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<ul><li><p>General System Requirements MCS AppsDocument status LIVE</p><p>Document owner Thomas Verdyck</p><p>Goals</p><p>Get insight on the minimal hardware &amp; software requirements needed for running an app of the MCS Software suite. Help the support team to easily tackle performance related service tickets.Help Sales staff, Project engineers and MCS customers to define requirements during (pre) project scoping.</p><p>Recommended devices</p><p>MCS does not recommend any specific device for using MCS apps. The scope of test devices MCS uses to develop high qualitative appschanges dynamically every month based on worldwide benchmarks of typical and popular devices. This way we makes sure our apps arealways fully tested on a wide range of devices.</p><p>Tips for buying a good device</p><p>Performance</p><p>As with so many electronic items, the rule of thumb is: more expensive devices have better "specs" (more memory, etc.) and willtherefore provide a faster and more pleasant user experience. This is probably the most important consideration you will have to makewhen obtaining a new device.If the top 5 productivity apps available on the official stores can be ran without issues; the MCS apps will also run smoothly.</p><p>User experience</p><p>Invest in a device with a screen of sufficient size (at least 5 for a mobile phone and 10" for a tablet). The buttons, plans, drawings andtexts will be big enough for most of your users; all this will increase the ease of use.</p><p>Continuity</p><p>Choose for devices with a certain continuity, do not choose device models which are end of life. If a device breaks down, it is interestingto be able to replace it with a similar device. It is always easier if your entire workforce can (continue to) work on the same (type of)device.Buy a device with a recent version of the subject operating system. Currently this means you need at least a device running Androidversion 6.0 or higher and an Apple device running iOS 10 or higher. In this way, MCS can continue to supply apps that are compatiblewith your selected device in the coming years. Until which day in the future a certain Android or iOS version will be supported isimpossible to say, but when you buy an device with a modern OS version today you still have a support lifetime of at least 3 years.When opting for a low-end device (a device which is close to the minimal system requirements), you should keep in mind this devicemight be falling under the system requirements next time the requirements are being reviewed by MCS (see next chapter for more info).MCS advises to buy mid-range devices for a good equilibrium between price, performance and lifetime. </p><p>Other considerations</p><p>Most mobile devices are not ruggedized. This means that they are often not resistant to falling, are not waterproof and start showingmalfunctions faster in dusty environments. If you think ruggedized devices are desirable, you should specifically look for them. There arealso companies that focus on this type of equipment.If you want to use NFC, your device needs to support it. So you have to check the specifications carefully.If you are not sure WiFi is available in all zones where you wish to use the MCS apps, it's best to look for devices with a 4G SIM slot(sometimes referred to as "cellular"). Don't forget you will also have to pay for a data subscription.</p><p>Test before buying large quantities</p><p></p></li><li><p>Test devices in small quantities before ordering larger amounts. All apps which comply to the rules described below are theoreticallyready for use. MCS however does recommend running a small scale proof of concept before acquiring large numbers of devices,especially when opting for Android devices. Android vendors are free to implement their own version of the operating system withoutbeing bound to any common standards. In practice this means obscure Android vendors phones and special phone editions of commonvendors should be tested thoroughly. Common market Android devices are generally compliant to these rules.</p><p>System requirements update policy</p><p>System requirements are a dynamic fact, they need to be updated on yearly basis in order to allow our apps to keep on evolving basedon the latest trends and evolution. The market of mobile devices is still evolving at fast pace (new operating system versions are releasedon yearly basis and performance of devices doubles every 2 years), this means devices will become outdated faster compared to themore and more stabilizing world of PC's.MCS releases new system requirements every year; to give customers insight on the evolution of system requirements MCS alsopublishes the system requirements of the past year and the upcoming year. Devices which are no longer compatible with the system requirements might no longer function as desired. In most cases working on anoutdated device will lead to serious performance issues.