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  • 1. Teaching Writers at Grovedale West Primary School: 1hour x5 sessionsM T W Th F Date:28 / 3 / 1129 / 3 / 11 30/3 / 1131/3/111/4/11 Learning intent:to recognise why we useto rewrite research in own words to plan an information report onrecognise a compound paragraphswild weather. sentence Text Type:Recount Information Reports Teaching Writers at Grovedale West Primary School: 2 x 2hr Block Task: Write recount using paragraphs to put known text in to ownCreate a plan for anwordsindependent report Date: Tuesday Thursday Materials required: example textProject books Whole Class Genre:Recount / News Report Recount / News Report Whole Class Focus look at my model text discussModel how Hurricane Katrinaintroduce our first writing focus Handwriting (10 mins) events and link to use of parasText could be rewritten in myWild Weather Disasters remind Read + discuss and work Learning Intention: To recognise and include all theTo recognise and include both facts - Modelledmodel write next paraown wordschn of/ model Mind Mapthrough Compound Punctuateelements of a news report and opinions in writing. - Sharedbeginning for wild weather making linking / growth of ideas sheet (Sentence level). What job is the comma doing? Success Criteria: Three paragraph news report withI can identify fact and opinion in my explicit. catchy headline, 5Ws and clearwriting. Whole class Task: Work on weekend recounts Chn work with partners tofrom all chns knowledge / have constructing sentences orientation (40 mins) focussing on new para for newrewrite What is a tropical project research they create(Sentence level) up on board Independent Writing eventcyclone text their own Mind Maps for Wildchn work to construct as many Materials Required: Fact or opinion slide show. Fact or Weather.properly punctuated sentences opinion task sheet ext write an introductory paraas possible What Do We Mean By Whole class WildWeather Whole Class Focus 3 syllable words rapid fire share. Then Review work done on syllables. Small Group handwriting session 10 mins in booksQuick test on 3 syllable words Focus TeachingGuided write with A SentenceC Shared write based on wholeD Shared linking of ideas in ways running records (30 mins) Group 1: (15 mins)structure and paragraphs classwe can understand / use later SPELLINGon some of these. Chn then work withHand out conference sheets and- Shared partners use dictionaries 10 min hunt make new target wheels.- Interactive- Guided for as many 3 syllable words as Those with no targets / early finishersIndividual Studentspossible (treat as competition) work on synonyms word search + Teacher RovingJak, Sam, Emily, cohesive?Nathan N, David, Flinn, JordanCassidee, Tyler, Liam S, Liam Mcantonyms puzzle. (10 minutes)C, Rebecca, Zoe. Language explain your mind map how will -giving feedbackchoice / synonyms or do weit link to your textWhole Class Focus Review what we know about news Go through fact or opinion slide -questioninghave to use similies? (20 mins) reports, look at posters chosen show (shared Texts). -noting observations Small Group - Modelledyesterday. Model write incident from Focus TeachingGuided write E SentenceB Shared write - based onB Shared linking of ideas in ways running records my life e.g. Lucky Escape After Bridge Group 2: (15 mins)structure and paragraphs whole classwe can understand / use later Fall Use Wilford railway pic shared- Shared- Interactivetexts)- Guided Whole class Task: (40 Chn choose an event from their lives1st work on fact or opinion task (news Whole class Reflection Time:Paired share then feed back to What is important when writing Share mindmaps. review work. Does every mins) to write a news report about 1st plan paper file / text level) in books. (10min) classa read text in our own words.sentence have a comma. Clap Independent Writing to a deadline = must have headline, Reflect, articulate, Why is using synonymswhere the comma should go.+ 5 Ws covered (use News Article 2nd write a Fictional news report connect andsometimes dangerous? celebrate Framework text level) covering a dream event e.g. chn Assessment Strategy:2nd complete final draft of textgetting their own pony, kicking the Possibly laminate / put in to file forwinning goal in a final, meeting a others to read during quiet reading hero etc must include both fact andTerm 4 Week 3Teaching Writers at Grovedale West Primary School: 5 x 1hr BlocksTerm 1 Writing time. Small Group opinion identify this with different colour. Date:Monday TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday Genre:24/10/11Writers Workshop25/10/11 Writers Workshop26/10/11Writers Workshop 27/10/11 Writers Workshop 28/10/11 Writers Workshop Focus Teaching1st rapid rove to drive along planningNathan R, Sam, Flinn, Grace, Cassie, Learning Intention: We are learning the writing We are learning the writingWe are learning to understandWe are learning the writing We are learning the writing Group 1: (15 mins)process.Rebeccaprocess for writers workshop. process for writers