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FlipGive is a free online fundraising platform that combines ecommerce with fundraising - friends and family support your cause by shopping online for products they actually want and need. This step-by-step guide will take you through the process of planning, launching, and promoting a fundraising campaign on the FlipGive platform, with plenty of tips and fun facts along the way. Download the FlipGive Online Fundraising Guide to ensure your next fundraising campaign is a success. Learn more about us at www.flipgive.com


<ul><li> 1. Get ReadyKit Planning for a Successful Online Fundraising Campaign www.flipgive.com </li> <li> 2. 2 Table of Contents Introduction 3 Phase 1: Planning Your Campaign (2 Weeks) 4 Create your Fundraising Campaign ........................................................ 5 Build your Team ........................................................................................9 Plan out your activation ...........................................................................10 Phase 2: Fundraising (3 Weeks) 11 FlipGive Tools for Running your Campaign .............................................12 During your Campaign ............................................................................. 13 The Three Part Plan ................................................................................. 14 Phase 3: Closing Your Campaign (1 Week) 17 Say Thanks ................................................................................................ 18 Use the Funds and Share the Impact! ....................................................18 Plan, Launch, and GO! ..............................................................................19 Online Fundraising A FlipGive Guide to Planning a Successful Campaign www.flipgive.com </li> <li> 3. 3 Tips &amp; Tricks Facts Checklist Items Look for these symbols throughout the guide: Welcome to your Get Ready Kit! In this guide, well take you through the process of planning a successful online fundraising campaign: Create. Invite. Activate. If there is one thing to take away from this guide, it is that planning your fundraising campaign ahead of time is just as important (if not more important) than running the campaign itself! You may be wondering: What is online fundraising? Why create a campaign? Should I adopt this new way of fundraising? Simply put, online fundraising can be more profitable and much easier to manage if done properly. This guide will take you through the tools FlipGive provides to set your fundraising campaign up for success before it even begins! Introduction Prologue: Online Fundraising Think about traditional fundraising programs, say a chocolate bar sale. You ask your brother, Shawn, to purchase a chocolate bar to support your organization. He agrees, so you drive to his house, sell him the chocolate bar, and record the sale. Repeat with your friends Becky, Trish, and Rob. But what if Shawn, Becky, Trish and Rob are not only your supporters, but fundraisers with you? What if they can sell chocolate bars to their network of family and friends? And what if their networks live accross the country? Enter the new age of fundraising called peer-to-peer (P2P), which uses technology to make it easier for fundraisers to reach more people and raise more money. Today, online tools allow you to create fundraising campaigns that leverage the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising. An online campaign is the hub for your fundraising program. It is a website that is accessible to anyone, from anywhere. It is a place where you can manage and track your fundraising progress. And most importantly, it is a tool for marketing and sharing your fundraising program with a large network of people. www.flipgive.com </li> <li> 4. 4 P H A S E 1 2. Set Your Goal Setting the right goal is a crucial part of setting your fundraiser up for success you dont want to be unrealistic, but you also dont want to sell yourself short! Ask these three questions when deciding what your goal should be: 1. How much might you and/or your group need? For example, if you are raising money to build a playground that costs $3500, it would make sense to make your fundraising goal about $3500. 2. How long is your fundraising campaign? Make sure your goal is realistic within the timeframe you choose. 3. How many people will be helping you raise money? When you have an idea of how many people will join your team, it is easier to set a realistic fundraising goal. Step 1: Create Remember, the planning phase for fundraising is crucial to setting your campaign up for success, and it starts with creating your customized Campaign page. Creating a Fundraising Campaign with FlipGive is simple and quick. 3. Set a Campaign Period In our experience, 3 weeks is the ideal amount of time to run a fundraising campaign. This is just enough time to reach your fundraising goal without exhausting the momentum of the campaign. 1. Craft your Campaign Name Your title is the fist line of text people will see when they land on your campaign page and when it is shared through social media, so it is super important to make it simple and catchy. Keep these three tips in mind: www.flipgive.com 1. Describe your fundraising campaign 2. Demand attention through catchy words and/or an emotional appeal 3. Keep it simple! Its better to show supporters that youre close to reaching your goal or have attained your goal, than to show a long road ahead. While balancing attainable vs. lofty goals, err on the side of attainable. The most successful fundraising campaigns are 20-50 days long. </li> <li> 5. 5 Pitch Mygoalistoraise$1,000forourkids schoollibrarybysellingGoodCogiftcards. Thisway,youcansupportusbybuying stuffyoualreadyneed! Mission Activity Benefit What is the cause or issue you are trying to support? How are you trying to advocate for you cause? What is the benefit to those who support your campaign? Pitch Formula = Mission + Activity + Benefit 4. Tell Your Story Make sure to answer the following questions: Why are you raising money? What are you raising money for? Make it personal. People can tell when you are speaking from the heart, and theyll want to support you. Be clear and specific about where your money is going so that potential supporters have absolute confidence in your intentions and understand that their support is yielding tangible results. P H A S E 1 5. Upload Media Your photos and videos will be the first thing people see when they arrive on your fundraiser page or see a shared link on social media. Choose a photo or video that will pull at heartstrings or make someone look twice. cat in the hat tintin in america babar winnie the pooh paddington cat in the hat cat in the hat tintin in america babar winnie the pooh paddington cat in the hat catinthehat www.flipgive.com Your story should exhibit your enthusiasm and passion for your cause. If youre not passionate, no one else will be! Campaigns with a video are twice as likely to reach their goals. </li> <li> 6. 