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F C G BUSINESS PRESENTATION. The World is Changing. Our Changing World Right Strategy Current Trends Unique Opportunity. ONLINE RETAIL GROWTH. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • F C G BUSINESS PRESENTATIONThe World is ChangingOur Changing WorldRight Strategy Current TrendsUnique Opportunity

  • ONLINE RETAIL GROWTH Online Holiday Spending Surges Beyond Expectations, Driving E-Commerce to Record Annual Sales of $117 Billion CNN, 10th January 2005One in ten of all credit card payments in the UK is now made online.Association for Payment Clearing Services (APACS). August 2004The Internet is being used by more of us more of the time to shop and bank. It's convenient, secure and ideally suits the time-poor society we live in Tim Richardson, The Register

    Online Consumer Spending Excludes Auctions and Large Corporate PurchasesSource: comScore Networks2003(in billions)2004 (in billions)% Chg2004 vs. 2003Holiday Season (Nov & Dec)Non-Travel (Retail)$12.3$15.829%Travel$6.0$7.828%Total$18.3$23.628%Full YearNon-Travel (Retail)$52.9$66.526%Travel$40.4$50.926%Total$93.2$117.426%

  • FCG Holiday PlanningFCG TravelFrom the moment our clients book their holiday/conference, we arrange:Flights: Through our IATA registered Travel AgencyAccommodation: The best Hotels, selected by FCGCar Hire: Discounts passed directly to our CustomersActivities: Including Golf, Winetasting, Diving, Skiing, Flamenco and much more..Dining: Prebookings through FCG with our Partner RestaurantsShopping: Online Mall and local guide to the Best Shopping

  • FCG Travel www.fivecontinenttravel.comFCG is proud to offer all our travellers the best, hand-picked selection of; hotels, restaurants, golf courses, car hire, shops, conferences, limo services, adventure, activities, cruises, real estate, galleries, events, shows and entertainment and the best Spain has to offer, plus tourist information on every local area.

    FCG Travel is the cornerstone that makes this concept so unique.We have complete control over where our travellers sleep, eat, shop, play golf or any other activity they might want to experience.We have packages that will apply to both private and business customers.

    FCG will actively bring customers, initially from Scandinavia on business and leisure packages. Golf, wine tasting, adventure, sailing, shopping and diving trips are just a few of the different options we have to offer.

    At the end of January 2005, we will have established offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.Through those offices we will during 2005 bring approximately 3000 people down to Costa del Sol on different packages.

  • FCG HOTEL GUIDE www.fivecontinenthotels.comBest Selected 4 & 5 Star Luxury HotelsPackages AvailableOnline ReservationsConference & Banqueting

  • FCG DINING www.fivecontinentdining.comThe Best FoodThe Best ServiceGroup CateringCatering for FunctionsPrebookingsOnline ReservationsSpecial OffersFCG goes to great length to select the best restaurants in every area as PartnersInformation, 360 degree photos and contact Information is available for every Restaurant we feature.Each Restaurant can be booked online

  • FCG SHOPPING www.fivecontinentshopping.com

    FCG goes to great length to select the best selection of every type of store in every area as Partners

    Information, 360 degree photos and contact Information is available for every Shop we feature.

    The Best ShopsThe Best ServiceHome DeliverySecure Server for Credit CardsPre-OrderingOnline CartPhysical & Virtual ShopsSpecial Offers

  • FCG LEISURE ACTIVITIESGolfing PackagesDivingDeep Sea Fishing TripsWine Tasting ToursAdventure TrailsSailingWatersportsKarting & QuadbikesHorse TrekkingFlamenco ShowsFive Continent Group will arrange every step of your Holiday and provide the excitement and relaxation to make your Conferences memorable

  • FCGs VIRTUAL CONTINENT www.virtual-continent.comA. Virtual-Continent Basic Package:B. Virtual-Continent Visit Package:C. Virtual-Continent Visit Extra Package:D. Virtual-Continent Deluxe Package: Comprises webpage, email address, inclusion in directory and one 360 degree view. Comprises webpage, email address, information clients can edit themselves, inclusion in directory and four 360 degree views.Comprises webpage, email address, information clients can edit themselves, inclusion in directory and four 360 degree views, plus 3 additional menu pages.Comprises webpage, email address, information clients can edit themselves, inclusion in directory and six 360 degree views, thumbnail links, menu plus corresponding blueprints.On all Virtual-Continent Products, FCG provides the technology and photography necessary for 360 degree virtual tours, creates, hosts, maintains and uploads the webpages. Clients can (with the exception of Package A) arrange additional 360 degree photography & audio options.

  • FIVE CONTINENT GROUP Statement of IntentFCG STATEMENT OF INTENTKeep focus on quality, customers, clients and affiliates.Cost-efficient and streamline organization.Everyone working with FCG will receive performance-based remuneration.To continually improve and develop all FCG concepts and products.Continue developing multiple income streams.




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