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A collection of sightings throughout history of little people, fairies, gnomes, elves,


http://www.paranormaldatabase.com/reports/fairydata.phpFairy Reports from the Paranormal Database

Image (left) courtesy of:www.royalmail.com/creaturesFairies are mythical creatures that are believed to have inhabited the UK and Ireland long before humans arrived. The name fairy can be confusing, as it can refer to the collective of all metaphysical or preternatural creatures (including pixies and goblins), or a specific type of entity within that group (popularly believed to be human-like, small and capable of flight). What follows is a list where fairy encounters have (or are likely to) occur.KidnappingLocation:Aberfoyle (Stirling) - Fairy HillType:FairyDate / Time:1692Further Comments:The Rev Robert Kirk is said to have been kidnapped by fairies here. He appeared in ethereal form a couple of times after the event, begging for help in escaping from the fairy world.

Fairy FuneralLocation:Aberystruth (Gwent) - Church LaneType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:A small procession of fairies were reported travelling along the lane towards the church to bury one of their own.

Coffin MakersLocation:Aghacashlaun (County Leitrim) - Corargeen (fort)Type:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:The fairies which lived at this fort were said to have borrowed a man's hatchet to make a coffin for a neighbour's child two weeks prior to his death.

Dwarf with Pointed HatLocation:Alderwasley (Derbyshire) - Hill just past AlderwasleyType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:The witness to this encounter stated that they once bumped into a four foot high figure wearing a green pointed hat feeding the plants.

Little FolkLocation:Alfriston (Sussex) - Burlough (or Burlow) CastleType:FairyDate / Time:Pre twentieth centuryFurther Comments:Fairies once made their home here, and rewarded a local man with food after he helped one of their kind repair a kitchen utensil.

Fairy HillLocation:Alva (Clackmannanshire) - Alva GlenType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:Famed for its fairies, these pesky fellows kidnapped a local baker's wife - she was only returned after her husband broke the fairy spell by accidentally standing on one leg.

Secret FairiesLocation:Andreas (Isle of Man) - Shan Cashtal barrowType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:The fairies here once travelled to and from the barrow using underground passageways leading to a nearby churchyard (at Maughold).

Evil FairiesLocation:Annandale (Dumfries and Galloway) - Burnwark HillType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:A palace concealed within this hill was run by an army of evil fairies - they would kidnap anyone foolish enough to venture close to their land.

TrollsLocation:Appletreewick (Yorkshire) - Trollers Gill (or Ghyll)Type:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:Living beneath the ravine, the trolls are said to emerge at night and track down their prey - humans. At least one farmer was lured to his death by their ability to trick people into straying from the road.

Short Men in GreenLocation:Aran Island (County Galway) - Exact location not knownType:FairyDate / Time:1992Further Comments:A fifteen year old boy spotted two figures sea fishing, each just over a metre tall, dressed in green and wearing brown shoes. The figures chattered to each other in Irish before jumping up and vanishing. One of the figures left a small pipe behind which the witness took, although it later disappeared when 'safely' locked away.

Leprechaun's ShoeLocation:Ardrah (County Cork) - Field in the areaType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:A small shoe said to belong to a leprechaun was found near the village by a cow herder. Unfortunately the man forgot to take it home, and when he went to retrieve it the following day, it had gone.

PookaLocation:Ashby de la Zouch (Leicestershire) - Private residenceType:FairyDate / Time:1990Further Comments:A witness who awoke in the middle of the night encountered what she believed to be a fairy entity known as a Pooka, sleeping over the pelmet of a landing window. The creature was similar to a little piglet, but with a longer, pointy nose and no visible tail. The part of the house where the sighting happened is on the path of a ley line.

BagpipesLocation:Athgreany (County Wicklow) - Stone circle, aka Piper's StonesType:FairyDate / Time:Stone still presentFurther Comments:Played by the fairy folk, the sound of bagpipes could once be heard emerging from the stones. A tree in the centre of the stone circle is considered to belong to the fairies.

Sprites & PixiesLocation:Ballona (Isle of Man) - Ballona BridgeType:FairyDate / Time:20 June (reoccurring)Further Comments:On this day the fairy population comes out in force. If they are not acknowledged by any one crossing the bridge, the fairy folk have no hesitation in making their presence felt.

