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1. EVERYBODY LOVES DOCUMENTATION A dynamic documentation training presentation by Adrienne Bellehumeur 1 2. Key Objectives of this Presentation Get excited about effective documentation! Appreciate and understand the need for effective documentation. Learn a few techniques to use immediately. 2 3. Agenda Why documentation? Documentation Strategy & Process Practical Tips to implement immediately! 3 4. Why are we talking about documentation? STOP assuming your staff and consultants are on the same page. STOP chasing the latest technology and buzz word. STOP reinventing the wheel. STOP losing your IP. 4 START Supercharging your Documentation! 5. What is documentation? Definition: Any written company record. Lets focus on artifacts that bring more clarity, momentum and value. Business Processes Project Documentation Meeting Minutes and Agendas Systems Documentation Training Materials Data Flow & Architecture Models SOX & Other Regulatory Documentation 5 6. We all see documentation differently 6 7. Documentation is a tangible asset Capturing Intellectual Capital Improving Clarity Increasing Momentum Changing Behaviours 7 8. Documentation Improves Human Behaviour Want to lose weight? Write down what you eat. Want to save money? Write down what you buy. Want career success? Write down a plan and track your progress. 8 9. Building a documentation strategy Documentation Supports Your Corporate Objectives 1. Define objectives 2. Define the output 3. Audit existing documentation 4. Look for quick wins 5. Aim for 80/20 9 10. Stop Documenting in Silos 10 11. What about technology? 11 The quality of your documentation has little to do with your system. Stop implementing impractical technologies! 12. How to measure documentation? Reperformance Standard Your user must be able to reperform the task or process. Audit evidence Processes User manuals Training materials 12 13. Which bucket are you in? 1. No documentation 2. Sporadic documentation 3. Average documentation 4. Optimized documentation 5. Over-documentation 13 14. Documentation is a process 14 15. Steps of the documentation process 15 1. Capturing 2. Structuring 3. Presenting4.Communicating 5. Storing & Maintaining 16. IMPROVE YOUR DOCUMENTATION IMMEDIATELY! 16 17. STEP 1 CAPTURING 17 18. Unlocking information from heads Engage Your Interviewee Get your interviewees to draw. Send notes in less than 24 hours! Require feedback in 48 hours. Review edited notes and begin follow-up. QUICK TIP: Start the writing and review process FAST! 18 19. STEP 2 STRUCTURING 19 20. Structure unstructured information Root cause analysis Cohesive reporting and conclusions Create bigger documents Effective meeting minutes Structuring information separates Note-takers from Experts How to improve? Acknowledge Connect the dots Vet with others Practice writing Expand breadth & depth 20 21. STEP 3 PRESENTING 21 22. Cut it with the Passive Voice Reduces your documentations: Clarity Efficiency Tightness 22 START using the Active Voice to create more impact. Passive Voice = The subject denotes the recipient of the action. 23. Which one is more effective? The Accounts Receivable report is reviewed monthly. The Accounts Receivable clerk reviews the Accounts Receivable report monthly. 23 QUICK TIP: Use your Grammar function in Microsoft Word to check for Passive Sentences. 24. Create visual documentation Documentation = Visual Fun Use Shapes and Smart Art in Word Add pictures Use simple graphs for numbers Add simple process or data models Draw by hand 24 25. Which one is more effective? 25 QUICK TIP: Use graphs to illustrate numbers. 26. Which one is more effective? 26 QUICK TIP: Use Smart Art to add punch. 27. Which one is more effective? 27 CSOX SGL Bad Debt Process SVPCommodity PortfolioManagement SVPCommodity PortfolioManagementControllerControllerAccountantAccountantCredit Committee Credit Committee 427.4.4) A/R Write-offs need to be reviewed and recommended by the Credit Committee and must be approved by the SVP Commodity Portfolio Management 426.4.4) On a monthly basis, if applicable, the bad debt expense / allowance for doubtful accounts journal entry is prepared by the Intermediate Accountant 426.4.4) If appropriate the Controller will forward a bad debt to the credit committee for approval of the write off. 430.4.4.4) On a weekly basis, a credit meeting occurs with the Credit Committee, comprised of the Manager Admin, Risk Manager, VP Supply & Marketing and the Controller to assess the status of AR and any overdue accounts. 426.4.4) On a monthly basis, if applicable, the bad debt expense / allowance for doubtful accounts journal entry is reviewed by the Controller. 427.4.4) A/R Write-offs need to be reviewed and recommended by the Credit Committee and must be approved by the SVP Commodity Portfolio Management QUICK TIP: Use diagrams to illustrate processes. 28. 4 COMMUNICATING 28 29. Create effective meeting minutes Have a clear purpose. Structure information into logical categories. Practice active listening. Label action items and decisions. Make them engaging! 29 30. Which one is more effective? 30 QUICK TIP: Add pictures to meeting minutes. 31. 4 STORING AND MAINTAINING 31 32. Create better documentation and you wont lose it 1) Employees are using it regularly. 2) It is important to job functions. 3) People keep it as a reference. 4) Departments or teams are regularly share it. 5) Management regards the documentation as valuable. 32 33. Make your consultants accountable Be up front about your documentation standards. Implement a feedback loop. Review their documentation before they leave. STOP reinventing the wheel! 33 34. Summary 1) Documentation creates a tangible asset. 2) Documentation is a dynamic process. 3) Organizations cant assume that their staff or their consultants know how to document effectively. 4) Documentation must engage the reader through effective writing and through a strong visual dimension. 5) Organizations must regularly monitor their staff and consultants and audit their documentation systems. 34 35. Have fun documenting! Questions or Comments? adrienne@baleaders.com www.leadersinbusinessanalysis.com 35 36. To continue this conversation. Adrienne Bellehumeur (403) 478-6643 adrienne@baleaders.com www.leadersinbusinessanalysis.com 36