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  • Fujitsu Value Proposition for Manufacturing Industry

    #EnablingDigital with Fujitsu Connected Enterprise

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Business Challenges


    Manufacturing Customers

    Services After Sales

    Product Lifecycle

    Management / Resource &


    Reduce Inventory

    Reduce Lead-time

    Improved Sales & Operations


    Differentiation / Shorten Time-to-Market

    Transform / expand Product to Service

    New Sales Channels / B2B and B2C


    Minimized production downtime

    Increased manufacturing automation

    Cost / Sourcing control


    Increased partner collaboration

    Shorter Time to Market

    Extended revenue stream

    Preventive maintenance

    Control of Installed Base

    Workforce safety

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Digital is different things to different people

    Business-model transformation

    Transforming customer & user experience

    Digitalizing business operations

    Product leadership & innovation

    Copyright Fujitsu Services 2016

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Industrie 4.0 vs Industrial Internet


    Industrie 4.0 4th Industrial revolution Industrie 4.0 is the extension of industrial

    digitalization to the Internet of Things (IoT) in manufacturing

    Industrie 4.0 constitutes an evolution and an integration into IoT of previously separate IT- application areas in automation (MES, PLC) and administration (ERP, SCM) today, such concepts are often called Industrie 3.0 (3rd industrial revolution, since 1970)

    Stakeholder group Plattform Industrie 4.0 consists about 70 members, 50 of which are industrial companies. Companies are individually selected and become members by invitation only. FUJITSU has been a member since last June

    Industrial Internet Consortium Has been coined as a name by the Industrial

    Internet Consortium (IIC), founded in 2014 This industry consortium was founded by 10 US

    members and follows their charter of enabling the industrial application of the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Industrial means anything that is the basis of a business. The IIC wants to enable solutions in energy, health, transport and other sectors, not just in manufacturing

    The IIC has now more than 250 members, most of which are IT or OT companies

    FUJITSU is in the 9 member steering committee

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Smart Manufacturing

    Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet (Industrial IoT)

    Industrial loT Solutions

    Wearables, Devices, Sensors

    Cloud, Infrastructure, Networks

    IoT Platform


    Smart Utilities & Smart Field Services

    Smart Automotive

    Smart Healthcare

    Smart Agriculture

    Smart Transport & Smart City

    Smart Financial Services IIC: Fujitsu leads the testbed on Factory

    operations visibility & intelligence

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Digital Transformation: The Connected Enterprise

    Leverages the convergence of Information Technology and Operational Technology to enable smart, connected operations and significantly improve operations effectiveness and reduce operating cost


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    IT & OT seamlessly working together

    The seamless integration between Information Technology & Operational Technology is the key for successful Connected Enterprise implementation.

    Data Accumulation

    Physical Devices & Controllers


    Edge Computing

    Data Abstraction Application

    Collaboration & Processes

    IoT World Forum Reference Model

    OT Event Based Data in Motion Real Time

    IT Query Based Data at Rest Non-real time


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Enabling Digital: The Fujitsu Connected Enterprise

    OT Fujitsu GlobeRanger iMotion

    Connected Asset

    Semantic (ISO 15926 Data Model)

    Industrial Operational Intelligence

    Predictive Maintenance and Service

    Manufacturing Analytics &

    Manufacturing Performance Management

    Asset Tracking & Visibility

    Semantic (ANSI/ISA 95)

    Simplified Work Management

    MFG Execution Quality Inspection

    & Control

    Connected Workers

    Connected Manufacturing

    Other Industrial M2M


    Fujitsu Ubiquitousware

    3rd party


  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    What does it mean for Manufacturing Operations?

    Machine Data (Industrial M2M)

    Material Movements (RFID)

    Workplace Safety data (location, human wearables)

    Business Data

    Business Networks (Aka, AIN) and System of Records ERP EAM SCM QM CRM


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    Fujitsu Connected Asset Connected Logistics & Warehouse Assets

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    What does Fujitsu Offer in Smart Asset Management?

    Understanding your Business and Asset Management

    Fujitsu GlobeRanger Solution

    In what areas of the business does asset shrinkage occur? Why? How much is that costing the company per year?

    Real-time alerts for security breaches within defined boundaries. Reduced lost/stolen assets (often multi-million ).

    Is there real-time visibility of all assets at any given time, and who has them? How can you optimise your assets in different parts of its business?

    Real time visibility of exact location of assets including chain of custody to ensure assets are signed out (and in) to/from specific individuals.

    How do you ensure that the right employees are handling certain assets having undertaken the relevant training?

    Know what each individual is entitled to check out according to role and training.

    How does asset stocktaking occur? Optimization of asset usage based on actual usage rather than advised holdings. Automatic recording of moving of assets through gates.

    How do you manage servicing the assets to ensure this is conducted at the right time and in the right location for this to happen?

    Real-time alerts for asset recall for servicing /maintenance. Can record the servicing and repair history for every item tracked.

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    GE Turbine Warehouse Optimization and Tool Tracking

    Business Challenges:

    Need better accountability of inventory for manufacturing and shipping processes

    Fix lack of location accuracy of inventory

    Sub-optimal process of finding missing or misplaced inventory

    Optimize tool tracking and accountability

    iMotion-Based Solution:

    All inventory is RFID tagged on receipt at the dock door

    All zones, aisles, shelf sections and bins tagged with location RFID tags

    All forklifts enabled with wireless RFID reader & antennas

    Solution tracks inventory from receipt to put-away to pick to consumption

    Tool check-out window, personnel doors and dock doors instrumented with readers

    Business Benefits:

    Real time visibility of all inventory in the warehouse

    Significant reduction of misplaced inventory

    Better view of the velocity of inventory IN and OUT of the warehouse

    Full passive, electronic tracking of tools with alerting for late check-ins

    Company Overview:

    GE Turbine is the worlds largest supplier of gas turbines and is a subsidiary of General Electric (GE); A Digital Industrial Company

    which transforms industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive.

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Daisy Brands iMotion Increases Inventory Velocity and Operational Efficiency

    Company Overview:

    Daisy Brands is the largest producer of sour cream in the U.S. At its 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Dallas, the company uses a

    flexible warehouse management system that allows forklift drivers to make inventory decisions and update the system.

    Business Challenges:

    Comply with retailer mandate.

    Generate internal efficiencies with mandate-driven RFID investment.

    iMotion-based Solution:

    140 cases of sour cream loaded onto a pallet. Bar-coded SKU used to generate RFID label

    which is applied to the shrink-wrapped pallet.

    RFID tag number and SKU number linked and stored in database.

    Forklift readers read RFID tag number on pallet which is displayed on vehicle-mount

    computer screen. Driver inputs inventory movement information into system through

    touch-screen ending location and reason for move.

    iMotion links WMS to RFID readers on forklifts, barcode scanners and RFID printers.

    Shipment validated against ERP system, shipping memos, and invoices generated.

    Business Benefits:

    Greater operational efficiency truck loading time reduced by two-thirds with elimination

    of data entry and recording tasks.

    Greater visibility into product inventory by type and location. Elimination of paperwork,

    phone calls, e-mails and faxes to determine product availability.

    Shipping errors prevented through immediate notification.

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    Fujitsu Connected Asset Predictive Maintenance & Service

  • Copyright 2016 FUJITSU

    Actionable insights into operations

    Industrial Operational Intelligen

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