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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? EVALUATION QUESTION 1

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2. Within this question I will explain in detail the ways in which my media product, a short film, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products. I will begin by revisiting my planning and research stage so that I can portray how I got to this final stage with my media project. During the beginning stages of this project, I buried myself mostly into research. I began by looking into three particular genres that appealed to me the most, these included: Horror, comedy and romance. To allow me to see the specific codes and conventions that are needed in these three genres, I found an appropriate film posters for each one, and critically analysed them all in detail. I feel that by observing three of my favourite movie genres before starting any form of planning, I was in a better position when it came round to choosing a genre, as I understood three different genres codes and conventions, and what was expected by each one. Furthermore although I had now completed my analysis of genres, I thought it would be appropriate to then research into the typical codes and conventions found on film posters in general. By doing so, I was made aware of what was expected from me when I made my own poster, however I did not concentrate specifically on these, as they were a generalisation and can be changed pending on the genre you are focusing on. I also then repeated this stage, by looking at the codes and conventions for double page spreads. I then critically analysed specific double page spreads that where based on films so that I could see the typical house style, and layout that was used in order to give me inspiration for when it came to creating my own. PLANNING AND ANALYSIS 3. When it came to choosing a genre to base my short film on, I chose horror. To help me come to my decision I carried out primary research in the format of two questionnaires. The first one was a general questionnaire based on films, and the genres that people prefer, by having done this I came to the conclusion that the favourite genres were comedy and horror. I was pleased with this result as both genres are two of my own favourites. Having said this after weighing the pros and cons to each genre, I decided that it would be more interesting to create a horror film. PRIMARY RESEARCH 4. When it came to shooting my film idea, I had to ensure that I used the correct techniques in order to follow the codes and conventions of horror films. Beforehand me and my partner, thought it appropriate to watch a series of horror films, so that we could gain inspiration on camera angles, camera shots, lighting and sound. The films we watched included: the grudge, saw, cabin in the woods, mama and insidious. After having watched each film, we made notes on the specific camera shots and angles that stood out to us, and posted the clip examples onto our blog. The shots that we noted were: High angle shots, low angle shots, tracking shots, close ups, point of view, and extreme close ups. We also noted that the footage always appeared to be low saturated, and the surroundings were often dark. In regards to the sound used, ominous music was used continuously throughout the horror films to build tension, suspense, and to create an overall eerie atmosphere. RESEARCH 5. When filming, we included several tracking shots of the films antagonist. We followed his footsteps at a low angle, we thought this appropriate as the antagonist in the narrative is stalking the female character in the film, so by including a tracking shot, we were creating suspense and tension therefore fitting in with the codes and conventions of horror films. We also ensured that we used close up shots, in order to reveal the emotion on our main characters face, resulting in heightening the viewers anxieties, and allowing them to feel threatened at the same time as the characters in the film. We also included a series of point of view shots in our film, in order to convey that our main characters are in fact in danger, and being watched. The point of view shot was taken from the perspective of the antagonist, so that the viewers were then made to feel uncomfortable yet aware of what is happening, unlike the characters that are in danger. FILMING- SHOTS AND ANGLES Tracking shot in our film Close up shot in our film Point of view shot in our film 6. Another feature that my partner and I had picked up on, with our own experiences of watching horror films in the past, was that bathroom scenes are often used to display particularly scary or threatening parts of the film. We both decided that we wanted to include a bathroom scene into our own film, by having the antagonist hide behind the shower curtain, whilst the victim stands there oblivious, until he hears a sound. We felt that this was an appropriate scene as it added suspense. FILMING- Bathroom scene Existing bathroom scenes in horror films Our Own bathroom scene 7. Furthermore, although we aimed to follow the typical codes and conventions used in horror films, we did however challenge and adapt certain aspects within our own film. The main convention that we challenged, was that our footage was filmed in daylight. This was not necessarily the plan we originally had, but after our experience with our first film, and the poor result we got due to the lack of lighting at night, we came to the conclusion that we could instead film in daylight and just challenge the typical convention of horror films being shot in the dark. At first we doubted the result, as the daylight did not create our footage to appear scary or threatening. However after having converted all of our footage to a lower saturation, a lot of the contrast and brightly lit colours appeared more drawn and dull, still fitting in with the codes and conventions of a horror film. CHALLENGING CODES AND CONVENTIONS Before and After colour desaturation. 8. In regards to music my partner and I first disagreed with the matter, as he believed the lack of music added to the overall creepiness of the film. However as a trial we inserted a threatening track we found, to the beginning few clips of our film, and found that it instantly just fitted well with the film. We then added appropriate music to a few other scenes in our film, and found that it truly did add suspense and tension to the film, as well as creating an overall scary atmosphere. FILM -MUSIC This is a soundtrack that was played in the film the thing. We used the song humanity part 2 which is at 32:24 for the opening of our film. We also used a part of this track called PRISON in a clip of our film. 9. In regards to the theorists that I researched in my planning stage, I wanted to ensure that I had included and detected them in my own footage. Todrovs narrative structure was somewhat inserted into my film, however the equilibrium where everything is said to be balanced at the beginning, is trickier to detect in my film, as it is usually the opening scene in a horror film where everything is calm and happy. Whereas my opening scene began with a point of view shot following one of the characters into the house, so automatically sets it up to be suspicious. However you could say that the equilibrium was the scene where the couple is on the sofa watching a film and everything appears to be calm to them as un like the audience, they are oblivious. The Disequilibrium could be seen when the antagonist breaks into the house, by jumping the garden fence. However the new equilibrium is yet again hard to spot in my film as the ending is somewhat distressing, and leaves it open for a second film. Furthermore Levi-Strausss theory of binary oppositions can be detected in my film as empowerment VS weakness. This is because the antagonist holds power over the main characters that as a result are weak. THEORISTS 10. When it came to creating my poster and double page spread, I followed the codes and conventions closely, by creating a house style by using three colours continuous: red, black and white. I also ensured that I listened to the audience feedback I received in order to create a better result and for it to appeal to my target audience. Overall, I think I have followed the codes and conventions of the horror genre well. However I did challenge certain aspects in order to develop and create a better outcome for my film. DOULBE PAGE SPREAD AND POSTER 11. EVALUATION QUESTION 2 12. Our overall aim with our main product (the film)and the ancillary texts (double page spread and poster) was to create all three products to appear to be a successful brand. In order to do this, I had to ensure that the products linked together., so that the audience can instantly assume after seeing one, that it is connected with the other. Below are my three products. THREE PRODUCTS 13. DOULBE PAGE SPREAD AND POSTER 14. DOULBE PAGE SPREAD AND POSTER