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Learn how to find the hidden jobs on LinkedIn


  • 1. How to find a job using Linkedin
  • 2. You are Remarkable You have the right photo You have a great headline, You have a summary highlighting your skills and expertise You have great recommendations
  • 3. You are easy to get found You have optimized your profile for search If you search for the right keywords you appear on the first page
  • 4. You are the Expert You have answered to the questions from your field You have contributed to your groups You have your portfolio, your presentations or videos showing on your profile
  • 5. But Where are the Jobs? Jobs on the top menu Groups Discussions or jobs posted Company page Headline Activity stream
  • 6. Jobs Menu LinkedIn shows the job offers that may suit your profile
  • 7. Jobs in your Groups The group members may advertise or share job links
  • 8. Jobs on Company PagesSome companiespost their jobopenings undercareers section
  • 9. Look at recruitersheadlinesSome recruiterspost positions theylook for right intheir headlines
  • 10. Follow your contactsactivity There are many job opportunities in your stream
  • 11. Apply Apply through LinkedIn or to the company site
  • 12. Most frequent mistakes Incomplete profile Wrong photo or no photo No headline No summary or not relevant No activity (besides accepting invitations)
  • 13. Thank youWant more? Contact me!Adrian