused in the construction details and the cross-laminated timber technology.
  7. 7. _T(H)REES CONNECTION Composition Supervisors prof. A. Femia (5+1AA) November 2009 Requalication of the former industrial area Magneti Ma- relli at Venaria Reale (TO - Piemonte) The large dimension of the area, as well as the presence of remarkable natural elements such as La Mandria Regional Park, the river and the Royal Gardens, led to imagine a new vast park for the area. The park is composed by different typologies of vegetations in order to connect the area to its borders, also bringing the natural presence close to the city centre. New buildings would be immer- sed in the green and are morphologically designed to create lter space between interior and exte- rior spaces,as well as private and public spaces. An University campus, a museum a library and an auditorium will be located in the centre of the area as well new residential blocks will be or- ganised around three different plazas, thought to be a lived social space. The cultural centre aims to interact with the big ux of tourist generated by Venaria Reale Royal Palace, enhancing cultu- ral events and offering a new important public space for the community of Venaria Reale town.
  8. 8. _BAPTISTERY OF THE ARIANS Restoration Supervisors prof. S. Ciliani June 2011 Restoration project of the former baptistery of the Arians at Ravenna (RA - Emilia Romagna) Built by Theodoric, the baptistery was conver- ted to Orthodox worship in 561 and converted into a chapel with a dedication to the Virgin. Its monumental historical importance is due to the fact that no ancient site maintains a bap- tistery dedicated to Aryan worship in substan- tial structural and decorative integrity. The project of restoration follows the method de- veloped by Ferraras Architectural Restoration Department (LAbora). First, our work team rea- lised an accurate relief directly on site, then we transported all data graphically, that is the architectonical restitution on CAD, and photo- montages, obtained by assembling a large number of photos. These elaborations have been accu- rately analysed in order to identify different degradation pathologies affecting the walls and to distinguish between historical construction phases. Then we assigned a specic intervention of restoration (chemical treatments, mechanical treatments) to each pathology found, which would be implemented by a special team of restorers.
  9. 9. _other signicant projects
  10. 10. Giacomo Calisti a: 41, Tinsley Road - London E1 3DA e: p: +44 7473 50 46 27

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