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QLife FaceOne Apple Stem Cell Technology from Switzerland. Anti-Aging, Anti-Bacterial and Whitening Products.


  • 1. Short IntroductionSwiss Origins

2. Very well made in the Philippines using Swiss TechnologyQLIFE products are proudly made inthe Philippines, using the best naturalingredients and world-classformulation;Under technical supervision ofMIBELLE BIOCHEMISTRY OFSWITZERLAND;Innovative Products tested and provento be PURE, SAFE and EFFECTIVE; 3. A Remarkable Breakthrough-SWISS APPLE STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY FACE ONE skin care products are formulated using Apple Stem Cell , an ingredient derived from a rare Swiss apple, also known as Uttwiler Spatlauber. Discovered in the middle of the 18th century, Swiss scientists observed that Uttwiler Spatlauber could be kept for months without withering. Enriched with phyto-nutrients, proteins, and long-living cells, this bitter-sweet apple has become famous for its incredible storability and longevity. 4. A Remarkable Discovery - STEM CELL TECHNOLOGYScientists, isolated the endangered stem cells in a liposomalpreparation, known as Malus Domestica. In a study amongaged 37-64, the effects of Malus Domestica demonstratedsignicant and visible benets for 100% of the subjects. Thesubjects, on average, reported that their crows feet werereduced by 8% after two weeks and 15% after four weeks,using an emulsion containing only 2% of Malus Domestica. 5. Remarkable Benets- STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY With continued use of FACE ONE Apple Stem Cell products, expect following results: Restores new cells to build collagen and elastin Healshyperpigmentation and reverse aging Protects DNA and mitochondrial DNA Provides antioxidant and cell preservation benets Defends against key aging factors including UV and oxidative stress Repairs skins DNA to combat visible signs of aging replenishes dying cells and regenerates damaged tissues 6. Introducing....FaceOne WHITENING LINEwith Apple Stem Cell 7. Whitening LineINGREDIENTSSWISS APPLE STEM CELL-promotes cellregeneration; protects skin fromenvironmental damage;LICORICE EXTRACT- whitens skin byinhibiting melanin synthesis;ALOE VERA EXTRACT- deeplymoisturizes and conditions skin;ALPHA HYDROXY ACID- fruit acids thatgently exfoliates skin to lift away dead skincells for clearer, more radiant skin. 8. FACE ONE WHITENING BODY LOTION A luxurious ALL OVER BODY LOTION enriched with SWISS APPLE STEM CELL, PENTAVITIN for smoother, and fairer skin. PENTAVITIN - a moisture "magnet" that attracts moisture and retains water for deeply moisturized complexion. 9. Introducing....FaceOne ANTIAGING LINEwith Apple Stem Cell 10. Anti-aging LineINGREDIENTSSWISS APPLE STEM CELL-promotes cellregeneration; protects skin fromenvironmental damage;ALOE VERA EXTRACT- deeplymoisturizes and conditions skin;HYALURONIC ACID- boosts skins abilityto retain moisture to keep skin hydratedand prevents premature aging. 11. Introducing....FaceOneANTIBACTERIAL LINEwith Apple Stem Cell 12. Antibacterial LineINGREDIENTSSWISS APPLE STEM CELL-promotes cellregeneration; protects skin fromenvironmental hazards;AUSTRALIAN TEA TREE OIL- a naturalantiseptic that kills bacteria causingpimples and prevents scarring;CHAMOMILE EXTRACT-soothes skin andpromotes healing, prevents inammation. 13. FOUR STEPS TO BEAUTY P-T-M-P P- urify T-one M- oisturize P- rotect 14. STEP 1: PURIFYFace One Purifying Products( facial cleansers) containingredients to thoroughlyCLEANSE and GENTLYEXFOLIATE SKIN to prepare itfor the next skincare steps. 15. STEP 2: TONETONING helps unclog poresof impurities, it cleansesdeep-seated dirt, and helpsTIGHTEN PORES for amore awless complexion. 16. STEP 3: MOISTURIZEFace One MOISTURIZERShydrates and conditions skinto prevent premature aging;Formulated with nourishingingredients to make skinsmoother, more radiant andyounger-looking. 17. STEP 4: PROTECTSFace One day creams areformulated with SPF 30 toprotect skin from harsh UVrays; all products containsnatural antioxidants toneutralize Free Radicaldamage.Result? Renewed,Revitalized and Healthy-looking skin. 18. BEFORE and AFTER 19. Before treatment After treatment 20. Before treatment After treatment 21. Before treatment After treatment 22. Before treatment After treatment 23. Before treatment After treatment 24. Before treatment After treatment 25. Follow us onhttp://www.facebook.com/faceoneapplestemcellFollow us onhttp://www.twitter.com/Face_One1