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We, FinBPO, have latest BPO infrastructure facilities, highly trusted internet accessibility, premium telephone lines etc. With our corporate office in London and an offshore center in India, we work 24/7. We have a team of highly workaholic professionals who have been trained in all aspects of BPO. Talk to our expert Business Process Analyst to let yourself know of what you can outsource. Outsource any amount of work to get it done on time and with greater proficiency or accuracy. A FREE, SEVEN-DAY TRIAL for your satisfaction.


<ul><li> 1. INFOCOM Technology Solutions for your Business NeedsBusiness Process Outsourcing Because we understand you We umderstand the value of time Global expansion requires services globally Outsource your projects to</li></ul> <p> 2. If you are looking for global expansion then you need to provide services globally. We, Fininfocom, providecustomer centric business process outsourcing services to all. Our technologically powered BPO services candrive value into your business processes. Our aim is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. We offer a widerange of cost-effective BPO services. We offer services in both customer care and back office processes. If youare in quest of time bound or high quality services then you need to outsource your BPO projects to us.Fininfocom, your ultimate BPO service provider. We are UK based service providers with our presence in other countries like Australia and india. We help companies reduce costs or minimise investments in their business processes by our valued or highly reliable services there by strike up long lasting business relationships with our clients. We are specialized in providing a wide range of BPO services like Data Entry Management or Inbound Services. Our Inbound Services include Telecom, Customer Services and Technical Support Services.ABOUT USData Management or Data Maintenance Services: For the most reliable Data Entry Services, outsource your projects to us.We, Fininfocom, provide Data Management or Data Maintenance Services like Catalog Data Entry andForm Filling Data Entry Services to all our customers. Maintain back ups of all your vitally importantinformation or keep your data records in a systematic order by outsourcing your Data Entry Projects to us.You can rely on us for your online or offline data entry or other data processes. Accuracy and reliability areat the core of our services, we provide. Achieve desired results in specified timeframes with ourdependable or high quality services. 3. Inbound ServicesWe offer round the clock Inbound Services to our clients.Inbound Services 24/7Miss not any important phone call. Outsource your inbound call center needs tous to elevate your business presence. We provide excellent or reliable inboundcall center services or in other words we help you develop your businessprocesses by continuously making ourselves available to your customers andmake them feel your presence.We have a team of professionals who understand the rationale of customers.Our Customer Service Representatives endeavour to furnish the rightinformation to your customers. We respond to queries or inquiries of yourcustomers in a highly professional manner and sort out their problems. Youneed not worry over the developmental process of your business or yourorganisation. Our inbound telemarketing services can help you gain what youare looking for. We have world class infrastructure facilities and latest softwareprogramms and reliable telecom connectivity to handle your inbound projectseffectively. A wide range of the services we provide include:Technical Support We provide techical support services. Keeping in mind your business needs, our tech support executives assit you in every way possible to take your business to its zenith. We have a team of specialists who understand the raionale of your customers and take up an analytical approach in sorting out your customers problems. Email SupportChat services24/7 Answering Call servicesOther Inbound Services Claim ProcessingProduct Information Request Order Processing Toll Free Services Order Taking Document Processing Catalog Orders 4. Outbound Call Center Services We provide excellent outbound call center services services. We help our clients in optimizing customer interactions successfully. Grow by leaps and bounds in the present competive world by our customer-related, problem- solving services. We focus on satisfaction of your customers and strive to provide the best of the services. Help Desk Services Work Allotment / Work RemindersCustomer Services:We provide customer care services across all industry verticals. We havea team of professional experts who intuitively understand thecustomers mind and deliver the best solutions possible, keeping inmind the value of time. We believe that the more you take care of yourcustomers, the easier it becomes for you to executive your businessprocesses. Our executives are available 24/7 who strive to sort outcustomer related issues amicably for we know the value of yourcustomers. We have designed our customer related services solely to optimise your business performancefor we know how to make customers happy and bound to your own self.OUR VISION Love to serve people, Love people we serveOur vision is to set an example of how unique services should really beby excelling ourselves in providing excellent services to all businessorganisations. 