workshop. what we mean by publishing.process for writers workshop.process for Naplan. - SharedShare write of examples of sentences Success Criteria:I can I canI can Editing Buddies can I can revise the content of myedit my work for choose the best way to explain my role as an write a persuasive text - Interactive Guided with Jack, Nathan N, Corey,from prompt. Focus on construction work.punctuation, spelling andpublish for each text type.editing buddy plan for 5 mins - Guided% % Hannah, Chloe of compound and simple sentences Does it make sense? grammar Writers can write for 30 mins Have I followed the identify the process of edit for 5 mins and how they are used structure of the graphic problem solving in theirIndividual organiser? writing. Can I improve theTeacher Roving language in my writing? (10 minutes)SIF Chn can you show me where Focus on no excuse words used and Materials Required: Sample text for revising. Use Tuesdays text sample for Stimulus sheets from previousRed pencils for revising and editing.Naplan!giving feedbackyou are thinking about your targets intheir spelling.editing. Editing symbols.Reading books is better than your work. watching TV. -questioningWhole Class Focus Model how to revise finished draft Model how to edit text. Review Brainstorm different ways to Agree on the actions of buddies Discuss importance of having(20 mins)focussed independent writing session. -noting observations(authorial). editing marks. (secretarial: publish, link to appropriate textand writers when met with a- Modelled (punctuation, spelling, grammar) types. problem.Focus TeachingFinish conferencing Courtney Possibly Zoe, Cassidee, Jacob, Corey, Liam Group 2: (15 mins)Madison C Mc, David As AboveWhole class Task:(40 mins)Children complete draft if Children complete draft if needed. 1.Chln. identify the way they will publish their writing and give Independent writing Naplan practiceWhole Groupneeded.Independent WritingChildren edit own text. reasons. (10 mins)Reflection: (10min) Share some news articles. Once read What do you understand better now2. Carry on with independentChildren revise own text. writing.Reflect, articulate,ask chn if the article answered 5 Ws. than before the lesson? Is there Small Group connect and celebrate Did it use language well? anything you still find confusing?Focus TeachingGroup 1: (15 mins)Carol: workshop on mentoring Carol: TrackingCarol: TrackingCarol: Tracking Carol: Tracking Assessment Strategy:!!process with chln identified fromFriday session.Alana: TrackingAlana: TrackingAlana: Tracking Alana: TrackingAlana: TrackingBarb: Small group support Barb: Small group supportShirley: Writing behaviourReflection Time:Before and after. Shirley: Writing behaviour Share good work models.Whole GroupChln with similar text types group Buddy talks about someone who Term 3 in depth 2 hour writing blocks(10min) Select children to read a before Children show examples oftogether, share their choices-sharecame up to them for help.Reflect, articulate,section of text, and then an after working towards their targets. main ones agrred on with theconnect and section and explain the class.celebrate changes/improvements they (Use these to make publishingmade. resources for each text type.AssessmentTracking folders Tracking folders Tracking folders Tracking foldersStrategy: Term 4 writers workshop

2. TPL The impact of readingand strategies for Student responsibilityStudent reasoning Student vocabulary 3. Student Responsibility The culture and mindset of learning.praising pupilsintelligence harms their motivation and theirperformance. Children love to be praised for their intelligence andtalent, but if this is the norm, the minute they encounter an obstacletheir confidence drops. If success means they are clever, then failure canonly mean they are not. This hooks them neatly in to a fixed mindset.(Dweck 2006) The teacher refers to shared norms in their interactions Its great that you dont know with students and shares how to do it and are finding it responsibility with them for difficult. If it was easy Id havereinforcing protocols wasted my time on the (e5 engage level 4) weekend planning and I shouldve stayed at home Hattie effect sizes today. Learning isnt easy... (Haslam sometime this term) Classroom behavioral 0.8 4. Student Vocabulary The Language of LearningA word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanging, it is the skin of aliving thought and may vary greatly in colour and content according tothe circumstances and time in which it is used.(Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr) The main words and phrasesBetween 40 and 50% of that make up a lesson are the student comprehension is due key concepts or building to vocabulary. blocks for the knowledge being John Munro developed. John Munro Hattie effect sizes Vocabulary Programs 0.67 Reciprocal Teaching 0.74 5. Reciprocal TeachingThe process allows teachers andstudents to jointly construct meaning Mmmm,from text for any Victorian Essential


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