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<ul><li> 1. A Dynamic Library Program:<br />Its all about student learning.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Access to more and more information is of little value unless a school places high value on equipping its community in the processes of becoming informed.<br />JamesHenri<br /> 3. The process of being informed: <br />If youre going to teach anything in the Information Age shouldnt it be how to find, evaluate, and use online information critically?Alan November<br /> 4. Schools must adopt the educational philosophy that the library media program is fully integrated into the educational program. This integration strengthens the teaching/learning process so that students can develop the vital skills necessary to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas. <br />AASL Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling<br /> 5. Educational Program at QA<br /> 6. 21stCentury learning/PYP:<br />1.Creativity and Innovation (risk-takers)<br /> 2.Communication and Collaboration <br />(communicators, open-minded, balanced)<br /> 3. Research and Information Fluency <br />(inquirers, knowledgeable)<br />4.Critical Thinking, Problem-solving, and <br />Decision-making (reflective, caring, thinkers)<br /> 5. Digital Citizenship (principled)<br /> 6.Technology Operations and Concepts<br /> 7. PYP principles:<br />Inquiry learning<br />Transdisciplinary learning<br />Essential elements <br />knowledge, skills, concepts,<br />attitudes, action<br />IB Profile<br /> 8. 9. EssentialSkills in Research:<br />Questioning<br />Brainstorming<br />Recognizingan information need<br />Finding key words<br />Evaluating information<br />Note-making<br />Searching different media<br />Using the WWW<br />Ethical use of information<br />Citations<br />Sharing information - collaboration<br /> 10. Language Support<br />Teacher Librarian<br />Literacy Coordinator<br />TIFS<br />ESL<br />Humanities Coordinator<br />Math Coordinator<br />Science Coordinator<br />School Libraries Work!Research Foundation Paper 2008<br /> 11. When the library media program is fully integrated into the instructional program of the school: <br /></p> <ul><li>students, teachers, and library media specialists become partners in learning.</li></ul> <p> 12. The library program is an extension of the classroom. 13. Information skills are taught and learned within the context of the classroom curriculum. 14. The wide range of resources, technologies, and services needed to meet students learning and information needs are readily available in a cost-effective manner.AASL Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling<br /> 15. How can this integration be achieved?<br /></p> <ul><li> Collaboration and partnership between all the support teachers </li></ul> <p> 16. Flexible scheduling in the library</p>


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