BankruptcyLocation:Ballyconnell (County Cavan) - Aughrim Wedge TombType:FairyDate / Time:November 2011Further Comments:According to the Belfast Telegraph, former billionaire Sean Quinn moved the Aughrim Wedge Tomb in 1992, which was home to fairy folk. These little entities cursed the man responsible for the relocation - Sean was at one point worth just under five billion euros, and as of November 2011, he only had eleven thousand euros in the bank.

BagpipersLocation:Ballyedmond (County Cork) - Fort FieldType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:The fort in this field was home to four fairy bagpipers dressed in red.

Black GoatLocation:Ballyvaughan (County Clare) - Poulaphuca, area around dolmenType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:This goat, though by some to be a fairy being, resides over the tombs in the area. The creature causes anyone who threatens the land to develop a hunchback.

IdrisLocation:Barmouth (Gwynedd) - Cader Idris (aka Caldair Idris)Type:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:Idris was said to be a wise giant, who may have had links with King Arthur. People would avoid the area at night, convinced that fairies would drive them mad. Another legend says that the site was the hunting ground of Gwyn ap Nudd (Ruler of the Otherworld) who searched the area with a pack of Cwn Annwn, looking for souls to take back home. Finally. Strange lights are said to appear around the summit for the first few days of a new year.

Tiny Green PeopleLocation:Bassenthwaite (Cumbria) - Piel WykeType:FairyDate / Time:Nineteenth centuryFurther Comments:Two children digging on the mound said they unearthed a small cottage with a slate roof, though when they returned a short time later, the construction had vanished. A few days later their father saw two small people in green standing on the hill - they vanished into it.

Fighting FairiesLocation:Battlebridge (County Roscommon) - BridgeType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:A farmer from Sheemore (Co Leitrim) who once helped the fairies had his cattle taken by bailiffs. The bailiffs drove the cattle for a few miles before being intercepted by the fairies at a bridge, where the bailiffs were beaten by invisible foes and scared away. Legend says this is how Battlebridge received its name.

Colt PixieLocation:Beaulieu Heath (Hampshire) - Cold Pixie's CaveType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:A horse-like pixie, this fairy entity would play mild pranks and call out to horses so they became lost.

Water FairiesLocation:Beddgelert (Gwynedd) - Aberglaslyn PassType:FairyDate / Time:Nineteenth centuryFurther Comments:A witness watched the little people playing merrily in the water at the pass. Nearby is the grave of Gelert (the dog that was mistakenly killed by its master after saving a child from a wolf) where the hound's ghost has been reported. Finally, the ghostly woman in white who haunts the area is an ill omen, with death said to follow a sighting.

KnockersLocation:Bedruthan (Cornwall) - Beach, cliff top, & Bedruthan StepsType:FairyDate / Time:Late twentieth centuryFurther Comments:Some believe these creatures to resemble mutant dwarfs (two foot high, large eyes with deformed and twisted heads), while others call them the ghosts of those killed while being forced to work for the Romans... Either way, they can be heard mining and picking away at the rocks underground in these areas.

Helpful FairiesLocation:Beedon (Berkshire) - Burrow HillType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:The little people here are traditionally helpful in nature, and once fixed a plough for a farmer. When archaeologists tried to dig up the barrow in 1850, a storm blew up and drove them away. A golden coffin is said to be buried in the area.

Small StaircaseLocation:Beetham (Cumbria) - The Fairy StepsType:FairyDate / Time:Still presentFurther Comments:Too small for normal human use, the stairs are believed to have been designed for fairy use

Young GirlLocation:Ben Alder (Highland) - Below the mountain, en route for Loch OssianType:FairyDate / Time:April / May 2011Further Comments:Having traversed old drover track on western shoulder of Ben Alder, a walker was looking for a suitable spot to cross a stream. The walker noticed the image of a smiling young girl, dressed in blue/green watery outfit, sitting on a slab of rock amidst the fast moving water. She was pointing to the water, enticing the walker to cross. The walker panicked and moved further downstream, crossing at a point where the water was calmer.

Fairy SongLocation:Bincombe Down (Dorset) - Singing BarrowsType:FairyDate / Time:Midday (reoccurring)Further Comments:Local superstition states that if you place your ear to the ground here at midday, you can hear the soft singing of fairy folk.

Fairy RingsLocation:Birstall (Leicestershire) - Mill HillType:FairyDate / Time:UnknownFurther Comments:This area was widely believed to be the haunt of fairy folk, where they would