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The orange color is a combination of the most energetic colors which are the red and yellow. The girls bedroom is the only place in which she can enjoy her privacy away from the surrounding world.


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2. Theorange color is acombination ofthe mostenergetic colorswhich are thered and yellow.It is also thecolor of sun andfire whichmeans thatadding this colorto your room willmake itenergetic. 3. althoughorange isanenergeticcolor, itcreates aromantic atmosphereand a senseof warmth. 4. There are somepeople who avoidpainting theirhomes with theorange color,because they areafraid of the resultand how it willfinally look. Butwhat you do notknow is that youcan use theorange color in yourhome to make itmore amazing byfollowing simpleideas that are notcostly. 5. You can applythese ideas inyourbedroom, kitchen or livingroom. Topersuade youmore to use thisfabulous color,we present toyou some of thebedroomdesigns thatuse the orangecolor throughmany ways thatwill help you toget an orangebedroom. 6. It is not necessary to paint the whole room with orangecolor because it may look ugly for you, so you can paintonly one wall as an accent wall with any shade oforange color that you prefer. 7. In order to make the bedroom that ispainted in orange more attractive, youcan pair the orange color with otherlight colors such as white, cream andbeige which will make your room lookfabulous or pair it with brown, grey,blue, black, green, yellow or red. 8. GirlsBedroomdecoration ideasanf 2013tips 9. The girlsbedroom isthe only placein which shecan enjoy herprivacy awayfrom thesurroundingworld. It is theplace fromwhich comeall of thedreams aboutthe future andhow it willlook like. 10. Decorating yourdoes not needto spend along time or toexert a hugeeffort as youcan simplyturn the roomto a girlsbedroom byusing theaccessoriesand the colorsthat she likes. 11. he pink color isknown as the mostpreferred color foralmost all girlsaround the worldespecially thoselittle girls. It maybecome differentwhen they growup to change thecolor that theyused to see toanother one thatmakes theirroom appropriateto their age afterbecoming moremature. 12. You can make use of the bedsheadboard instead of being leftuseless by converting it to abookcase for storing your girlsbooks or you can use it to store herdolls. Paint one wall in her roomwith a color that is different from thecolor of other walls to be an accentwall and it usually comes behind thebed. 13. You can makeuse of the wallsby addingshelves toorganize booksand dollsinstead of beingthrowneverywhere andit will be betterif the shelvesare placed overthe desk tomake the booksclose to herdesk and tokeep itorganized 14. The books can beorganized indifferentdirectionshorizontally andvertically forvariation and tolook moreinteresting. If youwant to renewyour girls roombecause you feelthat it has becomeboring, then youcan simply addsome stickers,paintings orframed photos. 15. If there are twogirls who sharethe same roomthen you candivide it withan open casethat can alsobe used forstoring theirbooks or youcan usecurtains fordivision andfor separatingtwo parts ofthe room fromeach other.