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  • 1. Question 3Audience feedback results

2. To get audience feedback it chose to makea questionnaire on Google documents sothat I could send it out tot my targetaudience and they could respond and theresults were then recorded online. I choseto use this layout because I thought itlooked young and girly which I thoughtwould reflect my music video and ancillarytasks well as the genre is Pop. 3. The first question I asked was what is your age?, this questionnairewas only send out to my target audience of 13-30 year olds howeverI wanted to narrow it down into groups to see who we were mostlygetting feedback from. Luckily the feedback was pretty even fromage group although I think it could have been improved if more 22-25 year olds answered the questionnaire because as only twoanswered it I will not have substantial feedback from this age range. 4. This question was asked to see if we stuck to the conventions enough tomake it clear to the audience that it was a Pop music video, and 90%considered it to be Pop so I think we portrayed the Pop genresuccessfully, however 10% thought it was a country music video althoughas I pointed out in evaluation question 1 some of what we did in themusic video crossed over into in country music genre such as some of theoutdoor settings. So it is understandable that some viewers thought itwas a Country music video. Therefore if we were to make it again I thinksome of the settings would have to be changed to make it more obviouswhat genre it is. 5. Having 95% of the participants thinking that the music video was a Pop video from looking atthe ancillary tasks was very positive; whilst making the ancillary tasks we tried to make them fitthe conventions of our genre but also to relate to our video. We in we included the graffiti wallform the video in all the ancillary tasks so that it relate to the music video and we kept to theconventions of a Pop poster and digipak by including things similar to other artists such as JessieJ and Kelly Clarkson therefore sticking to the conventions of our genre. These things were theclothing of the artist was black or white, the lyrics were included and we included the artistssignature. However 5% thought the music video would be R&B music video and I think this isbecause some of the mise en scene for Pop is also the mise enscene for R&B such as Rihanna and Iggy Azalea both wear redlipstick in their posters and digipaks and they are both R&BArtists. 6. Whilst making the music video we triedto use various settings to keep theaudience interested in the narrative and Iam glad the audience has responded tothis well.We decided on a current song so that our targetaudience to it because it includes issues such asbreakups which fits our target audience. Also as itis a current song it is more likely to be heard beyounger people so that fits the youngerdemographic of our target audience that is one ofthe reasons we chose The one that got away.We looked at Andrew Goodwins theorythat music is and extension of lyrics and wetried to follow that theory to an extent inour work and from the responses ouraudience have noticed that.In our group for our narrative weneeded a male performer toportray the ex boyfriend so we hadRyan play him who was also aDrama student to try and make itlook as realistic as possible. 7. We included pictures of the artist so that especially on the poster they are aware who the artistis. We did two separate photo shoots for the ancillary tasks as we didnt want them to be toorepetitive. We decided to use the same photo on the front of the digipak and the poster so thatan audience would recognise that the poster does with that album. For the ancillary tasks weincluded the performer wearing red lipstick as she wore it in the music video so we thought thatwould be a way in which they would go together well.We include the same graffiti wall in the ancillarytasks that was in the performance shots of themusic video so that they all go together.Quite a lot of the participants to this question said that they liked that the lyrics were included;the lyrics were included because from my research of Pop digipaks the majority of themincluded the lyrics of the songs in the album. However I was unable to included all of the lyricsof each song as I ran out of room so if I were to make it again I would make the digipak havemore pages so that there would be enough room for the lyrics to all the songs 8. Looking at these responses some are quite vague so if I were make a questionnaire again I thinkI would make it multiple choice on this question so the answers are more in depth and have theoption to write a respond hat goes with the answer so that the response is personal to theperson.The feedback to this question was overall positive although some participants though theclothing worn in the performance shots could have been changed. I agree with this asstereotypically for a Pop music video the performer wears a dress but our location was outsideand we were filming in winter so we were not able for the performer to be in a dress. Probablyif we were to do it again we would record the performance shots last when it is warmer thenthe performer would be able to wear a dress.The feedback to this question was also positive as our audience thought itwas bright, girly colourful and that it matched the genre. In making theancillary tasks we purposely make it very bright using Photoshop, very girlyby including a kisses and hearts which typically relate to girls and by havingas colourful background; we did all this to make it easy for our audience tocomprehend what genre it was and to appeal to our young audience. 9. It was very positive feedback that 90% of participants thought that the break up wasportrayed successfully, we tried to make it look as realistic as possible by includingthem happy together, then arguing and breaking up, her seeing him with another girland finally him calling her to get back together and her rejecting his call as to say tothe audience that she is over him. By doing this I feel that we successfully portrayedeach stage of their relationship. However 10% thought that we did not portray thenarrative of them breaking up successfully this could be because the shots of themarguing were quite minimal so if we were to make it again we could include morebreak up shots were some of the longer performance shots are. 10. A few people commented that it could be improvedin their was the boys response to the break up andrejected call at the end, I agree this would ofimproved it but we ran out of time to have himresponse at the end so if we did it again a filmingschedule plan would help us make sure we havetime for all the shots we want.There is not much we couldhave done about the qualityof the music video as wedont have our own cameraand we were using thehighest quality one theschool had.If we were to do it again we could have got better lighting in some of the narrative shots byfilming in a place that had more natural lighting rather than in the parts of the house that haveminimal lighting, however the problem with this is that for the narrative we had to film in thekitchen to fit the lyrics but we could have filmed at a earlier time so that the lighting was better.If we did it again I agree that someof the shots could have beenshortened such as the performanceshots to make the music video feelmore fast paced.We were unable to have the boy inmany shots as there was notenough time to fit it all in but if wewere to have shortened theperformance shots we would beable to fit more narrative shots ofhim in. 11. We did have a blank side thatis just a graffiti wall whichcould have been filled with amessage from the artist butunfortunately we ran out oftime to do so.We all did different parts of the ancillary tasks so forthis but I think it would have looked good to have allthe fonts the same apart from the signature so tohave done this we would have needed bettercommunication between the group to decide on thefont we would use for all parts.The reason we didnt want todo this is because we wantedit to be similar to the musicvideo but not exactly thesame that is why we includedthe graffiti wall but changedthe costume to keep itinteresting.From my research some Pop artists include a personalmessage and details about them such as Emile Sande doesso I am not surprised that some participants of thequestionnaire thought this is how we could improve it asour target audience will be similar to Emile Sandes.Therefore if we were to redo the ancillary tasks I wouldinclude more details about the artist such as a message toher fans.