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<p>Falcon ComputerA case study from Peter C. Reynolds , Imposing a corporate culture</p> <p>Presenters are:M. Usman Arshad 08-arid-1539 08-arid-1535</p> <p>Outline of presentation</p> <p>Falcon computer A new firm having being created just eight months earlier. Managers decide to create and instill the type of culture they thought would be most appropriate for their organization</p> <p>Creation of Falcon Culture Meetings were held on regular basis. After several weeks of B. W. D. R. , they eventually produced a document called FALCON VALUES.</p> <p>Culture statement covered the following topics.</p> <p>Treatment with Customers Relations among work Colleague Preferred style of communication Decision making process Nature of the working environment.</p> <p>Entry of Peter Richards A new software trainer in the company. He got struck by the wide discrepancy between the values expressed in document and actual practices.</p> <p>QUALITY: Attention to the details is our trademark; our goal is to do it right the first time. We intend to deliver defect free products and services to our customers on the date promised</p> <p>Communication..</p> <p>Managing by personal communication is part of falcon way. We value and encourage open, direct, person to person communication as part of our daily routine. </p> <p>What Richard Confided?? The falcon values document was so at variance Employees learned what was truly emphasized in organization like: Hierarchy Secrecy Expediency Formal chain of command.</p> <p>He thought to himself:I will pay more attention to what is actually going on, and less what top management says is true. Furthermore, he thought ,</p> <p>I GUESS YOU JUST CANT CREATE VALUES.</p> <p>DISCUSSION QUESTIONS</p> <p>Can values be created by the meeting of a small group of people?</p>