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  • 1. Studio-C is a full service studio with four staff photographers. Our team has over fifty years of combined experience specializing in food, jewelry, product, fashion, and location photography.Staff photographer on this section of our portfolio is Barclay Hughes.For the past fifteen years, Barclays photography has taken him all over the world. As an artist, his work has been exhibited in galleries in Germany, New York, Ohio and St. Louis. Educated and seasoned in New York, where he lived and worked for nearly ten years, his work has continued to grow evolve with the advancement of technology.He received an MFA degree from Yale University in 2000, and brings his artistic integrity to all of his portrait and fashion photography. With his strong background in commercial photography, he is equally strong in the studio as well as on location. His understanding of light and color, allows him to easily transition from edgy and dramatic to bright and breezy.If you are interested or just want more information, please contact John Bouvatte to request a specific portfolio or a bid for your next project. John Bouvatte Vice President of Operations Studio C E - Mail Direct Line - 314-292-6703 Main Office - 314-991-9003 Ext. 115 Cell - 314-374-2213 1280 Research Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63132