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Shocklogic provide a range of cost effective barcode scanning solutions and services for events, meetings, workshops and trade shows. The Scanlogic system provides any event organiser with a versatile lead retrieval, access control, RFI and barcode scanning solution for your event. Please see the link below for a recent example of a client brief for event barcode scanning services using Scanlogic. http://www.shocklogic.com/casestudy/E... If you have never used barcodes and want to discuss it for the first time, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss your project. If you have any other queries or would like to know more about the solution please contact us at info@shocklogic.com


  • 1. Case Study Scanlogic event barcode scanning servicesVersatile event lead retrieval, access control, RFID andbarcode scanning solutionsOverview:Event Brief: (from one of our clients)We are currently planning for a corporate event for approximately 1200 people at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole in 2010. We are looking for a new and innovative method of delegate tracking.The Conference will consist of a plenary session, a number of workshops that will be attended by delegates and an expo whereby delegates can informally visit stands in a networking time slot allowed to them within the agenda. However, all delegates need to be tracked to identify who has visited each session, workshop and stand.How can we use barcode scanning to effectively scan and track participants as they enter the venue and to also track which stands they visit?Questions about your solution:1. What do the badges look like and can we attach our own lanyards?Shocklogic: Using Shocklogics onsite registration and badging system Participantlogic Office you will have the flexibility to design badge layouts yourself in any design you wish. You are able to save unlimited numbers of layouts, defining the size and database fields that you wish to include on each badge.It should be noted that we usually recommend that badge card is pre-printed with design quality logo files, event banners etc as this guarantees a certain quality level rather than printing using a colour printer. This also results in a very fast and efficient badging process using the system both in your office pre-event and onsite during your event.You are able to attach any lanyards you wish to the badges produced from the system. The flexibility of the design tool allows you to use any combination of badge holder and lanyard etc.2. What are the time deadlines for submitting the final database for printing?Shocklogic: Participantlogic Office is designed to allow the user to control and manage the badge printing process. This allows you to manage all elements of the print run both pre and during the event itself. Users can easily print new and amend badges throughout any stage of the event.With this in mind we would recommend that the system is installed in the client/user office prior to the first event and that a Shocklogic staff member would work in the office with event staff to assist with the first print run. This should give staff adequate training to manage future events with limited support.In addition Participantlogic Office includes the P.o.d.logic - Print on Demand system. Using this tools means that all documents are printed upon arrival of the delegate and no documents are pre-printed before going on-site. This would provide a professional looking onsite registration area that could either be managed by on-site staff printing each badge as the delegate arrives or a self registration are could be setup with airport style registration/check-in terminals. Shocklogic Global Ltd Unit 3J Clapham North Arts Centre, 26 32 Voltaire Road| London SW4 6DH | United Kingdom T: +44-7092-844599 | F: +44-7092-844599 | www.shocklogic.com Company Registration Number: 04233703 England and Wales

2. Case Study Scanlogic event barcode scanning services 3. How does the printing of badges work onsite?Shocklogic: As detailed above osnite staff will have full control of the badging process both pre-event and on-site and will be able to print new badges, changes etc. Although we would recommend a Shocklogic technician onsite, particularly the first time you use the system, it is designed so that onsite staff can manage the system themselves without the need to rely heavily on IT support.4. Can delegate reports be pulled off at certain times of the day, at the end of eachday and post event?Shocklogic: The Participantlogic onsite system contains a vast amount of reports but use of these will largely depend on the amount of data that is imported from any third party registration system to Participantlogic Office prior to going onsite. All reports can be accessed on-site by staff at any time.If P.o.d.logic is being used the system has a live arrivals report that will indicate both the % and number of delegates that have been registered in real time as they arrive.5. Can delegates scan themselves into sessions using barcodes? Similar to anoyster card system? Are we able to ensure that the correct delegates attend thecorrect sessions?Shocklogic: There are a number of options regarding scanning at session door entrances etc but the most cost effective is to have hostesses at entrances to sessions to scan delegate name badges as they enter the rooms.The Shocklogic system works with 1D barcodes that essentially reads the delegate registration number within the Participantlogic registration system as they are scanned. This system allows barcodes to be produced relatively easily and printed on any type of badge paper with no special requirements.A self scanning system similar to the Oyster Card is a different style of scanning called RFID or Radio Frequency Identification. This system works using a small microchip that is inserted into the badge. As the microchip passes a scanner or the delegate walks through the scanning gates (similar to those in retail shops) they are automatically scanned.Shocklogic are able to deliver an RFID barcode scanning system, although it should be noted that the majority of our existing clients do not deploy this type of system due to costs.6. Do you have examples of tried and tested events?Shocklogic: Shocklogic regularly deploy the 1D Scanlogic barcode solution for both exhibitor lead retrieval and event access control. Many of our Association clients use the system and the Congrex group use the system heavily at many of their events. We would be happy to provide references of recent client events if required.Shocklogic Global Ltd Unit 3J Clapham North Arts Centre, 26 32 Voltaire Road| London SW4 6DH | United KingdomT: +44-7092-844599 | F: +44-7092-844599 | www.shocklogic.com Company Registration Number: 04233703 England and Wales


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