français ii h – leçon 2a structures reflexive verbs reflexives: sens idiomatique

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  • Franais II H Leon 2A Structures Reflexive Verbs Reflexives: Sens idiomatique
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  • A reflexive verb usually describes what a person does to or for himself or herself. -It reflects the action of the verb back to the subject. - The pronoun se before an infinitive identifies the verb as reflexive: se laver
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  • -Reflexive verbs always use reflexive pronouns. Je uses the reflexive pronoun me Tu uses te Il uses se Elle uses se Nous uses nous Vous uses vous Ils uses se Elles uses se The reflexive prounoun goes before the reflexive verb and the verb is conjugated like normal.
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  • Se laver (to wash oneself) Je me laveI wash (myself) Tu te lavesyou wash (yourself) Il se laveHe washes (himself) Elle se laveShe washes (herself) Nous nous lavonsWe wash (oursleves) Vous vous lavez You wash (yourself) Ils se lavent They wash (themselves) Elles se lavent They wash (themselves
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  • You listed several reflexive verbs in your vocabulary notes for this chapter. Some verbs can be used both reflexively and non-reflexively. If the verb acts upon something other than the subject, the non-reflexive is used. reflexivenon-reflexive La mre se rveille sept heures. Ensuite, elle rveille son fils. The mother wakes up at 7 oclock. Then, she wakes her son up.
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  • Pass compos All reflexive verbs use tre in the pass compos. Je me suis lav(e). (I washed myself.) Elle sest habille. (She dressed herself.) Nous nous sommes coiffs. (We did our hair.)
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  • Reflexives: Sens Indiomatique Youve leaned that reflexive verbs reflect the action back to the subject. Some reflexive verbs, however, do not literally express a reflexive meaning.
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  • samusersappeler sarrter
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  • sassoir se dpcher se dtendre
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  • se disputer (avec) snerver sennuyer
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  • sentendre bien (avec) sinquiter sintresser
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  • se mettre se mettre en colre soccuper (de)
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  • se prparer se promener se rendre compte
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  • se reposer se souvenir (de) se tromper se trouver