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  • 1. General Quiz(With Answers)By Sarthak PanditContributions from Roopak and Soham.

2. 1.Who is he &Why was he on the cover of TIME? 3. Osman Ali Khan, the Nizam ofHyderabadRichest man in the world when heappeared on the cover of Timemagazine in 1937 4. 2. Sitter:The Oxford English Dictionary records the use ofthis term as a suffix attached to anything to indicatescandal involving since 1973. What term? 5. -gate 6. 3. International Symbol of??? :P 7. 4. What is common to these parties:Telugu Desam PartySamajwadi PartyKerala CongressJammu & Kashmir National Panthers Party,Manipur Peoples Party. 8. Bicycle symbol 9. 5. Created in 1974 by a designer fascinated withnotions of space, it came into its own only in 1980when the socialist government of that countrypermitted its export to the West. Since 2007, it hasseen a bit of a resurgence, selling more that 15million units, because, as one analyst says, introubled times, adults are looking for things thatremind them of happier days. YouTube features38000 videos dedicated to this object, and anorganisation called WCA brings enthusiasts togetherfor international meets.What am I talking about? 10. Rubiks cube 11. 6. U was launched on January 5, 2005, by X ,alsoknown as "Chronarion", and pseudonymous partnercalled "Stillwaters" or "Euniana". Both X andStillwaters were previously editors at W. Us statedgoal is to "provide the worlds _______________ inthe least redeeming and most searingly sarcastic andhumorous way possible, through satire". U has threemain rules: "Be funny and not just stupid", "Dont be adick", and "Dance like youve never danced before!" .Identify X. 12. Jonathan Huang(Creator of Uncyclopedia) 13. 7. Identify the player. 14. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 15. 8. Conventional electro-magnetic energy metersdid not record consumption if the load was verysmall. The indicator tended not to move when atnight there was no electrical loadWhat misnomer popular in India does the abovequote explain? 16. Zero-watt bulbs 17. 9. It is an English surname, originally a nicknamefor a person with closely cropped hair. Its anuncommon first name. The name is well knowndue to just one fictional character; so well knownthat it has become acceptable as a common nounin English especially used ironically to addresssomebody who has stated the obvious. Literallymeans fair-haired in Old English. 18. Sherlock 19. 10. In Hindu mythology, what do the following guard -Kubera, Yama, Indra,Varuna, Isana, Agni, Vayu, Nirruti, Vishnu and Brahma? 20. The Ten Directions 21. 11. What denomination? 22. The Zero-Rupee note 23. 12. Michel Thaler, author of the book The Train from nowhere, calledthe ______ an "invader, dictator, usurper of our literature". Consideringthe novel a step towards literature comparable with the artistic impact ofDadaism and surrealism, Thaler surmised, "The _____ is like a weed ina field of flowers. You have to get rid of it to allow the flowers to grow andflourish. Take away the ______ and the language speaks for itself."Thaler went so far as to organize a well-attended, tongue-in-cheekfuneral for the __________.A line from the book-What luck! A vacant seat, almost, in that train. A provisional stop, whynot? So, my new address in this nowhere train: car 12, 3rdcompartment, from the front. Once again, why not?Fill in the blanks. 24. Verb 25. 13. Establishments founded by Pandit GayaprasadShivcharan (1872), Kanhaiyalal DurgaprasadDikshit (1875) and Pandit Babu Ram Devi Dayal(1888) still survive of the original nineestablishments that gave this location in Delhi itsname. These three outfits continue to draw touristsand foodies.Which location? 26. Parathewali gali 27. 14. Tongue in cheek (or rather facepalm)explanation of the creation of what? 28. 15. The Church of __________________ is a highly controversialpolitical organization started by the Reverend Chris Korda in theBoston, Massachusetts area of the United States. The organizationswebsite describes it as "A non-profit educational foundation devotedto restoring balance between humans and the remaining species onEarth", its one commandment as "Thou shalt not procreate", and fourpillars as "Suicide,"Abortion", "Cannibalism" and "Sodomy". Someof its slogans include "Save the Planet, Kill Yourself", "Six BillionHumans Cant Be Wrong", and "Eat a Queer Fetus for Jesus". One ofthe controversial posts on the website consisted of instructions onhow to commit suicide by asphyxiation using helium; this post wasremoved after a 52-year-old woman followed them and committedsuicide, resulting in legal threats against the organization.Fill in the blank. 29. Euthanasia 30. 16.Identify the movie fromthis Minimal Poster 31. Damini 32. 17. During the English civil war, Royalists mounteda powerful cannon on top of St.Mary s church towerin Colchester. In the summer of 1648, the enemy hitthe church and the top of the tower was blown offsending the cannon crashing down. The Royaliststried in vain to mend the cannon. According to theEast Anglia tourist board in England how is thisincident commemorated? 