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  • Flash PhotographyMike Seeman, mikeseeman.com/photoWEEGEE: The Critic

  • Why use flash?Need more lightFill shadowsMake your own (better) light

  • Exposure with flashFlash exposure:Flash powerApertureISOAmbient Exposure:Shutter SpeedApertureISO

  • 20th century flash exposureGuide numbers:

    Example: SB-800 has a GN of 125 at ISO 100

    Add additional factors for filters, bounce, etc.

    5 ft10 ft20 ft40 ftf/25f/13f/6.3f/3.2

  • 21st century flash exposureJust let the camera do it!TTL metering (preflashes)Auto-apertureFlash compensationWireless syncBasic sync (radio: PocketWizards)Wireless TTL (Nikon CLS/iTTL, Canon )

  • Ambient Light

  • On-Camera Flash

  • Bounce Flash

  • Umbrella (left)

  • Umbrella w/ fill

  • Filters & Modifiers

  • Background: Wide Zoom

  • Background: Tele Zoom

  • Backlight

  • Too much lens flare!

  • Solution: Gobo

  • Daylight fill

  • Setting up a shot

  • Slow Sync & Motion

  • to learn more