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<ol><li> 1. Fun Activities for Kids at Home I dont know about you, but when you look at your kids and you see them playing videogames and games on the cellphone, you feel kind of sad. Why? Because they are not playing and indoor activities having fun running or doing some educational games that makes them think and have fun. Instead, they are at your house, sitting in a chair and doing nothing!!! I have a proposal to you: how about playing funny activities for your kids? And how about playing these fun activities for your kids at home? Its very simple and I have some ideas that you can do to your children. As you know, kids has, by nature, a lot of curiosity. How about science activities? Science activities are very funny and, maybe you dont know, but science gets a lot of curiosity for kids. These activities can be performed at home, they are very simple and it is not harmful to your children. Your kids will learn a lot about chemistry, physics, mechanics, zoology and botany (they like pets, animals and plants a lot). For example, you can start buying a chemistry kit on a local toy kids printable activities store. Or you can take your kids and go to zoo. They will get in touch with a lot of animals. Another good idea is going to a museum, but I think it is better to take them when they are older. If you and your clildren are not into science acivities, there are another activities you can do to your kids: outdoor activities. I really recommend these activities for you, because clindren like to spend some time with your parents. Trust me! There are a lot of activites for kids you can do outside your house, for example: 1) Sports: Almost everyone likes sports and kids like them even more. Think about basketball, football and cycling. You can buy a basketball kit (the kit contains a rim and a ball), put the </li><li> 2. basketball rim in your garage and play with your kids! How about baseball? Buy a bat, a glove and a baseball ball and play with them!! But be careful: take them in a place there arent no house nearby. You dont want a broken window and an angry neighbor. 2) How about jumping a trampoline. Maybe you will not believe it, but jumping/playing with a trampoline is a number one favorite activity fot kids.. And a lot of parents like it too! Why? Because it remind us our childhood. It makes us feel like a child again. So, this is a no-brainer choice: go buy a trampoline and see it for yourself. 3) Swimming: In a hot, warm, sunny day, there is nothing better than a cold fresh water to refresh yourself and your kids. Its a very popular and fun activity for kids at home, no matter how old your kids are. There are a lot of places you can go with your kids to swim: It could be your house, if you have a pool. If you dont have it, buy one. Or you could go to a river, lake or a creek. As you can see, there are many fun activities for kids at home. Take one of my ideas and enjoy your day with your kids. </li></ol>