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Replace "contract catering" with a Workplace Restaurant from BITE! Find out why we were better and why better costs less...


  • 1. Contract Catering is DEAD Long Live Food Inspiring Workplaces!

2. The Past Contract Catering as known by manywas TOP DOWN Budgets were superficially and financially driven Your staff were treated as mere numbers Food was utility with some packet flavouring 3. The Past Catering was just a part of FacilitiesManagement There was a Someone had to do it attitude Menu was all Meat and 2 veg Your toilet cleaner made your sandwiches Your pest controller made your coffee Youre a Gordon Ramsay company with Gordon Bennett food! 4. The Future Food Inspired Workplaces are BOTTOM UP Not just a name change but a Game Change! A complete rethinking of the service given to staff Increases Productivity Increases Harmony Increases Work Satisfaction Should be as ubiquitous as a desk and telephone Increased ROI (Return On Investment) over traditional Contract Catering Creating the desired service from scratch 5. The Present So what can you do? Firstly, rest assured, good catering from need not cost any more than mediocre catering from elsewhere and can actually cost less due to a higher uptake from staff. Interview your staff How often do they eat lunch in your restaurant? Is the outside offering available from your restaurant? Do staff want a central hub where work meets rest meets play? Let us help you plan for the future we have just seen 6. Is your ethos showing? This is a Workplace Restaurant we manage 7. Is your ethos showing? One of just SEVEN sites looked after by one of ourOperations Managers; Jenny Luyten Runner up in the FSM Awards 2011 (Area Manager Category) 8. Is your ethos showing? The client is a long standing Biotech company at the forefrontof pharmaceutical and therapeutic research. They believe having their restaurant as a Hub of Excellence inthe building where teams meet, share ideas, socialise andrefresh themselves is good for the company and its staff. They chose Bite as their partner to co-ordinate all of this forthem and extend their company ethos in to their restaurant. 9. Financial Models Concession High footfall needed, staff pay High Street prices or just below Cost Plus We manage your budget and add a small fee for doing so Fixed Fee We charge you a fixed amount and then make the service work BESPOKE Rarely does a Clients needs fit exactly in to one of the above so let us put a unique solution to you for long term success. 10. Fine Dining Visitors and your important clients will also notice your newFood Inspiring Workplace Fine Dining service provided to a finance client in London 11. Casual Dining More casual dining and canteens are offered too 12. Sustainability (as well as all the usual) An idea nurtured from twoclient based employees.Project Pig Pig sourced from a farmerlocal to the clients site Work with Butcher andabattoir to utilise whole pig Provided additional trainingopportunity for staff to fullyengage in the food we serve. Reduces food waste to givecustomers a betterunderstanding of food origin. 13. Developing our People 27% staff in 2011 year put through NVQ Training 18% signed up for 2012 NVQ Training so far CIPD for an Operations Manager Working with for ongoing team development Amazing Development Examples here is just one: Mikey joined us as a KP with limited English Became a Chef Manager just 3 years later He was won awards for his food too! 14. The New Business Team Nick Parker Managing Director Simon Macfarlane Operations DirectorSupport Centre:020 8453 9881 Adam Fahn Business Development