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This Facebook Post Cheat Sheet should provide you with everything you need to maximise your post engagement and extend your reach on Facebook.



2. Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet Overview Content is king when it comes to Facebook but success is often dependant on the execution. Besides knowing what content works for your fans, its also important to consider how to get the most interaction on your Facebook posts. Thanks to Facebooks algorithm, Edgerank, which determines which content shows up in the newsfeed, the more engagement your posts get the more chance they have of being seen by more of your Facebook fans. This cheat sheet should provide you with everything you need to maximise your post engagement on Facebook. Enjoy. 3. Length Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% higher interaction rates than longer posts. The problem for brands is that more than 75% of posts are beyond the optimum length, thus interacting interaction. Your motto should be ruthlessly shorten. Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet 80 Data from: LinchpinSEO 4. Call to action The most effective calls to action on Facebook include like, caption this, share, yes or no and thumbs up. These options all see interaction rates of 48% higher than average or more. Conversely, words such as take, click, submit, check and shop see signicantly lower interaction rates. If you dont ask they wont do. Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet 48% Data from: LinchpinSEO 5. Emoticons :-) + 35% interaction rate ;) + 38% interaction rate