Genre Analysis Steven T. Varela Department of English University of Texas at El Paso

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  • Genre AnalysisSteven T. VarelaDepartment of EnglishUniversity of Texas at El Paso

  • GenreGenre is a category used to classify discourse usually by form, technique, or content.

    Genre changes discourse by the format the information is presentedthe information is shaped by the genre.

    What are some common genres?

  • Some Examples of GenresOral: Public speaking, podcast, radio show/program, class lecture, interviews

    Typography: books/textbooks, magazines, newspapers, websites, primary source documents (diaries, essays, etc), memorandums, laws/policy, editorials, instruction sets, transcribed interviews

    Iconography: webcast, video, media, posters, cartoons/comics, photography, instruction sets, interviews through media

  • Genre Analysis AssignmentFull assignment sheet found in Additional Materials Chapters 6-10 in CDA.

    Choose one subject/topic, and analyze how two different genres present/discuss that topichow is the discourse different depending on what the genre is?

  • Example #1: The Immigration Debateviewer created media on Current TV

  • Example #2Western Union Telegram

  • Other Typography: Interview Article

  • PhotographyVectors of attention: arrangements in photographs (what our eyes are drawn to)

    Framing: what is included in the photo and what is not

    Cropping: what is cut to provide focus and emphasis

  • Example #3Baths on the Border

  • Vectors of Attention

  • Example #4Poster (pg. 342 in CDA)

  • WebsiteAnti-Immigration

    How racism can be covered up by rhetoric

    Domain name

    .org -- Ethos?

  • Oral DiscourseGeorge Lopezon immigration

    Stand up comedy as genre