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  • Jeanne dA rc L iv ing Viv ian Chr istensen

    Lonnie Wr tz Jensen

    Fairytale Easter

  • Jeanne dA rc L iv ingViv i an Ch r i stensenL on n ie W r t z Jensen

    w w w.jean nedarc l iv i ng.d k Jean ne d A rc L iv i ng

    1st ed it ion 2013

    Graph ic Desig n:Hel le Rout he & L on n ie W r t z Jensen

    Photog raphy :L on n ie W r t z Jensen &Dor te Pa l sg aa rd

    Proof read i ng :Vera Jensen

    Text :Viv i an Ch r i stensen ,Susan ne Slvsten

    Translat ion:Engl i sh , Ger man & Dutch :w w w.wordtoword .dk

    ISBN 978 - 87-92843 -19 -7 Jeanne dArc Living 2013

    2 FA I Ry tA L E E A St ER

  • 1. R EL IGION & t R A DIt ION . . . . . . . . . 7

    2 . W ItH A FR ENCH t W ISt . . . . . . . . . . . 17

    3. DR E A MS I N BLOOM.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49

    4 . POEt IC E ASt ER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

    5 . NAt UR A L E ASt ER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91

    6 . PLE ASUR ES OF

    tHE E ASt ER tA BLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115


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  • Dear ReadersFor all of us creative souls who just love to sit and potter with all kinds of odds and ends, Easter is a perfect opportunity to live out our dreams and ideas. Unfortunately Easter isnt a holiday that many people make much fuss about here in Denmark, despite the fact that it is the most important holiday of the year from a religious point of view.

    this is partly because many people associate Easter with bright yellow chickens and synthetic feathers. thats not exactly the kind of Easter decorations that we work with and have on display in our homes. this book shows how you can create a beautiful and cozy Easter with just a bit of creativity combined with natures materials.

    There are so many wonderful flowers and bulbous spring plants that beckon to be brought inside.

    Just supplement with homemade birds nests, eggs, white and natural-colored feathers and beautiful ribbons for easy decorating. It doesnt require any extensive proficiency. Your own imagination,

    inspiration and the guidance in this book will take you far.

    the idea for the book had been lying in wait for some time. When the time arrived for us to begin, we simply gathered ALL of our materials: Eggs, ribbon, fabric and paper. We looked around for fun, old knick-knacks and made several trips to second hand stores, flea markets and life style

    boutiques that carry old French items.

    Then we walled ourselves up in my office for days and made Easter decorations. Its a really

    fascinating process to go through. Each time the thrill is the same and it doesnt seem to fade over time. the excitement while youre out collecting supplies. Finding that perfect little widget to make up the perfect decoration for an egg. When were all seated around the table or in the workshop and one idea leads to the next. Oftentimes its actually hard to stop once we get started. We hope and believe that were able to pass our enthusiasm on to you through Lonnie and Dortes amazing photos. At least thats my gut feeling as I sit here writing this. the excitement and pride at being able to present the first Easter book of its kind its just an indescribable feeling!

    Wishing you a Happy and Fairytale-like Easter!Lonnie & Vivian

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  • CHAPtER 1

    Like so many other traditions and holidays, Easter is a hodgepodge of religions, heathen practices and folk customs.

    Thus to find the origin of Easter, we need to venture far

    back into history. Easter was originally an old Israeli festival celebrating the arrival of spring. the Christian Easter was introduced in 325 AD, when the time of Easter was finally

    agreed upon. Easter is considered the most important Christian celebration.

    Religion & Tradition

    7FA I Ry tA L E E A St ER

  • FA I Ry tA L E E A St ER

    MAUNDY THURSDAYwas the day when Jesus prepared his disciples for his death. It was on Maundy thursday that the Last Supper took place. Jesus shared a meal with his disciples and told them that the wine is his blood and the bread is his body. Later that evening, Judas betrayed Jesus, and before the night was over Jesus had been captured.

    GOOD FRIDAYis a day of mourning within the church as this was the day when Jesus was interrogated, whipped, fitted

    with a crown of thorns and crucified.

