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<ol><li> 1. What is your image of the Future? </li><li> 2. Why does it matter? </li><li> 3. The future is not a mystery. Shifting demographics: Techno-Social-EconomicRevolution EEE Museum Design Nexus of the fast lane and theslow movement, Of the real and virtual Of the social and the private Of the passive and theparticipatory Of the global and the local </li><li> 4. 27 Floridas by 2025States where at least 20% ofThe population will be elderly </li><li> 5. Demographic Mismatch </li><li> 6. Life of a Millennial, born in 1985 Birth: PCs are 10 Age 5: World Wide Age 11: Google years oldWeb Age 16: WikipediaAge 14: NapsterAge 12: Blogs and iPodAge 25 Age 19: FacebookAge 20: YouTube3D KinectedWorld </li><li> 7. Digital Natives &amp; Digital Immigrants Shopping Evaluating Communicating Gaming Sharing Learning Buying Searching Selling Analyzing Exchanging Growing up Creating Evolving Meeting Dating Collecting Coordinating Marc Prensky originated digital native term and this list </li><li> 8. Future: Kinected 3D World </li><li> 9. Preferred Future Planning3-Cone Model POSSIBLE PROBABLE PREFERRED S T R A T EFIRSTGWINYACTIONS PRESENT </li><li> 10. What is your image of the future? </li><li> 11. Picturing the Future Tablediscussion exercise Read your three imageswhen called upon </li><li> 12. Preferred Future Planningis not really about the future. It is about folding thefuture back on thepresent so that you canmake better decisionstoday. </li><li> 13. Looking back from the Future Table discussion exercise Read your ideas when called upon </li><li> 14. The future issomethingwe do.The future is notsomething that just Glen Hiemstrahappens to us.Futurist.com</li></ol>