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Geothermal Energy Geothermal Heat Pumps. San Jose State University FX Rongère April 2008. District Heating. Direct use of geothermal hot water. Heat Conduction in the Ground. One-dimensional Conduction equation is: Along the year, the surface temperature is a sinusoidal function: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Geothermal EnergyGeothermal Heat PumpsSan Jose State UniversityFX RongreApril 2008

  • District HeatingDirect use of geothermal hot water

  • Heat Conduction in the GroundOne-dimensional Conduction equation is:

    Along the year, the surface temperature is a sinusoidal function:

    The analytical solution is:

  • Ground Temperature Ground temperature remains constant around the year for a depth greater than 10m.Ground characteristics:T0= 20oC = 2.10-7 s-1 = 2,300 kg.m-3 C = 900 k = 1.5 W.m-1.K-1

  • It depends on annual average temperatureGround Temperature at 10m

  • Average Annual Temperature

  • Heat-Pump/ChillerA Heat-Pump as a Chiller transfers heat from the cold source to the hot source using compression to change the evaporation/condensation temperature

  • lnP-h DiagramHeat-Pump cycleValve

  • Geothermal Heat Pump Two types of exchangersVertical loop More expensive Reliable Smaller foot-printHorizontal loop Less expensive May be perforated Large foot-print

  • Geothermal Heat PumpOne can also use the aquifer or a pondOpen water loop Excellent transfer Water quality Regulatory issuesSurface water loop Very good transfer Size Temperature limitations

  • Renewable Energy for Heat In Winter

    Heating energy provided to the building. For each increment of 4 kWh required for heating (COP 4.5):Renewable Energy used for the total comfort need of the building: 77% 3.5 kWh renewable+ 1.0 kWh utility 4.5 kWh required 3.5 / 4.5 = 77%From renewable source

  • Renewable Energy for Cooling In Summer

    Cooling energy provided to the building. For each increment of 4 kWh required for cooling (COP=4):Renewable Energy used for the total comfort need of the building: 75% 5.0 kWh renewed1.0 kWh utility 4.0 kWh required4.0 / 5.0 = 75%From renewable source

  • Pros and consAdvantagesEnergy efficiencyLow life-cycle costSimplicityLow maintenanceWater heatingNo outdoor equipmentPackaged equipmentLower peak demandNo freezing in heating modeDisadvantagesFirst (capital) costLimited qualified designersMessy constructionGeographically limited contractorsSupply/demand => higher vendor markups

  • FreezingWhen the air is cooled at the evaporator of the heat pump, the air moisture condensates and freezesWhen cooling on the evaporator water condensates and freezes

  • ComponentsResidential traditional configuration (USA)Reversible heat pumpBlower enhanced freon-air exchanger

  • ComponentsHydronic SystemFloor heating or cooling

  • Hydronic system advantagesTraditional HP on airCOP = 3-15C55C

  • Hydronic system advantagesGeothermal HP on airCOP = 4.54C55C

  • Hydronic system advantagesGeothermal Hydronic HPCOP = 94C

  • Hydronic AdvantagesBetter Comfort

  • Heating and Cooling needsHeating and Cooling load of a house can be calculated using energy software

  • Sizing and ConstructionPond Closed loopTypically 15 tons/acre (depth15-20 ft) or as high as 85 tons/acre for well stratified deep lakes

  • Sizing and ConstructionHorizontal Ground loop4 6 ft burial depth

  • Sizing and Construction Horizontal Ground Loop

  • Sizing and ConstructionNot recommended, use a software package to include interaction and long term dynamic behavior

  • Ground CharacteristicsConductivity

  • Ground CharacteristicsSource: McQuay Geothermal Heat Pumps Design Manual

    Unit Conversion:1 Btu/(h.ftF) = 1.8 W/(m.K)1 Btu/(lb.F) = 4,420 J/(kg.K)1 lb/ft3 = 16 kg/m3

  • Sizing and ConstructionVertical LoopTypically, a 300 ft bore hole provides 3 Tons

  • Sizing and ConstructionBut interactions and long term behavior are complex; use of software recommendedBetter case when balanced heating and cooling loads

  • Software PackagesAvailable software packages

  • Drilling is the main costDrilling cost: $5 to $10 per foot

  • Piping and GroutingThe grout aims to keep optimal conduction from the pipe to the groundGrout conductivity is very important. It varies from 0.8 W.m-1.K-1 to 2 W.m-1.K-1

  • MarketsGeothermal Heat Pump market in the USANb of IGSHPA certified installers per state

  • References and Companies to followWater Furnace Earth Energy Systems McQuay www.mcquay.comGeoexchange www.geoexchange.comClimate Master

    Winery in Livermore equipped with geothermal heat pump and hydronic system. Source: Earth Energy Systems


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