    EASTER SUNDAYwas the day of Jesus resurrection on the third

    day following the crucifixion, it was discovered

    that Jesus was no longer in his tomb.

    ReligionEASTER is therefore celebrated as a day of rejoicing.

    PALM SUNDAYis one week before Easter Sunday and marks the beginning of the Holy Week. the three working days between Palm Sunday and Maundy thursday used to be spent preparing for the upcoming holidays through prayer, religious introspection and fasting. Prior to the Reformation, the fast lasted not just throughout the Holy Week but all the way from Shrovetide until Easter.


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    Many religious figures belong with both Easter and the French/Nordic country style. All the different varieties

    of Jesus figures are particularly pertinent of course, but Madonna figurines would also be wonderful to use. If

    youre able to find Jesus figures in which he is surrounded lambs, those are very Easter-appropriate.


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  • there are plenty of traditions associated with Easter. Many of them are still in use, perhaps with a few minor changes over the years. Others have faded into the past. One of those was the tradition of rising early on Easter Sunday to witness the Easter sunrise...

    SUPERSTITIONAccording to old Danish popular belief, Maundy thursday was a dangerous day where trolls and witches were at work. On this day, people would eat seven cabbage or nine cabbage soup made from seven

    or nine types of cabbage and herbs, frequently cooked with pork and thickened with pearl barley. the soup was supposed to protect against headaches, stomach aches and back pain in the upcoming year. On Good Friday, you could prevent infirmities in the coming year

    by eating an apple on an empty stomach to avoid tooth aches, for instance, or eating rye flour porridge with

    honey to be protected against back and stomach aches.



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  • The Easter GospelJesus himself will be with us, leading us into Gods shining kingdom and overturning any evil that may attempt to confine us in our tombs. I once

    heard a story about a gravedigger who didnt really get the whole resurrection thing. He knew what happened to the bodies that he buried, but what was resurrection all about. He asked the priest, who answered him: I cant explain that to you. youll have to ask God yourself. A few days later, they met again and the gravedigger told the priest that he had now spoken with God about it. And what did God say? the priest asked. the gravedigger answered: God said: Gravedigger you just do

    your job, and Ill do mine.

    And of course the point is that our eyes can see many things. But we cant look beyond death. the resurrection is Gods miracle. And the Easter Gospel tells us that our belief in the resurrection and eternal life is connected with Jesus Christ and his resurrection for us on Easter.

    When we get on an airplane, we dont have to take flying lessons first. We have to trust that the pilot

    knows how to fly the plane. Likewise, we must

    trust God. We cant build on just what we see and understand when it comes to higher matters such as the resurrection. No Christ has permitted us to

    trust in Gods eternal mercy and compassion even in impossible situations.

    Our faith is not directed at that which we can see. Our faith is in God, who intervenes and performs miracles. We have to live by this even now. It must be our hope which opens up our lives so that we do not feel confined by the prospect of death. The

    Easter Gospel gives us a bright hope of life.

    We cant see God. God, of course, is not something which we can observe with our eyes. God is much greater. God is even much greater than we can even comprehend. So even if we were to see God, our brain would not register what we saw. Jesus explained it: No one has seen the Father except the one who is from God; only he has seen the Father. this is why theres something secretive about the message on Easter about Jesus resurrection. Because God is acting and stepping in.

    the message on Easter is as close as we can get to God while were on this earth. But we dont get to see God. What the women see is the large stone that has been rolled away from the tomb. What they see is the empty tomb and an angel. And in the Gospel according to St Mark, it isnt even clear whether it is an angel. It only says that its a young man dressed in a white robe.

    theres something secretive about it because God is stepping in, and God himself is near. And we cannot look upon God. thats also why the women are so fearful on Easter morning because they

    feel the presence of something bigger, beyond their comprehension. Gods intervention is that Jesus lives. We shall not look for Jesus in the past. No he

    isnt there. the tomb is empty. Jesus lives. His spirit is with us. through his powerful intervention on Easter morning, God wanted to show us that hell provide a light in