</p><p>Software Requirements (OS version)</p><p>Operatingsystem</p><p>Version Comments</p><p> 2017 2018 2019 2020 </p><p>Android 4.4.X and up 5.0 and up 5.0 and up 5.1 and up (Less than 12% of devices still uses Android version4.4 or lower:</p><p>)boards/</p><p>iOS 9.X and up 10.X and up 11.X and up 12.X and up (Less than 8% of devices still uses iOS version 10 orlower: )</p><p>Windows -Phone</p><p>Windows Phone8.1.X (*)</p><p>Windows 10 mobile</p><p>Windows Phone8.1.X (*)</p><p>Windows 10mobile</p><p>N/A (**) N/A (**) (*) MCS 15.0 is the last version which will supportWindows Phone 8.1 apps. As of MCS 16.0, onlyWindows 10 is supported.</p><p>(**) Windows Phone is being discontinued byMicrosoft. Windows Phone apps will no longer besupported as from 2019.</p><p>Windows -PC &amp;Tablet</p><p>Windows 8.1 PRO(at least Update 1must be installed)(*)</p><p>Windows 8.1Enterprise (*)</p><p>Windows 10 FallCreators Update(version 1709)</p><p>Windows 8.1 PRO(at least Update 1must be installed)(*)</p><p>Windows 8.1Enterprise (*)</p><p>Windows 10 FallCreators Update(version 1709)</p><p>Windows 8.1 PRO(at least Update 1must be installed)(*)</p><p>Windows 8.1Enterprise (*)</p><p>Windows 10 FallCreators Update(version 1709)</p><p>Windows 10 FallCreators Update(version 1709)</p><p>MCS 15.0 is the last version which will support(*) Windows 8.1 apps. As of MCS 16.0, only Windows 10is supported.</p><p>2019 is the last year MCS supports Windows 8.Xapps. This means apps prior to MCS 16.0 will nolonger be support on Windows in 2020.</p><p>(Windows 8.X support will be discontinued byMicrosoft in 2023.)</p><p>Recommended device settings</p><p>ID Operatingsystem</p><p>Recommendation</p><p>1 All MCS apps are compatible with the device's default font size. Changing the font size of the device might lead toissues.</p><p>Software Requirements for side-loaded apps</p><p>Side-loaded apps are apps which are not installed via the official stores (Android Play Store and Apple App Store). Apps which are installed via</p><p></p></li><li><p>the MCS appstore are side-loaded apps.considered as</p><p>Operating system Comments</p><p>Android Users must allow installation of apps from unknown sources. (Allow installation of non-Market apps.)</p><p>iOS Users must specifically trust "MCS NV" as a trusted app developer in order to launch apps.</p><p>Windows - Phone MCS must be trusted as app developer by adding a workplace account for MCS.Specific for MWM on myMCS 15.0 (and prior): The myMCS Dashboard app must be installed prior to theinstallation of any other app. The myMCS Dashboard app manages tasks in the background for all futureWindows Phone myMCS apps.</p><p>Windows 8.1Enterprise - PC &amp;Tablet</p><p>The user's tablet/desktop must be added to the companys Active Directory domain in order to run myMCS apps.The AD user must at least have local admin rights in order to complete the installation. Alternatively, the appscan be installed via distributed deployment systems like: Active Directory Group Policies, Device Managementtools etc.2019 is the last year MCS supports Windows 8.X apps. This means apps prior to MCS 16.0 will no longer besupport on Windows in 2020.</p><p>Windows 10 - PC &amp;Tablet</p><p>The user must at least have local admin rights in order to complete the installation. Alternatively, the apps can beinstalled via distributed deployment systems like: Active Directory Group Policies, Device Management tools etc.</p><p>More information about the app installation process can be found in the app installation manuals.</p><p>Hardware Requirements</p><p>Android </p><p>Benchmarking (AnTuTu Benchmarking app) </p><p>Specification Minimal value Comments</p><p> 2017 2018 2019 2020 </p><p>General Score 24.000 31.000 31.000 32.000 </p><p>Hardware requirements</p><p>Specification Minimal value Comments</p><p>CPU Model CPU cores: 4 CPU frequency: 1,4 MHz</p><p> CPU cores: 4 CPU frequency: 1,4 MHz</p><p> CPU cores: 4 CPU frequency: 1,4 MHz</p><p> CPU cores: 4 CPU frequency: 1,4 MHz</p><p>RAM 1,5 GB 1,5 GB 1,5 GB 2 GB </p><p>(free) InternalSystemStorage</p><p>250 MB 350 MB 350 MB 400 MB More offlinestoragecapacity mightbe requiredbased on appusage.</p><p>Resolution(phone)</p><p>720 X 1028 (5") 720 X 1028 (5") 720 X 1028 (5") 720 X 1028 (5") </p><p>Resolution(tablet)</p><p>768 x 1280 (7") 768 x 1280 (7") 768 x 1280 (7") 768 x 1280 (7") </p><p>Display type Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen </p><p>Displaymultitouch</p><p>Supported Supported Supported Supported Multitouch isrequired forsome features.</p><p>MobileConnection </p><p>3G 3G 4G 4G 3G connection(or higher) ishighlyrecommended.</p><p>WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wificonnection ishighlyrecommended.</p></li><li><p>GPS Supported Supported Supported Supported GPS supportis required forsome features.