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  • 1. Illness of a child Loss of a job Poor money management mortgage or car payments Possible causes of bankruptcy

2. Bankruptcy Benefits Restructure secure debt Regain control of your life 3. Ignoring financial problems will only make them worse 4. Constant Harassment from Creditors Banks could potentially sue you. Defaulting on a home mortgage 5. Attorney fees Foreclosure Garnishment Other charges from ignoring financial charges 6. A fresh start- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy >> Discharges most unsecured debt 7. >>Candidates must pass the Means Test A fresh start- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 8. >>Debtors must have an annual median income less than the state median income for a family of the equivalent size A fresh start- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 9. >>Debtors income greater than median family income- Debtor must pay a portion of unsecured debt A fresh start- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 10. >>If debtors monthly expenses dont require all available income, then debtor must pay a $100/month for six years into a Chapter 13 plan. A fresh start- Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 11. Debt consolidation plan that allows debtor to restructure debt and pay back in 3 to 5 years 12. Debtor must have enough income to cover all monthly expenses and pay into a Chapter 13 plan. 13. Filing for Bankruptcy in Houston is now easy with our professional law firm. 14. Our expert team of lawyers provide every kind of bankruptcy services. 15. We approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. 16. Do not hesitate to call us (713) 974-1151