forest i spy game - prekinders- i spy: listening print an i spy mat for each child. either place it

Download Forest I Spy Game - prekinders- I Spy: listening Print an I Spy mat for each child. Either place it

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    Forest I Spy Game Listening Game


    This is a free activity from the Forest Theme Literacy & Math Pack!

    Get the complete Forest Theme pack by clicking the image below:

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    I Spy: listening Print an I Spy mat for each child. Either place it in a page protector or laminate.

    As you read the I Spy sentences to the children, they will look for the correct picture. When they find it, they will cover that picture with a manipulative (use Unifix cubes or colored plastic chips). Continue until all pictures are covered.

    There are two games included. Either choose the one you like best or use both. (I usually use both games in one small group session.)

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    Forest I Spy Game Listening Skills

    Find Game 1 in the Forest Theme pack in my shop! Get it here >> Literacy-Activities-Pre-K-Preschool-Kindergarten-4947618

    GAME 1

    1. I spy a brown bear near a bush. 2. I spy a racoon near a stream. 3. I spy a green snake near a yellow mushroom. 4. I spy a fox near a red mushroom. 5. I spy a brown bear near a stream. 6. I spy a green snake near a rock. 7. I spy a brown hawk* near the rocks. 8. I spy a fox near the green bush.

    *Use the word “bird” instead of hawk if your students have not learned this word.

    GAME 2

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    Forest I Spy Game Listening Skills

    GAME 2