facebook timeline for brand pages: review & implications

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Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages: Review & Implications


  • 1.Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages:Review & ImplicationsNathan EideAssociate Director, Emerging Media & StrategyMarch 1, 2012

2. Pages 3. Pages allow brands to: Express brand identity with features like cover photoand Page timeline Reach and engage brand audience on the web andon mobile Respond to people in a quick, more personal way 4. What needs to happen?1. Cover Photo & Profile Picture2. Welcome Tabs3. Pinned Posts4. Timeline5. Apps, Photos, Videos, Likes6. Administration and Messaging 5. Cover Photo & Profile Picture Profile Picture Thumbnail on stories and comments 180x180 and 32x32 Cover Photo Top image visible 850x315 No call to action Like us Sale! Share our story 25% off No contact information url Email Phone Address 6. Welcome TabsShort answer: Theyre goneLonger answer: Theyre not dead Tabs are now 810px wide andstill available to use Feature as pinnedposts, sponsored stories orcustom panels 7. Pinned Posts Pin wall posts to the top of theTimeline Featured posts become stickier Custom Apps Featured offers/promotions Calls to Action Events Links Testimonials 8. Timeline Capture the history of the brandwithin the Facebook experience Utilize archived assets Milestones Evolution Educate on the history Weave the brand narrative 9. Apps, Photos, Videos, Likes Panels to highlight apps and tabs Photos will always be first Choose the order Limit 12 10. Administration & Messaging Log of recent activity Page and post performancefigures Send & receive messages to andfrom fans Manage Reach Generator andPremium on Facebook 11. The Big Picture Be interesting. Be creative.Use visuals Re-evaluate Facebook contentstrategy Create an editorial calendar Utilize the metrics available Promote paid components 12. New product offerings Reach Generator Premium on Facebook Improved MeasurementOptions 13. Reach Generator A small percentage of fanscontinue coming back to Pages Brands reach 16% each week Be seen in the News Feed andSidebar Reach 75% of fans Engagement increases 2x 14. Reach Generator Sponsored stories in News Feedreceived 5-10x CTR Dr. Pepper increased PTAT 140% Ben & Jerrys reached 98% oftheir total audience Ben & Jerrys increased ROI onsales 3:1 turning UCG into ads 15. Premium on Facebook Turn any post into an ad Events, Questions, Videos, Pho tos, Status, Links Does not eliminatetraditional FB ad offerings Ability to target non-fans onthe homepage Recommendations Have Reach Generator always on Use Premium to drive awareness for events and activities Utilize visuals 16. New measurement options Real-time Insights(!) PTAT Reach (Organic, Paid, Viral) Engaged Users Nielsen OCR Accuracy delivering content to targets across platforms Compare paid, organic & viral Evaluate reach, engagement, PTAT Customer Insights Opt-in polls Test & target Nielsen Brand Effect Brand recall Message awareness Purchase consideration 17. For more informationChristopher McLarenDirector - Emerging Media & StrategyGage Marketing GroupPhone: 763-242-0930Email: chris_mclaren@gage.comConnect : http://about.me/cmclaren1