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Alternative Energy Project Team 4 Jordan Yost, Brian Etzel, Laurentiu Petrut, Burhaan Farah, Kyle Johnston

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Needs and Specifications

Alternative Energy ProjectTeam 4Jordan Yost, Brian Etzel, Laurentiu Petrut, Burhaan Farah, Kyle Johnston

IntroductionWater is essential to life and development of 3rd world countriesAccess to clean waterAlso large portions of the world dont have any form of electrical power

El SalvadorLocated in Central AmericaPopulation: 6.2 million8000 square milesBorders 192 miles of the Pacific OceanMostly mountainous region

San SalvadorPopulation: 525,990Main city is roughly 28 square milesAverages 8.3 hours of sunlight a dayAverage temperatures of 73.6 FAverage wind speed between 4 and 7 mph

HistoryColonized by Spain in early 16th centuryGained independence in 182112 year civil war in 1970sHurricane Mitch in 1998Ruled for long time by dictators but now is a republic

Status of Power Grid InfrastructureAbout 83% of population have access to electricityPlans in effect to add solar power to rural areas with little to no access to network of electricityHurricanes, earthquakes, and floods do most of the damage to El SalvadorDuring the 6 month rainy season many of the rural and secondary roads are flooded with waterOf the roughly 6000 miles of roads only about 1200 miles of the roadways are paved

Accessibility to Clean WaterIn El Salvador, environmental laws and clean water acts are not being enforced as heavily as they should beAbout 55% of the rural population have access to the public water supply compared to 90% of the urban population having access to the public water supplyIn rural areas many people have to walk and carry water back to their houses

Shortage of Clean Water90% of surface water is contaminated due to human and industrial wasteEach Year, El Salvador receives on average 6 feet of rainfall Projects have occurred in past to bring clean drinking water to cities but nothing covers the cost of maintenance after it is completed

Access to Clean WaterClean water means the difference in everythingIn all underdeveloped countries, access to clean water is a problem for large portions of the population, especially in rural areasDirty water leads to people getting sick and dyingPolluted water causes more deaths to children than diseases like malaria

Access cont.Societies revolve around gathering water from miles away, that isnt always cleanThis doesnt leave much time for developing education and other things important to developing them into a modern countryCountries without clean water are in need of help

Providing Clean WaterProviding clean water to areas in need has become important for cultures, societies, and religionsThere are always projects being done by different churches and communities to supply clean water to different parts of the world

Possible positive and negative impacts of renewable-energyUtilizing waste materials to produce energy as in the case of biomass reduces the impact that their treatment or disposal of would otherwise have on the environment

Pros and Cons cont.Potential for renewables in poverty reductionSafeguarding other energy reserves like oil and natural gasThe fight against climate change Provides energy security.

Pros and Cons cont.Wind turbines may have a negative effect on wild bird populations As well a visual impact on the landscape.There is also the impact on the land during construction.

Pros and Cons cont.Hazardous gases and minerals may come up from underground, and can be difficult to safely dispose of in the case of geothermal.Harnessing of tidal energy can lead to destruction coastal features such coral reefs which help sustain marine life.

Pros and Cons cont.Can result in ignoring indigenous energy production without taking into account the social and cultural aspects of the informal economy.

Pros and Cons cont.The cost of generating solar energy is much higher than that of fossil fuels, although costs are decreasing.One of the negative aspects of geothermal energy concerns geography and geologyMicro grid or off-grid systems have less government regulations and have the potential for being used illegally

Political PartiesEnvironment is a big issueDamage from disastersWater QualityCorruptionEconomy

InstabilityCivil War in 1980s80,000 deadPovertyDrug GangsMaarasProtestsWaterElections

Needs and SpecificationsNeedsSpecificationCan power the pump Store energy when pump is not in useReplacement parts not needed oftenPares are easy to make and acquireThe overall cost is kept to a minimumParts are accessible from nearby locationsSafe to operate500 watts48 mAh

6 months

3 days$10,000

250 miles

Meets all safety Standards

Needs and specification cont.NeedSpecificationSafe for the surrounding peopleLasts a long time before parts need replacedMinimum training needed to operateSmall number of people needed to operate the pumpLow emissionsMinimum noise pollution

Meets all safety standards

6 months

8 hours of training

1 person

Less than 100 grams of CO2 per year75 decibels

Pump selection11.98 gal/minThe 15SQ180 met our demandRequires 429 W

Power DesignIncludesGrundfos 15SQ180Cabin Off-grid DC kit 2Four 140 watt solar panels to produce a total 560 watts.12 volt DC 400 AH battery included1000 gallon plastic tankTotal cost of $3,735.95

ReferencesPump: SQ07http://www.supremewatersales.com/grundfos-15sq07-180-96160149-3-submersible-pump-15-gpm-3-4-hp-2-wire-230-volt.htmlSQ 05Pump: SQ05http://www.supremewatersales.com/grundfos-10sq05-160-96160167-3-submersible-pump-1-2-hp-2-wire-115-volt.htmlPump: Wayne Deep Wellhttp://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200311417_200311417_-40876

Solar Panel: DC Kit 1http://www.wholesalesolar.com/solarpowersystems/cabin-1-dc-off-grid-solar-kit.htmlSolar Panel: DC Kit 2http://www.wholesalesolar.com/solarpowersystems/cabin-2-dc-off-grid-solar-kit.htmlWind Turbine: Nature Powerhttp://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200615833_200615833?cm_mmc=Aggregates-_-Shopzilla-_-Alternative + Renewable Energy>Wind Solutions-_-40876

Water Tanks:http://www.manta.com/c/mthg7dh/store-it-h2ohttp://www.watertanks.com/products/0045-005.asphttp://www.agratech.co.ukhttp://www.bizrice.co.uk.

El Salvador:http://data.worldbank.org/country/el-salvadorhttp://www.nationsencyclopedia.com/economies/Americas/El-Salvador.htmlhttp://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0107489.htmlhttp://www.weatherspark.com/averages/32651/San-Salvador-La -Paz-El -Salvadorhttp://www.globalissues.org/news/2010/12/09/7891

San Salvador:http://www.tradingeconomics.com/el-salvador/unemployment-ratehttp://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4983325http://www.climate-charts.com/Locations/s/SV78663038005100.php