33. Humpty Dumpty 34. 18. Tribute to whom/ what!? 35. Albert Hoffman/ LSDHis trip to home on a bicycle afteradministering himself with LSD forthe first time. 36. 19. What we see here is a stringed instrumentwhich takes its name from a musically-inclinedmythical character. It is a two-string stick fiddlefrom Northwest India used by bhopa singers toaccompany the epic tales of Pabuji, a fourteenthcentury hero.Either identify the instrument or the character afterwhom it is named.(Visual follows.) 37. Ravanahatta(named after Ravana) 38. 20. According to an apocryphal story, it owes itsexistence to a section of tightly packed seatsbehind the home plate at Fenway Park in Boston.These seats were so close together that whenevera fan had to stand up to get a beer, it causedannoyance to people nearby. It caught worldwideattention in 1986.What phenomenon am I talking about? 39. Mexican Wave 40. 21. In an interview, Wendy Northcutt said that a recent heatwave gave her the idea to air-condition her sweltering home:She pried up an oubliette floor grate in her hallway, intendingto install a fan to suck up the basements cooler air. But sheleft to answer the phone, and hours later she strode backdown the hall and obliviously stepped into the gaping hole. Inthe milliseconds as her body swooshed down, she thoughtOh nooooooooooo! Im gonna win my own ____.Fill up the blank and/or tell me her claim to fame. 41. Wendy Northcutt initiated theDarwin Awards 42. 22.You have seen this designsomewhere!Where? 43. 23. Which portmanteau name was given by Dr.Stanley Prusiner to the infectious agents composedprimarily of protein that are the cause of a numberof diseases in mammals, including BSE or madcow disease?All known _____ diseases affect the structure of thebrain or other neural tissue and all are currentlyuntreatable. 44. Prion(From protein and infection) 45. 24. The meat dish evapii or cevapi is served allover the former Yugoslavia, as also in severalother Central European countries. This name isderived from a rough and ready culinary inventioncreated by Persian soldiers who had nothing butmeat, sword and fire.What is its familiar name? 46. Kebab 47. 25. Id the advertiser and tell me what is it trying to promote? 48. Government of India,Save the Girl Child campaign 49. 26. Urban myth attributed a number of car accidentsto (male) drivers being distracted by theseadvertisements. These ads were used by the SaraLee company in US, UK and Europe to improve thesales of X. Identify X or the model. 50. WonderbraModel: Eva Herzigova 51. 27. Originally named Ramchandra, he was raised as agirl, and made to wear a nose ring (or nath). This becauseall the male children born before him to his parents haddied in infancy. This earns him his infamous nickname X.Born in a place now more famous as Sharad Pawarspower- house,he was made to stand trial for a crime hecommitted, and it is said his defence made the audienceswitch sides. A judge remarked that if the audience hadbeen the jury, he would surely have been let off. The manwho chased and nabbed him after the crime was laterawarded the Ashok Chakra, an Indian military decoration.Identify X. 52. Nathuram Godse 53. 28. Identify this print ad. 54. Harley Davidson 55. 29. The dummy, named Stooky Bill (Glasgow slangfor anything made of wood) was used by X in hisearly experiments to transmit __________ betweenrooms in his laboratory at 22 Frith Street, London. Itwas used because the heat generated by theequipment was too great for human subjects to bear.Identify X.(Visual Follows) 56. John Logie BairdFirst attempt at making a television 57. 30.Connect! 58. Left: Dance of DeathCentre: Book written by vocalist BruceDickinsonRight: An iron maiden 59. 31. WX was born in 1923. During WWII X wasexempt from military service due to Xs poor health.Subsequently WX became a singer-cum-drummerand also held a day job as an electrical engineer.WX was the drummer teacher of MitchMitchell, Micky Waller and Mick Underwood amongothers. With the help of Dudley Craven X developedprototypes of Y. The 6th prototype produced the Xsound (in WXs words), that revolutionized music.Identify WX. 60. Jim Marshall(Marshall Amplifiers) 61. 32. X is a businessman who propounded the corporatephilosophy of Collective Materialism, that advocatescollective growth through collective sharing and caring.X is the founder and chairman of Y, the secondlargest employer in India after Indian Railways. Y ownsthe Grosvenor House Hotel, UK (the erstwhile home ofthe Dukes of Westminister). X was awarded the IndianBusiness Icon of the Year in 2011. X was alsoawarded by the Indian Television Academy Awards forhis contribution to Indian Television.Identify X. 62. Subrata Roy,Founder of Sahara India Parivar 63. 33. In psychology, X is an apparently