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Eyeball Networks

Eyeball NetworksGuaranteed Device-to-Device Connections and Communications

- Eyeball Networks is a Canadian software company. We build infrastructure software that enables Voice and Video telephony services over IP networks.- We're headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in San Francisco and Dhaka.

1Eyeball NetworksThe leader in voice and video over IP software which enables:handset/tablet makersapplication developers, and service providers

to deliver carrier-grade communications services:

over any home, mobile, public, or enterprise network,through any NAT or firewall, to any device, andinterconnecting any communications protocol


Eyeball Networks CompanyFounded:2002

End users: 100M+

Employees: 60

Offices:San FranciscoTokyoSeoulDhakaSingaporeVancouver

AnyFirewall embedded in products & services used by 100s of millions of end users including:98% of the Fortune 500 100% of the Fortune 100Customers / Deployments

201085M videotelephony usersGuaranteed connections, voice/video200840+ video conferencing products400K+ enterprise customersGuaranteed connections201232M video conferencing usersGuaranteed connections2013VidyoGateway Guaranteed connections with legacy conferencing systems2012Common Connectivity FrameworkGuaranteed connections for mobile apps2014AnyFirewall.com enables guaranteed WebRTC connections, voice/video

Eyeball Networks PatentsPatents:Fundamental to:

RFC 5245 - ICERFC 6544 - ICE-TCPRFC 5389 STUNXEP 0166 Jingle XEP 0167 Jingle RTP XEP 0176 Jingle ICE-UDPXEP-0234 - Jingle file transferXEP-0260 - Jingle SOCKS5XEP-0261 - Jingle In-BandMS-SIP - Microsoft LyncEyeball NetworksBest in Class product and technology portfolio:End-to-end IP communications solutions Patent portfolio fundamental to IETF, CableLabs, and 3GPP standards

Field-proven:200+ licensees, 100M+ end usersTier 1 fixed line (e.g. Polycom) and mobile (e.g. RIM) Tier 1 consumer (e.g. Nokia) and enterprise (e.g. Shoretel)

Softphone toolkit for service and application developmentCreate VoIP, IP video, text messaging, presence and file transfer servicesBased on SIP, XMPP, STUN/TURN/ICE standardsSupports wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OS X

100% Call CompletionCarrier-Grade Voice & Video Quality

Powered by:

Eyeball Messenger has much to offer device manufacturersIt offers functionality- full voice and video- IM, SMS, and federated services


A closer look at Messenger SDK shows: - the SIP call manager where AnyBandwidth resides- a Presence and IM module, - and the AnyFirewall Engine guaranteeing NAT and Firewall traversal

10Federated Messaging

Connecting your subscribers, wherever they are







Vs. The Competition

PerformanceMessenger SDKCompetitionCall completion100%< 100%Peer-to-peer call completion> 95%< 60%Call setup time~ 250 msPort-restricted firewallsScalable to 50M + usersAnyBandwidth call optimizationVs. The Competition

IntegrationMessenger SDKCompetitionCross platformAndroid, iOS, Linux, OS X, Windows, Windows PhonePlug-and-play video codecsG.711, G.729, GSM, iLBC, SirenTM, Speex, and morePlug-and-play voice codecsEyestream, H.263, H.264, and moreC & C++ APIsFederated presenceAOL, Google Talk ,MSN, Yahoo, and moreTLS & SRTP security

BlackBerry Messenger Video Chat ServiceWorld-wide deployment of Video Chat using Eyeball Messenger SDKScaled to 50M + users globallyGuaranteed connectivity across all NATs & firewalls for enterprise, government and consumer customers

BlackBerry ID service integrationClient and server software integration services with BlackBerry ID serviceScaled to 50M + BlackBerry Messenger users globallyPorting of Eyeball Messenger SDK to BlackBerry 7 and BlackBerry 10 operating systems

FujiFilm MSO set-top box for the hearing impaired in JapanReal-time voice, video, presence services for the hearing impairedEmbedded Eyeball Messenger SDK library enabled a suite of tailored servicesAnyFirewall Engine provided guaranteed connectivity for all subscribers regardless of NAT or firewall type

Mitsubishi Nuclear Systems division communication systemIn-house engineering communications system designed with Eyeball Messenger SDKSystem provides internal communications between and within nuclear facilities in JapanEyeball Messenger SDK provided a secure, flexible platform for service creation

Recently Research in Motion released their BlackBerry Playbook, which comes with an embedded video chat service - that is Eyeball technology.The video chat feature has received some very flattering reviews - and is considered best in class by ZDNet, beating out Apples own FaceTime!

19Customer Use CasesIntel, Polycom, Blackberry, ShoreTelIntel Common Connectivity Framework (CCF)

Intel Common Connectivity Framework (CCF)

UC&C Solutions for Voice and Video Collaboration

UC&C Solutions for Voice and Video Collaboration

BlackBerry Messenger Video Chat

BlackBerry Messenger Video Chat

Unified Communications Platform

Unified Communications Platform

Contact Eyeball Networkshttp://www.eyeball.com/about-us/contact/ Email: [email protected]: 604-921-5993

Headquarters: 1201 W Pender St. Ste. 730 Vancouver, BC V6E 2V2 Canada