5. MissionOur Mission is to provide high standard customer care or customer relatedservices by upgrading or enhancing our services to serve our customers better. Tohelp companies gain global presence by providing services for their customersglobally.Our ValuesWe have customer centric approach.We understand our customers.Amicably we serve.We value time.Innovatively move on to bring competitive advantage for our clients.What can we do for you? We do all that it takes to bring success in your business.Success in any business depends on the type of professionals whom you choose. If you choose right peoplethen you achieve your goal or your business grow by leaps and bounds. If you associate yourself with us thenyou will have the advantage of somebody standing by your side, helping you grow your business effectively.Our services can enhance your operational activities and can help you achieve your desired goals. We focuss on providing first class services to customers, help business organisations transfrom their business operations. Our services would be reliable or trustworthy or efficient. We can successfully handle all your outsourced business processes. Our highly motivated professionals or specialists implement innovativenss in thier work to achieve your strategic objectives or help you achieve your mission. We know the worth of time. We deliver time-bound services for our clients by integrating our workflow with your business activities. We provide customer services and regard your customers as ours and thereby strengthen your relationship with your customers. 6. Methodology We strive to deliver good services than just customer acquisition.We have a unique approach. We focus completely on projects we receivefrom our clients hence we always foster better relationshiops with ourclients. Our services have helped companies in their business expansion.We consider customer care or customer support services our forte. Weneed not say anything about how we do for our services better explainwhat we do. We have a highly dedicated team of professionals whoconsistently endeavour to process innovative methodologies.TechnologyWe adopt latest call center tech services which include automatedphone system services or outsourcing phone services.The technologywe use include: Asterisk Server, High Bandwidth, Voip Minutes, VoipGateway, Sip Phones, DID Numbers, Analog Phones, Call Monitoring andCall Recordings. Our executive are available for your clients 24/7 toensure best customer care services. 7. Work Flow Our work flow is simply simple. We look for the benefit of our clients and in order to ensure this same very thing our workflow proceeds stepwise. Our work flows in the order given below. Clients Interested in Fin BPOAll Necessary Process Documents handed over to FIN BPO A Training Coordinator Assigned TrainingTrainingInfrastructure DedicatedCall Skilled Staff Management Recruitment Alloted NumberSystemBPO Project Goes Live after successful trial run DeliverablesWeekly Reports24/7 AvailabilityWeekly MISAccess to the team 24/724/7 Video Surveillance 8. ReportingWe consider reporting task to be a very essential task. We consider it to be our prime responsiblity toreport to our clients as early as possible. We store or retrieve information or regularly update all yourtransactions and report to you on weekly or monthly basis. Our reporting hangs on your requirementsas well. Whenever you require your details, we are there for you. If there is an urgent priority or ifsomething involves your intervention then we immediately pass on to you. We remain agile inreporting to you all the details at the earliest possible time.Our ExperieceWe have been providing business outsourcing services to our clients since the fifth year of the twentyfirst century. Although the time span gone by is little yet our unique or reliable services have let us gain anumber of clients. Our professionalism in taking up outsourcing services have helped many of ourclients achieve their desired goals.Our Commitment to our ClientsWe commit ourselves heart and soul. We help your dreams turn into reality.When we undertake any project from our clients we completely dedicate ourselves to it. Keeping inmind the objectives of our clients we work towards their business development and adopt various waysto achieve the desired goal. We know what worth customers have. We endeavour to maximise thiersatifaction. We make ourselves available to the customers any time they want us to. We adoptmarketing strategies to bring profitable results for our clients who get associated with us. We work andhelp your organisation grow beyond your expectation. We maintain transparency and let you knowevery detail of your projects on time. We believe that when clients outsource their projects to us theybelieve in us so we try our best to fulfill their expectations by providing cost-effective or reliableservices. 9. Contact UsCorporate Office Offshore Office Fin Infocom Limited Fin Infocom Limited 8-10, Gough House #101, Sai Sampada Plaza,57 Eden Street Habsiguda,Kingston upon Thames Hyderbad-500007,Surrey, KT1 1DAAndhra Pradesh,United Kingdom INDIA Ph : +44 0845 555 5255Ph : +91(0) 40-42601119 Fax: +44 0845 555 5455Fax: +91(0) 40-27173290 Email: Reg Name: Shivsans BPO Pvt. Ltd.,</p>