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2012 overview of the changes Facebook Timeline presents to marketers, and how to optimize your efforts accordingly.


  • 1. AutoZone Social Media Facebook TimelineChanges & Implications for F12

2. Facebook Timeline for BrandsAll new features are not created equal.Which are most important to our business? What are the implications of these changes? 2 3. First, a quick overview of the Facebook Timeline Updated Tools & New Features3 4. New Page = Mission Control TimelineCover Photo Allows fans to browse(851 x 315px) page chronologicallyProfile Pic(125x125) Tabs & AppsAppear as favoritesbelow cover photo.Select 4 to display.Friends of FansVisible to users who likethe pagePin FunctionKeeps onefeature post attop of page upto 7 daysPrivate MessagesFans can message usdirectly now. Thisfeature can also bedisabled.4 5. Additional Features Star Function Allows us to expand any specific post to full width of page Geo-Targeted Posts Timeline automatically inserts by fans city Reach Generator Premium Advertising Model for Brand Timelines Promotes any post to 50% News Feed or Sponsored Storyareas Can each fans via mobile as well as desktop Fan Posts Aggregated into a separate stream when users visit the page5 6. Whats the Impact?1. Brand Visibility3. Content Strategy5. More 1x1 Customer Service 6 7. Creating the New Social Experience Brand Identity & Storytelling Navigating the Social Site App Toolbar Content is King Stars and Pins Leveraging Customer Service 7 8. Profile Pic 180 x 180 px Cover Photo 851 x 315x App Buttons 111 x 74pxBRAND IDENTITY NEEDS 9. Brand Identity & Storytelling Reflects our brand personality Visually Stimulating Identity with a bigger picture Hubspot - Boston skyline (i.e., their Hub) Verizon - Share your Life User-generated contest One wins the cover each day 10. Brand Identity & Storytelling Use Milestones to highlight events Chronologically posted within Timeline Company founded New product releases Fan growth Key hires Acquisitions Events, awards, etc. 11. Brand Identity & Storytelling 12. Social Site Navigation App Toolbar 12 Apps allowed Total 4 are Customizable as Main Navigation Photos is currently 1 of 4 by default 13. Social Site Navigation App Toolbar Never dismiss low budget apps Events & Notes can be used creatively and effectively Ben & Jerrys Notes as Recipes 14. Social Site Navigation App Toolbar Calls-to-action restricted from Cover Photo But you can get them close Edit your navigation Custom image & App title as call-to-action 15. Content is King Pin Function Anchor a story to the top ofyour timeline for up to 7 days Recommended Use: Calls-to-action Coupons Sweepstakes Polls / Questions Contests New product or campaigns Visual aid is advised 16. Content is King Pin Function 17. Content is King Star Function Highlight posts expanding to full page width NOTE: Does not freeze post location Recommended for White-papers Videos / demos Audio / podcasts Include calls-to-action 18. Leveraging Customer Service Admin Panel The all-in-one monitoring center Activity & insights in one dashboard Private Messaging Also visible in the admin panel Users can now message brands directly NOTE: You cannot initiate this dialogue 19. Leveraging Customer Service