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The Fairytale. Sometimes Fairytales aren’t so perfect. The penultimate poster. Important information about films reputation. The oscars are well known and this will tempt audience into watching the film. Production teams’ name. Analysed. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The Fairytale

The FairytaleSometimes Fairytales arent so perfect...The penultimate poster


Names of the actors in the filmImportant information about films reputation. The oscars are well known and this will tempt audience into watching the film.

Production teams nameTagline of the film catchy and ironic due to the stereotypical Fairytale

Quotations from prestigious film critics. Positive feedback shows film is highly recommended and audience will appreciate this.

Small print gives details of directors, producers, soundtrack writers, casting agency, editors and studio used.

Background image taken from a shot in the film. Red tint gives the idea of blood shed, forest and trees implies suclusion and danger, no one can hear you scream. The women in black is veiled hiding identity and following the woman in white showing she is the antagonist of the film. Wearing black suggests satire. The women in white is attractive and angelic looking, her dress is innocent and she looks weary of her surroundings showing she is aware she is being followed.Coming halloween 2010 in large writing draws attention to its release date and as it is a memorable date the audience will remember this.Universal logo, Cannes festival logo and Warner Bros give recognition of the companies supporting the film.12 A tells audiences what age restriction the film is warning parents if need be.Title of film in large writing as it is the main feature. The red tint emphasises the idea that this is a satirical movie.Early Stages

As you can see, there was not enough information at all about the movie. This was my first attempt and shows that I didnt study the conventions of a film poster well enough. Whereas my final one meets all expectations.

First attempt

This was the original font for the title, however we found it too difficult to read. Additionally, it didnt match the stereotypical conventions of other movie titles.Katie Arabella WardHere is the other photo I considered for the background of my film poster but felt it did not give enough information of the film. The lighting however worked very well and therefore hope to use it in my magazine front cover.

The Final Poster

Here is the final poster I have created. In my opinion, it looks much more professional and believable due to the layout now being portrait rather than landscape it meets the conventions of film posters in a much more appropriate way. Not only does it have more studio logos, but I believe the font is more effective as well as it is easier to read.Colour Scheme and graphology

The colour scheme I chose was black and white to give it a more classic feel rather than the clich red black and white that most horror films adopt. Black and white also suggests a juxtaposition in terms of good and bad and reflects the personas of the characters on the poster. On the left is the antagonist who is veiled showing the desire of anonymity and mystery. In addition to this, her make-up mimics that of a possessed and evil women. The female on the right wears a white dress mirroring her innocence and angelic nature that she adopts in the film. Her face is attractive and bright echoing her clean personality as does her blonde hair. At the bottom of the image is the effect of silhouettes of trees which are bare and eerie giving the impression of winter, these add to the atmospheric image shown in the poster and give an idea of the setting involved within the film. Font and text

I adjusted the quotes from Total Film and Empire to suit their actual quotations on films better as I found the ones I had previously used rather immature in comparison to some of the more intelligent ones that they have actually used before hand. The adjective used superb gives the impression that the film is of great quality, especially as the reputation of total film and empire are greatly respected.The font used is better than the last in my opinion as it is much easier to read as well as atmospheric, the previous one seemed to edge more towards the Disney side of the film, where as this one is equal between horror and genre. I also included more logos such as the studio ones, and took out the Cannes film festival logo and inserted something similar to that of real film posters.