Five ideas for Social UX success

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Here are some blue-sky ideas for how media organizations, startups and businesses can use social user experience successfully on your sites and in your apps. Presentation given by JD Lasica at Grupo de Diarios America (GDA), at the headquarters of El Comercio in Lima, Peru, in November 2014.


<ul><li> 1. Social UX successUn presentation especial at GDA,Lima, Peru, Nov. 11, 2014JD LasicaCo-founderCruiseableFive ideas for</li></ul> <p> 2. The Great Decoupling 3. Today, a Digital RecouplingThink individuals, not audiences 4. The connective tissue? Social UXSocialUXUI = UXoccurswhenusersfindthemselvesinsideamediaexperiencethatconnectsuserswithotherusers.Itsanexperiencethatsopen,transparent,shareable,emo:onallysa:sfyingandincreasinglyvisual. 5. 5 ideas for Social UX success1. Feed the all-powerful metadata gods of Google2. Think evergreen3. Build a platform where your users are the content4. Use curation5. Embrace visual storytelling &amp; rich imagery 6. 1. Keep Google happyGet SEO savvy, tag everything in sight! Articles Lists Photos Advice columnsReviews InfographicsRecipes 7. 2. Think evergreen! 8. Your community is a database! Restaurants &amp; nightclubs Schools Public safety /crime statistics Public services Health care providers People yearning to connect 9. 3. Build a co-creation platform 10. Platform? Medium did itWere a platform, not a publication.- Ev Williams, co-founder, Medium 11. Give people access to your photos 12. 4. Use curation with gusto!Upworthy: Built on curation &amp; social sharing12monthsa1erlaunch: 70,000 Twitter followers 15,000 Tumblr followers 500,000 email subscribers 1.15 million Facebook fans20monthsa1erlaunch: 88 million monthly visitorsBonus tool tip: Optimizely for A/B testing 13. Cruiseables evergreen curation 14. 5. Embrace visual storytelling 15. Visual Lists on Cruiseable 16. Tap into our passion for visualsPinterest 17. Dont fight the feeling! 18. Test &amp; get a fresh perspective! 19. Dont settle for the status quoIf you do not changedirection, you mayend up where you areheading.!!! Lao Tse 20. Muchas gracias, mis amigos!JD on Twitter </p>