</p><p>Camera VGA VGA VGA VGA Camerasupport isrequired forsome features.</p><p>iOS </p><p>Benchmarking (AnTuTu Benchmarking app) </p><p>Specification Minimal value Comments</p><p> 2017 2018 2019 2020 </p><p>General Score 10.000 13.000 61.000 90.000 </p><p>Supported phones </p><p>Oldest generation of devices supported iPhone 4S</p><p>iPod touch</p><p>iPad 2</p><p>iPad Mini</p><p>iPhone 5</p><p>iPhone 5C</p><p>iPhone 5S</p><p>iPad Air</p><p>iPad Mini 2</p><p>iPad Mini 3</p><p>iPhone 6</p><p>iPhone 6 Plus</p><p>Ipad Air 2</p><p>iPod Touch</p><p>Ipad Mini 4</p><p>Data usage</p><p>MCS Room Display</p><p>Operation Data usage Real life example for a day for 5 meetings</p><p>Refresh calendar (assuming 5meetings in a day)</p><p>6KB For a refresh interval of 5 minutes, the app will refresh the screen (60*24)/5 = 288times in a day.</p><p>Total usage= 6KB*288 = 1.8 MB per day</p><p>Book meeting using MRD 100KB + 6KB(refresh calendar)</p><p>Assuming 5 meetings are booked per device per day, the total usage will be around 500 KB per day</p><p>End meeting manually 20KB + 6KB(refresh calendar)</p><p>Assuming 3 meetings were explicitly ended via the device ended before the scheduledend time, total data used will be 100KB per day</p><p>Extend meeting 30KB + 6KB(refresh calendar)</p><p>Assuming 2 meetings per day are extended via the device, total data usage will be 100KB per day</p><p>Work Assistant</p><p>ConclusionTaking the above example of daily usage as an approximate, the monthly data usage will be 2.5 MB * 30 days = 75 MB per month.If we take into account that the usage varies considerably per device, and accounting for data usage during initial setup, a 150-200MB per month data plan will be more than sufficient.If the planned usage for the customer is differs much from the above example, data usage can be calculated based on the datausage volumes mentioned above.</p></li><li><p>Operation Data usage Real life example (per day)</p><p>Login 20 KB An auto re-login happens after a session idle time of 30 minutes. Aworking day is on average 8 hours long. Hence, the app will perform anauto re-login approximately (8 * 2) 16 times per working day: 320 KB</p><p>Refreshfloorplan(or changefloors)</p><p>100 800 KB (average: 450 KB)</p><p>(The size of the floorplan depends on the size ofthe drawing.)</p><p>The floorplan reloads on every login event, the app performs an autore-login around 16 times per day. So: 16 * 450 KB = 7,2 MB</p><p>Open workorder</p><p>Details: 40 80 KB per WO (average 60KB)Icons: 5 KB per iconPictures: 300 KB per picture</p><p>Pictures &amp; WO details are cached, so incase the same WO is opened multipletimes; this will not influence the dataconsumption.</p><p>On average a worker opens a work order every 10 minutes (6 times anhour). On average a work order contains a single icon and 2 pictures: (60 KB + 5 KB + 600 KB) * 6 * 8 = 31,92 MB</p><p>Server &amp; Network Requirements</p><p>General</p><p>The MCS Mobile apps require a direct connection to the MCS Web Portal. The apps handle authentication and other communication via webservice hosted as part of the MCS Web Portal installation. It is important to take the following into account:</p><p>1) Intermediate (3rd party) login methods implemented for additional security and/or SSO purpose ( e.g. Windows Authentication through NTLM are not supported. In case such an intermediate step in authentication is required, MCS can create a custom app which specificallyor any others)</p><p>supports the required 3rd party authentication. Please contact your account manager for more information.</p><p>2) The app needs to be able to communicate with the MCS Web Portal. When the MCS Web Portal is deployed on an internal network which isnot accessible from outside the network, the app will only be able to connect successfully when residing in the same network. </p><p>Questions</p><p>Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:</p><p>Question Outcome</p><p>Not Doing</p><p>ConclusionAn average user will consume around . During a normal working month (21 working days) this results in a data40 MB per dayconsumption of .around 850 MB per monthThese numbers are based on a user which uses the app during the complete working day (example: when the app is installed on atablet which is mounted on a cleaning trolley). When users only use the app to check the progress of the work sporadically this willreduce the data consumption proportionally.Depending on the number of apps installed on the device and the frequency of updates pushed by the individual app distributorsdata consumption can be heavily influenced. For example: the Chrome browser app is around 30 MB in size and is updated byGoogle at least once per month. This form of data consumption could be avoided by disabling these kind of updates over dataconnections (and only allowing it via WIFI connections).</p><p>General System Requirements MCS Apps</p></li></ul>