6 P H A S E 1 Step 2: Build your Team Achieve your goals faster and more effectively by inviting fundraisers. Recruiting volunteers can be the most honorous task in the fundraising process, so make sure to build your fundraising team at the beginning of your planning process. That way you have support from the start. Use this checklist to build your team on FlipGive: www.flipgive.com Campaigns with team members raise 38% than single fundraisers. 1. Brainstorm people who share your fundraising goals. They can be fellow parents, teachers, or coaches; the people who are most likely to commit to your cause right away. Start by listing 5 people you want to join your team: 2. FlipGive will prompt you to invite team members to join your fundraising team. You can do this easily via email, directly from your Campaign page. Recruiting volunteers with FlipGive is as easy as a click of a button! In addition to the simple invite tool, you can also chat in person or over the phone with prospective team members, so that when they receive your invitation to join, they will know what its about and how easy fundraising/volunteering can be with FlipGive. 3. Give each team member a concrete goal to work toward. By giving them a tangible number of offers to sell or number of dollars to raise, team members will feel more motivated to achieve that goal. Healthy competition between team members is a great motivator! </li> <li> 7. 7 When we talk about activation, we mean, How am I actually going to get people to come to my fundraiser page and support me? If you create an activation plan before you launch your campaign, you will have the tools to activate supporters as soon as your campaign launches. P H A S E 1 30s 1. 2. 3. Step 3: Plan Your Activation 2. Attract seed supporters before your campaign begins. They will be your first supporters on day 1 of your Campaign. Other potential supporters will be more compelled to contribute to your campaign if they see that others have already supported. www.flipgive.com 1. List each group who would potentially support your fundraising campaign, and plan how to target each one. For example, email may be the best way to reach your close friends, and a visit to your community center may be the best way to reach other families with young children. Estimate how many people are in each group to set a benchmark. For example, if you have 200 email contacts, and the community center attracts 300 families each week, you can reach 500 people. Activation Checklist Audience Segment Number of People Wher e/ Ho w to Reach Friends Other Families 200 300 Email Community Center Visit 3. Make a Content Calendar to plan out the timing of your outreach over the campaign period. 4. Create rewards and incentives for team members and supporters. Create perks that relate to your cause. Studies show that people give more when they feel gratification from supporting the cause, rather than from getting something for themselves. 5. Prepare outreach content in advance to ensure your is message consistent. Examples: sample emails, social media content (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), phone call script. Remember to use the Pitch Formula as a framework for all of the content you write. Create a theme for your communications. For example, every day of the campaign, post an interesting image or pose a question on Facebook about the issue you are raising money for. FlipGive will help you out by providing prepared content in your social media and email outreach. 6. Think outside the box when you plan your communication channels. Using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are super engaging options, but also think about video, blogging, in-person, and other social networks like Pinterest and Google+ to reach potential supporters. 7. Develop a 30-second pitch. You can easily leverage this when chatting with friends and family at social gatherings. Preparing in advance will keep your message consistent amongst your team members and clear when you communicate it to others. </li> <li> 8. 8 Youre Off to the Races! The recipe for success in online fundraising requires the same ingredients as the recipe for success in any project you undertake. The more preparation and planning you do before the project begins, the more successful the final outcome will be. Inevitably, things wont always go exactly to plan - be flexible. You may find that certain methods we suggest work better for you than others. The most important thing is to do what makes you and your community of supporters comfortable, and creates excitement about your cause. If there is one takeaway, do not underestimate the importance of the planning phase in setting your Fundraising Campaign up for success! Failing to plan is planning to fail - Alan Lakein www.flipgive.com A key success factor is achieving momentum in the first few days post-launch. In fact, once a campaign raises over 20% of the initial funding goal, the project has an 80% chance of successfully reaching its total funding goal. 1. Create your Fundraising Campaign by customizing a FlipGive webpage for your organization. 2. Set your Campaign timeline and goal, and capture the hearts of your supporters through a compelling story and media such as photos and videos. 3. Build a fundraising team by inviting fundraisers to join your Campaign. Fundraising is much more successful when youre not carrying the entire campaign yourself! 4. Plan your activation strategically before your Campaign begins. Remember that the first few days of your Campaign are crucial in creating momentum, and will likely make the difference between reaching your goal or not. </li> <li> 9. 9 P H A S E 2 Phase 2: Fundraising Suggested Time:3 weeks Introduction When you launch your campaign, you will need to adapt your plan as you go. Some of the things youve planned may or may not work so keep an open mind! Remember to lead by example in all parts of the campaign. Build up the confidence to call people personally. If you dont do it, how can you expect your team members to do it? cat in the hat tintin in america babar winnie the pooh paddington cat in the hat catinthehat We Need Books $500 raised Support 8 team members 20 supporters cat in the hat tintin in america babar winnie the pooh paddington cat in the hat catinthehat Support www.flipgive.com </li> <li> 10. 10 P H A S E 2 FlipGive Tools for Running your Campaign www.flipgive.com Fundraiser Checklist: A step-by-step checklist of the tasks you should complete to ensure your campaign is a success. Team Messaging: Deliver motivating messages and important updates. Fundraising Teams: Create healthy competition by dividing your team members into different groups. For example, if you are running a school-wide fundraiser, you can make each grade a different fundraising team. Activity Leaderboards: To monitor team progress and to see who might need an extra push or some inspiration. News &amp; Updates: Post campaign updates and progress on the campaign page to keep your supporters connected and motivated to help out more. Goal Meter: Tells your team members and supporters how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal. Email and Social Media Outreach: Spread the w...</li></ul>